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Google will reduce some users access to California news sites

Forget Joe 2.0... Republicans say the REAL concern should be a President Kamala Harris: GOP ramps up warnings of a 'disastrous' Harris White House

7 Dead in Sydney Mall Mass Stabbing Attack Including Mother of 9-month-old Baby – Policewoman Shoots Him Dead – Authorities Say They Are ‘Unsure of Motive’

Biden cuts his beach weekend short and heads back to the White House to meet his national security team as Iran readies more than 100 cruise missiles and drones for Israel strike


Iranian Attack Expected on Israel in Next Two Days

Radical Leftist Arrested for Detonating a Bomb Outside Alabama’s Republican Attorney General’s Office — Was Also Posting Stickers Promoting Antifa

Actor Matthew McConaughey Says “There’s an Initiation Process” in Hollywood

After Demanding Mob Confront Trump Officials in Restaurants – Mad Maxine Waters Whines After She’s Confronted in Restaurant, Plays Race Card (VIDEO)

Afghan migrant on terror watch list spent a YEAR in the U.S. after he was released by Border Patrol


OJ Simpson dead at 76

Will Dexter Reed be the George Floyd of 2024 - Media desperate for more election year riots

Switzerland will abandon neutrality in case of Russian attack on NATO

Tucker Carlson: For the Third Time in Three Consecutive Cycles, Secretive Federal Agencies are Trying to Rig Our Presidential Election – This Is What They Call ‘Democracy’ (VIDEO)

Arizona Abortion News updates following controversial Supreme Court ruling

Cory Booker: Trump Has Created Unimaginable ‘Chaos and Suffering In Our Country’

CHICAGO - The wild footage opens with a female officer and four others approaching Reed’s vehicle while he rolls down the window. But he refuses to exit his SUV despite the policewoman angrily ordering him to do so several times. The officers then back up, and a major shootout subsequently erupts, sending her scrambling.


NEW: White House dispatches Kamala Harris to Arizona: 1864 law banning abortion is set make crucial state the new battleground for reproductive rights... and Democrats are taking advantage

Caroline Wren: "It Doesn't Matter What Your Position Is They Will Lie In TV Ads About You"

Trump pre-empted this ruling by ONE DAY. The best path is likely for the AZ leg to throw this back to the voters in November

DIRTY RINO OF THE YEAR AWARD: Rep. Mike Gallagher Could Have Left Office TODAY to Trigger a Special Election to Fill His Seat – Instead He Will Leave in 10 Days to Screw the Party… Another Dirtbag Assisting the Radical Democrats

Biden urges Israel ‘to just call for’ 6-8 week ceasefire, slams PM’s handling of Gaza war

Wild video shows Chicago police fired nearly 100 shots in less than a minute during fatal traffic stop

Arizona Supreme Court rules a near-total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable

The True Force Behind the ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’

Saudi Arabia scales back $1.5trillion plans for 106-mile linear city to just 1.5miles with workers already being laid off at desert construction site

Biden turns on Netanyahu, declares Israel's Gaza policy a 'mistake', calls for an immediate ceasefire and says there is 'no excuse' not to allow more aid in strongest condemnation yet

Las Vegas lawyer, 77, who shot dead son's ex-wife and her prominent attorney husband during custody case was dying from cancer after receiving terminal diagnosis, his former colleague claims

Free 'NO POLITICAL CANVASSING' No Soliciting Signs

Israel ‘preparing to strike Iranian NUCLEAR facilities’ amid tense wait for revenge attack and soaring WW3 fears

Drone strikes hit 'Russian-occupied Ukraine nuclear plant,' Zaporizhzhia

Big Brother is watching your spending! Chase to allow advertisers to target bank and credit card customers based on their purchase history

Google drafts search engine to "ground" AI results in truth

Jodi Hildebrandt's sprawling Utah desert fortress goes on the market for $5M - including sick 'panic room' where Ruby Franke's emaciated children were tortured: Curious viewers race to tour house of horrors

Justice Dept rejects House GOP bid to get audio of Biden interview




Free 'NO POLITICAL CANVASSING' No Soliciting Signs

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Trump Indictments

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