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Brushed Metal

Alex Jones INFOWARS Movie Marathon 2024


Alex Jones - Behold A Pale Horse

Chicago Police attend special Chaos Training ahead of Democrat National Convention

Dumbest thing I have seen on the internet today, Maxine Waters 

EPIC RANT: Alex Jones Beholds The Pale Horse / The Left Are Giant Piles Of Maggot Covered Flesh INFOWARS

Nearly Half of US Online Job Postings Are Fake

Black women behaving badly has become a national trend

Russian nuclear submarine and missile carrier Kazan floats to the surface near Havana, Cuba earlier this morning.

Off-meds Gunman Hijacks Bus, Kills One in Atlanta Chase

77-Year-Old Oakland Homeowner Arrested for Murder After Shooting Burglar

'YOU'RE A PIECE OF GARBAGE': GOP Rep Unloads on Paul Ryan for Anti-Trump Remarks

The MAGA crew is smart, hard working - 'The Death of Allegory' by Billy Collins

250 Days of War in Israel

Large chunk of Wyoming's Teton Pass road collapses; unclear how quickly it can be rebuilt

Vice President of Malawi found dead following military aircraft crash yesterday

US Deploys Sub Hunter P-8 Poseidon Off Florida Coast To 'Shadow' Russian Flotilla

HAPPENING NOW: UCLA protestors gather outside the university police department, demanding the release of 25 pro-Palestine encampment protesters

Joe Biden Falls Apart at Juneteenth Event: “She Know Long! She Knew Suhlongasuhijeruhhnied, Our Freedom Can Never Be Secured!” (VIDEO)

Biden sparks concerns as he appears to FREEZE during Juneteenth celebration concert at the White House alongside a dancing Kamala Harris - before George Floyd's brother wraps his arm around him


Jury begins deliberations in Hunter Biden gun trial

Trump supporters prepare for Las Vegas rally in the EXTREME heat

"Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?"

Republic In Name Only - Part 1

Republic In Name Only - Part 2

Republic In Name Only - Part 3

Republic In Name Only - Part 4

Republic In Name Only - Part 5

Massive California residential tower to offer homeless private rooms, gym, cafe and more amenities

Elon Musk Doubles Down Attacks on Serial Liar Fauci: “You’re All Beagles to me Anyway… Crimes Against Humanity”

Is this the 'Blue' that you back?


Sharp 4.5 magnitude earthquake near The Geysers rattles the North Bay

Instagram is DOWN: Users worldwide hit with outage plaguing the app

Progressive pundit Briahna Joy Gray is fired after her shocking response to sister of Oct 7 Hamas hostage

Democrat Congressional Candidate Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, Proposes RE-EDUCATION CAMPS for Trump Supporters

Steve Bannon sentenced to Federal Prison

Biden Regime Indicts Epoch Times Chief Financial Officer in Alleged $67 Million ‘Money Laundering’ Scheme

Listen to Biden's desperate voicemail plea to crack addict Hunter... and how the president's words blow a hole in son's defense in gun case - as wife Melissa, Jill Biden and half-sister Ashley arrive at court

Gunman who shot 2 NYPD cops revealed to be migrant who recently crossed into US via Eagle Pass

Biden admin offers ‘mass amnesty’ to migrants as it quietly terminates 350,000 asylum cases: sources

MEXICANS travel to Chicago from out of state to vote in Mexico's election today

Mexico's election is now the bloodiest in its modern history after a candidate running for local office in central Puebla state was murdered on Friday at a political rally, taking the number of assassinated candidates to 37 ahead of Sunday's vote.

Mexicans head to the polls to elect new Cartel boss

Mexico's first female Jewish president majored in Climate Change at UC Berkley


Chad Daybell is sentenced to death for brutal triple murder of his first wife and co-conspirator Lori Vallow's two young children

The POTUS will make a statement today at the atrium of Trump Tower

Trump guilty on all counts in New York criminal trial

China is Reportedly Preparing Large Military Fleet to Invade Taiwan — Expert Predicts Invasion Could Conclude Within an Hour

E. Jean Carroll threatens to sue Trump for third time

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Rep. Byron Donalds a MAGA Prop ‘Black Guy’- Donalds Fires Back (Video)

Biden’s FBI Justified Its Deadly Force Policy in Mar-a-Lago Raid Because of “Life Threatening” Kitchen Utensils, Resort Gym Equipment

The ‘E’ in ESG: How the Left Injects Climate Alarmism into America’s Boardrooms

Closing Arguments to Begin in Trump Business Records Trial

General Hospital star Johnny Wactor's brave final act revealed: Actor, 37, was shielding female co-worker from armed car thieves when he was shot dead

The sniper with one of the longest kills in Afghanistan has a message for Joe Biden

Elon Musk expects AI will replace all human jobs, lead to 'universal high income'

Drill rappers who Trump invited on stage at huge Bronx rally have been indicted over conspiracy to commit murder

Woke AI Gets Stupid: Google’s AI-Powered Search Results Feature Bizarre, Nonsensical Answers

LIVE NOW: The Gateway Pundit Broadcasts Live Today at President Trump’s Bronx Rally

Ohio Secretary of State Threatens to Exclude Biden from Ballot if DNC Fails to Comply with State Nomination Laws

US urges Israel to reverse decision to seize AP equipment and block live Gaza footage, officials say

Microsoft Unveils Creepy AI-Powered Windows that Tracks Everything You Do

The internet is disappearing, study says

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Feared Dead Following Helicopter Crash in Azerbaijan

Iranian regime concerned for President Raisi's life after helicopter crash

Iran helicopter accident live news: President Raisi, FM on missing aircraft


Rudy Giuliani served with Arizona ‘fake electors’ indictment during 80th birthday bash in Palm Beach

NYC shoplifting soars with over 21K complaints lodged so far this year — causing CVS, Walgreens to close up shops

At Justice Alito’s House, a ‘Stop the Steal’ Symbol on Display


World’s top golfer Scottie Scheffler arrested on charges of assaulting officer at PGA championship event

Did illegal border-crossers from the Middle East just try to attack a U.S. military base?

Biden and Trump agree to 2 presidential debates, with first set for June 27 on CNN

BREAKING: Barge Collides with Galveston Bridge, Causing Partial Collapse and Oil Spill (VIDEO)

New Documents Reveal Training Materials Explaining to Noncitizens and Illegal Aliens How They Can Register to Vote in DC Elections

Since May 1, there have been a total of 1,408 armed robberies reported in Chicago. Since then, there have been 49 arrests

OpenAI gives ChatGPT new powers to see, hear

TYRANNY: Bank of America Terminates Account of Conservative Independent Journalist Without Explanation

Here Come the Lying AI Robots: Study Alerts That AI Systems Are Getting Adept at Deceiving Humans

Illegal migrants are being 'encouraged' to vote, top Republican warns after shocking documents reveals 'training' for noncitizens to cast ballots in Washington D.C.


Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant in Texas Charged in Death of 3-Month-Old Infant

UPDATE 1-British newspaper groups warn Apple over ad-blocking plans, FT reports

The weird world of Michael Cohen’s live TikTok streaming

San Francisco Woman Convicted of Shoplifting Spree, Stole $60,000 Worth of Items in Over 120 Visits to Target

Kari Lake says she’s not ‘all that confident’ the 2024 election will be fair_THEHILL

Influencers promote raw milk despite FDA health warnings as bird flu spreads in dairy cows


Man Accused of Running over Victim Before Kissing, Stabbing Body

Justice Clarence Thomas tears into 'hideous' Washington as he moans about 'the nastiness and the lies' he and his wife Ginni have endured

Moment blood-thirsty mob surround suspect Shaquan Cummings, 30, as he's arrested after 'slashing a girl, 11, in the head with a box cutter'

Actor Steve Buscemi randomly assaulted in Manhattan, publicist says_CBS

Nearly half of master’s degrees have a negative ROI_THEHILL

Johns Hopkins University and student protesters agree to end encampment_CBS


Deceased GOP Candidate Wins Indiana Primary

Trump trial live updates: White House executive assistant Madeleine Westerhout to return to the stand in hush money trial

Seventy Americans in one state are being monitored for bird flu due to potential exposure - after FDA said H5N1 could trigger pandemic

Anti-Israel protesters and law enforcement officials clashed on the University of Arizona campus on Thursday. Police had to use “chemical munitions” to clear the rowdy crowd

Nancy Mace says staff 'sabotaged' her: Republican accuses ex-aides of mismanaging $1million, hacking her phone, spying on medical records and dumping office devices in water in extraordinary interview

BLM Global Network files $33 million lawsuit against group helping fund college protests

70 people being monitored for bird flu in Colorado

Joe Biden to Debate Donald Trump at Least Once, His Campaign Confirms

Hollywood Slams Apple IPad Pro Commercial: ‘The Destruction of the Human Experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley’

ALL HE DOES IS LIE: Biden Claims Inflation Was 9 Percent When He Took Office (It Was 1.4 Percent)

Barron Trump to Make His Political Debut, Will Serve as Florida Delegate at RNC

House Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Give Illegal Aliens Representation in Congress and the Electoral College

Trump fraud trial judge Arthur Engoron 'under investigation' for allegedly receiving unsolicited advice from high-profile lawyer before fining former president $454 million

Biden is blasted as 'clueless and out of touch' for claiming Americans 'have the money to spend' when told grocery prices are up 30% in rare sit-down interview

CDC warns of new Covid 'FLiRT' variants becoming dominant across the US - but here's why it could be the end of disease

THREE Boeing crashes in two days: Terrified passengers scramble to escape burning jet in Senegal and tyre explodes on 737 landing in Turkey - 24 hours after nose gear failure caused 767 to slam into runway

Huge asteroid the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza will skim past Earth at 56,000mph today, NASA warns

WATCH: Lloyd Austin Confirms U.S. Withholding Arms from Israel over Rafah

Texas lawyer, 46, is shot and killed by McDonald's customer after asking man to stop shouting at staff after being enraged by his order

Stormy Daniels admits she hates Trump: Porn star reads his posts calling her 'horseface' in court

ABC’s ‘Historic’ Diversity Hire Out Of Top Spot Amid Rumors Her Incompetence Shocked Higher Ups

Israeli Officials Say U.S. Blindsided Them with Surprise Hamas ‘Agreement’

George Washington University Now Begging DC Police for Help as Student Protesters Start Calling for the BEHEADING of School President and Trustees (VIDEO)

Portland police investigating claims of responsibility in arson fire that burned 17 police cars


Kamala Harris yells out 'shrimp and grits' as reporter shouts out question about Hamas ceasefire deal in Gaza as she exits Detroit restaurant


ICYMI: ‘Vaccine lettuce’ bill, aiming to classify food containing a vaccine as a drug, passes in Tennessee

Chicago BANS Cinco de Mayo parade after gangs open fire - as revelers in New York and LA celebrate on streets

Chicago teachers' $50B demands include pay hikes, abortions, migrant accommodation

Inside Trump’s plan to deport ‘nearly 20 million’ illegal migrants from the US

Pro-Palestinian protesters are backed by a surprising source: Biden’s biggest donors

Watch: Pastor waits until very end of sermon to casually reveal his wife committed suicide the night before

Former Obama Education Secretary Attends Chicago Encampment with Radicals Connected to Burning U.S. Flag


BREAKING: A police raid is underway at Al Jazeera's premises in Jerusalem - NEWS MEDIA APOCALYPSE CONTINUES

Biden administration puts hold on US ammunition shipment to Israel: report

Israel orders Al Jazeera to close its local operation and seizes some equipment from channel

Israel’s war on Gaza live: Netanyahu accused of ‘sabotaging’ truce talks

On this day in 2024 - 5/5/2024

Israel orders Al Jazeera to close its local operation and seizes some of its equipment

After what they did to Trump, people are really not going to like it if Biden pardons Marilyn Mosby



Israeli Officials Weigh Sharing Power With Arab States in Postwar Gaza

University of Chicago Anti-Israel Encampment Demands HIV Tests, Dental Dams, Plan B

Greg Gutfeld Expertly Mocks NYC Trump Trial: ‘A City That Can’t Keep Violent Felons in Jail Wants to Lock up a President for Talking’ (VIDEO)

Now jailbound ex-Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby faces losing luxury Florida vacation condo she bought fraudulently as feds seek to seize it, two days after she requested presidential pardon


South American Burglary Crew - Home of Actress Kyle Richards’ Daughter Burglarized in $1 Million Theft

BERLIN - Arson Attacks: Left Extremists Promise ‘Week of Action’ Against Teslas

Columbia partially reopens campus with desperate warning to faculty, students: 'Remains a target'


Fraudster ex-Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby wants Biden to give her a presidential pardon ahead of May 23 sentencing which could see her jailed for 40 years

Another Boeing whistleblower dies suddenly after claiming supplier ignored safety flaws in 737 Max production - just months after former quality control manager was found shot in his truck


They STILL don't get it! From demanding 'humanitarian aid' to complaining about their privacy and whining when cops finally cracked down - the most moronic moments from Columbia's pro-Palestine protest

Wisconsin school officials confirm "active shooter" prompts lockdown at middle school in Mount Horeb

Columbia University student crumbles under questioning after claiming school was 'blocking their access to food and water' and demanding 'humanitarian aid'

NYC finally cracks down - Columbia rioters taken away in buses as cops reinstall American flag at another campus and Eric Adams slams college's 'despicable' complacency


Fury as Columbia University protesters stage insurrection-like takeover of Hamilton Hall after ignoring deadline to leave encampment.. but will they be arrested?

Judge Merchan Holds Donald Trump in Criminal Contempt for Gag Order Violations, Threatens Jail Time


Nolte: Three Columbia University Janitors Claim Hitler Youth Held Them Hostage

A Florida sheriff says 10 people were wounded by gunfire after a fight broke out at a party venue

Neighbor films astonishing shootout between Charlotte cops and gunmen that left four officers dead and another four injured

“We Will Honor All the Martyrs” – Hamas Supporters at Columbia University Smash Windows, Take Control of Hamilton Hall in Overnight Attack (Video)

Sex workers outraged as ‘AI girlfriend’ ads flood Instagram and Facebook: ‘Would be deleted in an instant’


Murder suspect accused of eating victim’s face near Las Vegas Strip

North Carolina after police say numerous officers shot in Charlotte


MUST SEE VIDEO: Western Lensman’s Latest Release… “Warning to America: 25 Ways the US Is Being Destroyed – Explained in Under 2 Minutes”

Teen shoots 10 people in Florida, deputies say | LiveNOW from FOX


FBI Pledge Weekend: Patriot Front Group Marches in Downtown Charleston, West Virginia – Elon Musk Weighs In

VIDEO: Police Absolutely Obliterate Anti-Israel Protesters at Wash U in St. Louis – Drag Them Away by Their Feet – Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Arrested

Dear Idiot Protestors

So, Kristi Noem Killed Her Dog. Obama Still Ate One.


THE BEAST: Hundreds of migrants hitch train ride to El Paso border — Texas prepares for another potential riot

VIDEO: Chicken Sacrificed As ‘Offering to Rain God’ at Mexico’s Senate

Anti-Israel protesters sue Columbia, claiming they’re the real victims

Violent Tornado on the ground in Seymour, TX

Train derailment near the Arizona-New Mexico border

College students aren’t having enough sex — so they’re turning to anti-Israel protests: NYU professor

Donald Trump Campaign Accused of Spamming People With Unsolicited Emails

In response to Newsweek's request for comment, a Trump spokesperson requested screenshots or email addresses of people complaining about receiving unsolicited emails to check if the complainants previously signed up to receive correspondence manually. Newsweek did not comply with the request.


Junkies take shelter at BofA ATM building, leaving Bronx woman unable to withdraw cash: 'I hate it here'

Four Vietnamese Nationals Arrested in England Over Facebook Ads for Human Smuggling

Texas Grid Operator ERCOT Warns of Possible Emergency Next Week Due to Deficient Reserves

Scotland’s Muslim Leader Angrily Discovers Entire Country is White

Some US officials say in internal memo Israel may be violating international law in Gaza

Dozens of deaths reveal risks of injecting sedatives into people restrained by police

The Inherent Racism of DEI Culture

Horror as GWU protester carries sign with Nazi ‘final solution’ call for extermination of Jews

Digital ad market is finally on the mend, bouncing back from the ‘dark days’ of 2022

Florida Rep. Bill Posey becomes latest Republican to announce retirement

Devastating footage shows horrific aftermath of tornadoes that barreled through Nebraska and Iowa - with one town almost completely FLATTENED

Ex-Cop Wanted for Abducting 1-Year-Old, Killing Ex-Wife and Girlfriend Dies of 'Self-Inflicted Gunshot'

Brendan Depa, an autistic Florida teenager, has filed a lawsuit against his school district after brutally beating a teacher's aide over a Nintendo Switch at Matanzas High School

Tornado watches have been issued across parts of the Southern Plains, including areas in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska

27-Year-Old Heavyweight Ardi Ndembo Passes Away After Brutal KO

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has agreed to appear before a panel of House lawmakers to discuss his administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic

Columbia reportedly expels encampment leader who said 'Zionists don't deserve to live'

ASU Police Disband Gaza Solidarity Encampment Amid Growing Campus Protests


College Campus Protests - Hamassholes Across America

Two Earthquakes hit Taiwan today - 5.7 & 5.4 Magnitude

LIVE: Police intervening at protest of the Israel-Hamas conflict at ASU in Tempe

Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction overturned over 'crucial mistake' by New York judge... and he could now walk free


While the professor is demanding that law enforcement protect him, Davidai has made anti-police remarks in the past, accusing officers of using their weapons “disproportionately on black men.”

Columbia U. Prof Calling for Police Escort amid Anti-Israel Protests Was a ‘Defund the Police’ Advocate


Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill to Require Proof of Residency for Voting

RNC Counsel Indicted in Arizona Fake Elector Scheme

Armed Secret Service Agent Assigned to Kamala Harris Gets Into Fight with Other Agents at Joint Base Andrews, Has to be Physically Restrained

Gateway Pundit files Chapter 11

Daughter, 16, of billionaire tech titan parents who founded Slack and Flickr vanishes in San Fran's drug-infested Tenderloin district

8 Steps to SECURE the 2024 Election and 1 RED FLAG


LARGE INTENSE Student Protest at University of Texas in Austin: LIVE

WATCH Anti-Israel protesters don't know which 'river' or 'sea' they are chanting about


Outrage as Columbia president Minouche Shafik cancels all in-person classes until the end of the semester after losing grip of anti-Israel mob

Sen. John Fetterman Slams ‘A**Hole’ Anti-Israel Protesters: ‘Not Appropriate’

Former school cop Elias Huizar 'shoots dead' teacher ex-wife at Washington elementary and 'murders' girlfriend at his home - on day he was due in court for impregnating 15-year-old and 'raping' her friend, 16

Elon Musk's X is DOWN: Worldwide outage hits app and website


Not So Peaceful Protests Anti-Israel Protesters Arrested at NYU Acting in a ’Disorderly, Disruptive, and Antagonizing Manner’

‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar backs ‘peacefully protesting’ Columbia students including whining daughter Isra Hirsi who was arrested and suspended and doubles down on calling Gaza war ‘genocide’



Girl who warned teachers about trans female student, 13, with 'hit list' bravely calls them out as she reveals in horrifying detail how attacker beat her friend with a Stanley cup while screaming 'I'm gonna murder you'


Bird flu found in 26 dairy herds in eight U.S. states

Bird flu human fatality rate is 52 percent

H5N1 strain of bird flu is found in MILK for first time in 'very high concentrations,' World Health Organization warns

13 states put Bank of America on notice for allegedly 'de-banking' conservatives

The Ponzi Papers - The Manifesto of Max Azzarello writing as M. Crosby

The Donkey Report is a collection of achievements by The Democrat Party - Leaders, criminals and judges are all are equal because ignorance is a feature of equity

China is stealing everything from nuclear weapons secrets to genetically-modified seeds as part of $600BN theft of US technology


Peter Doocy asks about Biden’s uncle eaten by cannibals

Israel's secret weapon: MARK DUBOWITZ reveals how the Jewish State's shock strike took out Iran's air defenses - and did what feckless Biden never could… scare Tehran's mullahs into silence


House PASSES massive $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel that could BAN TikTok and also get Speaker Mike Johnson fired


Man lights himself on fire outside Trump trial

REVEALED: The haunting final words of researcher who set himself on fire outside Trump trial - ranted about Peter Thiel, Bill Clinton and crypto before torching himself in front of courthouse

Columbia University Protests continue for 2nd day as community protesters join students VIDEO

Direct strikes between Iran and Israel 'are now OVER', US source says... but Netanyahu may adopt 'death by 1,000 cuts' strategy of more, smaller attacks amid anger in his government at 'feeble' overnight strike

Columbia students rebuild anti-Israel solidarity camp less than 24 hours after mass arrests


911 Outages Reported Wednesday Night in 4 States Before Being Restored Hours Later

Google staffers are arrested after staging 8 hour occupation of boss's office in anti-Israel 'no tech for apartheid' protest

Columbia University president is accused of running one of the worst 'hotbeds of anti-Semitism and hate' as she defends 'peaceful' Hamas protesters

Shocking moment Palestine activists chant 'Iran you make us proud' on NYC subway as clueless protesters say they 'didn't know' graffiti was illegal

Eric Adams' office hits back at 1,000 African migrants who descended on City Hall in protest, claiming NYC does enough for them

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. and his wife were caught on video beating daughter after they were secretly recorded on FaceTime by boyfriend they 'disapproved of', affidavit claims


MAGA's message to Washington is get a grip: Trump fans fed up with the dysfunction and lack of leadership tell the bickering GOP to get its 'act together' and unite in a VERY vital year

Flyers Distributed by a Mexican NGO Instruct Illegal Aliens to Vote for Biden in Upcoming U.S. Election: “We Need Another Four Years of His Term to Stay Open”

Donald Trump trial LIVE: Follow Daily Mail's coverage as the second day of jury selection in the hush money trial begins


Australia Asks U.S. Justice Department to Reach Plea Deal With Assange

Prosecutors Ask Judge to Fine Trump for Social Media Posts

Donald Trump hush money case: More than 50 of the first 96 jurors are dismissed after admitting they CAN'T be impartial in the former president's criminal case

South American gangs armed with knives are running wild on Los Angeles highways targeting terrified jewelers in brazen daytime robberies - slashing tires, shattering windows and even planting trackers on their cars

FBI opens criminal investigation into collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore


Mob gather as teen who shouted 'ALLAHU AKBAR' arrested after church leader stabbed


Protesters arrested after shutting down Golden Gate Bridge


Accused NYC subway slasher busted for stabbing 1-year-old boy in Philly just days after skipping court date



U.S. wants advance notice if Israel decides to retaliate

US helps Israel thwart Iran assault; World awaits Israeli response

Biden warns Netanyahu US will NOT support Israel's counterattack on Iran amid fears of all-out war: President tells PM in late-night call 'you got a win, take the win' after IDF shot down 'nearly all' incoming drones and missiles

Iran's deadly kamikaze drones arrive in Jerusalem: Sirens heard across the city as Israel fires missiles to intercept aerial bombardment - with explosions seen lighting up the sky

Iran warns US not to respond, says next attack on Israel will be more severe





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