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Brushed Metal

Does the explanation for the dismissal of the Alec Baldwin case make sense to anyone? It seems more like a highly coordinated effort to make it appear that there was an excuse to dismiss the case.  It isn't that difficult to follow this bouncing ball.

Full speech from Biden during Detroit campaign stop

President Donald J. Trump to Hold a Rally in Butler, Pennsylvania

Sat, July 13, 2024 05:00 pm (US/Eastern)

Live: Trump to hold campaign rally in Pennsylvania

Where To Watch The 2024 Republican National Convention: Networks, Channels & Streaming

Chicago Woman Won $3 Million Lawsuit Against City Transit While in Jail for Murdering Landlord

Does the explanation for the dismissal of the Alec Baldwin case make sense to anyone?

Ohio city plunged into housing crisis after 15,000+ migrants arrive: 'Setting us up to fail'

Jury to start deliberations in Sen. Bob Menendez bribery trial

LIVE: Alec Baldwin Trial — ‘Rust’ Movie Shooting — Day Three

Joe Biden Gets Update From Hakeem Jeffries on Democrat Revolt

Biden Advisers Weigh How to Persuade Him to End His Campaign_NYT

Milwaukee radio station says it agreed to edit interview with Joe Biden

Watch Biden's Cabinet recoil at epic flub about his running mate at 'Big Boy' press conference - as insider warns of 'brutal' 48 hours of Democrat defections after Obama's crisis talks with Pelosi

Biden holds solo press conference as age concerns loom

AT&T says nearly all of its cell customers' call and text records were exposed in massive breach

Favorite emerges in race to be Trump's running mate as Biden prepares for the most pivotal press conference of his career

President Biden Holds a Press Conference 5:30PM EST

Biden's Campaign Staff Are All on the Verge of Mental Breakdowns

Michigan man who was offered job interview after changing his name on his resumé sues for discrimination

Hawaii Airport Forced to Evacuate After Two Grenades Found in Man’s Carry-On Luggage, TSA Agents in Pittsburgh Stops Another Man Carrying Two Grenades

Biden drops by a meeting of national union leaders at the AFL-CIO Headquarters

Oakland synagogue windows smashed twice in two weeks

CDC issues urgent dengue fever warning as 41 travelers in New Jersey infected

Biden's Gaza aid pier will be permanently dismantled

Ohio Dems tell presidential delegates to keep quiet about Biden

Family DEFENDS white West Virginia couple accused of forcing adopted black children to work as SLAVES and live in a barn

Huge update in case of Arizona rancher who shot and killed Mexican migrant on his land after original jury failed to reach verdict


July 9, 2024

Sailor attempted to access President Biden's restricted medical record: Navy

July 3, 2024

Newsom set to visit New Hampshire next week

CBS News Confronts Kamala Harris About Calls For Biden to Drop Out of the Race, Asks if She’s “Ready to Lead the Country if Necessary” (VIDEO)

Biden Says He “Almost Fell Asleep on Stage” During Debate

Rep. Wesley Hunt Recounts Trump’s Legendary Power Move: Threatens Taliban Leader with Satellite Image of His Home During Negotiations, Then Walks Away

Biden faces mutiny as 25 Democrats prepare to call for ailing president, 81, to step aside after disastrous debate against Trump - as one warns 'the dam has broken'

Delta Airlines makes emergency landing at JFK with medics on standby after passengers are served 'contaminated food' during flight from Detroit to Amsterdam

1 in 3 Democrats say Biden should step aside: Poll

Large cargo ship lost engine power after leaving Port of Baltimore, returned for repairs


July 2, 2024

Venezuelan migrants allegedly choke, rob Chicago man on train, video shows

First sitting Democrat in Congress to call for Joe Biden to step aside Lloyd Doggett - Austin, TX

Rudy Giuliani disbarred in New York

Clay Travis 7/1/2024 - Who will replace Joe Biden?

Ignorance is a feature of equity.

Chicago's mayor plans reparations task force. I'm on the South Side and I've got loads of questions The last thing we need is more liberal gaslighting from Mayor Johnson that will only extend the misery of Black people

‘We Gon' Blow The Party Up': Delegate Warns Black Women Will Destroy Dems If They Choose 'White Man Over Kamala'

“Gallows erected to hang the vice president.”  What a lying POS.

KJP to face press for first time since Biden's disastrous debate performance at 2:30p ET

Justices claim immunity ruling allows presidents to poison staff, have Navy SEALs kill political rivals Chief Justice John Roberts chided the liberal justices for 'fear mongering'

Rosie O'Donnell fights back tears after the Supreme Court ruling: "Reach out to your friends, for help, boy, I pray."

​AOC Threatens to Impeach Supreme Court Justices


July 1, 2024

Sotomayor scolds immunity decision for making presidents ‘king above the law’

New study finds Chicago ranks among worst run cities in country

Hurricane Beryl has made landfall on the Carriacou Island near Grenada as a powerful Category 4 hurricane

Steve Bannon LIVE

Sotomayor's Dissent: 'Fear for Our Democracy'

“How the F*** Are You Going to Put All These White People Ahead of Kamala?” Donna Brazile Plays Race Card in Warning to Democrats About Replacing Biden

Report: Hunter Biden ‘One of the Strongest Voices’ Urging Biden to Remain in Presidential Race

RIOTS Break Out in France – Antifa Is Vandalizing Stores After Massive Right-Wing Election Victory

‘You Have To Be So Deeply Embedded’: Piers Morgan Torches Pro-Biden Influencer For Sticking By Biden’s Debate Performance

Kamala Harris embarrasses herself in another awful video - not a cheap fake

Steve Bannon Begins 4-Month Prison Term

Jill Biden gets the cover of Vogue

Military bases on heightened alert around the world

'a different thought'

Biden family blames advisors for Joe's physical decline

Pride events get more disgusting every year - 



Elon Musk blocks James Woods on Twitter 'X' leading up to the Trump Biden debate

Instagram ‘Accidentally’ Changed All Users’ Settings to Limit Political Content Ahead of Thursday’s Debate

Trump and Biden debate live updates: Follow all the updates in the countdown to the blockbuster showdown in Atlanta

Most Biden rally appearances are shorter than a sitcom, helping fuel stamina concerns. Concerns over the president's mental acuity have mounted in recent months.


FBI probes NYC Mayor Eric Adams' use of private email addresses, trips to China: report FBI probe comes months after agency seized mayor's electronic devices

Judge arrested at nightclub should be removed for previous ethics charges, GA Supreme Court rules

LATEST UPDATE ON CROOKED MAYOR OF OAKLAND: Report details 'campaign contribution laundering scheme' involving Oakland mayor, city officials


Julian Assange’s Jet Arrives in Bangkok, On Way to Offshore U.S. Court

Ex-CDC Director: ‘We Will Have a Bird Flu Pandemic… Just a Matter of Time’

Broken Promises: Canada’s Censorship Law Targets User-Generated Content Despite Assurances

Janet Yellen says there is no 'sticker shock' at the grocery store - it is all in your head

Woke LA DA George Gascon's right hand man is arrested in DUI stop and how he used his influence to get a $10,000 payout from the cops

British Activist Tommy Robinson Arrested in Canada by Undercover Police After Delivering a Powerful Speech on Censorship and Government Overreach


Two NASA astronauts are stuck in space

Joe and Jill Biden have been using their Delaware house for fast cash - refinancing 20 times with loans totaling $4.2M since buying the $350k home

Powerful NJ political power broker George Norcross charged with racketeering

Chilling never-before-seen 9/11 footage shows Saudi spy filming Capitol Hill 'to plan attacks'

She has been saying this for months - this is from May - Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump supporters 'training up in the hills' for election attack

Why it’s too late to stop World War 3

What I think REALLY happened in the Idaho murder house: HOWARD BLUM spent months investigating and even spoke to suspect Bryan Kohberger's family... this is what he discovered


NYC opening homeless shelter 5 feet from a grade school, outraging parents


Two NASA astronauts, Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, are currently stranded on the International Space Station due to technical issues with the Boeing Starliner spacecraft.

Yellen: We Have ‘Normal’ National Debt Interest Burden

EPIC: President Trump Trolls White House “Cheap Fake” Narrative With Hilarious Meme

Another Girl Was Just Murdered and R-ped by an Illegal Immigrant

Mass shooting at grocery store in Arkansas

After a visit from the FBI, IRS and the postal service, silence from Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao after FBI raided her home


Fed-up Chicago cop's very satisfying put-down to 18 year-old woman after being called out to petty argument between two drivers

FBI raids home of Sheng Thao - Democrat mayor of Oakland

Fire breaks out in an air traffic control tower at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Biden’s D-3 Amnesty Pulls 100,000+ Illegal Migrants into College Jobs

Biden Enters ‘Debate Camp’ with Advisers Ahead of 1st Showdown with Trump

The Department of Justice Is Targeting The Gateway Pundit in Their Hopes to Ruin Us- Secretly Injected Itself in Chapter 11 Case – Why?

Oregon judge under fire for swearing in SECOND GRADERS as jurors in a hit-and-run case in which the suspect got off

Nationwide manhunt underway for Stacy Drake of Birmingham, Alabama

New Reports Reveal Five Eyes’ Surge in Biometric Data Collection

Patients at Ascension hospital network given dangerous doses of narcotics after disastrous cyberattack

Cheap Fakes - Washington Post CEO Plans a Mysterious ‘Third Newsroom.’ His Past Offers a Clue

Arizona Tesla driver trapped in EV following dead battery escapes using ‘hidden latch’


Activist groups sue L.A. schools seeking data on app used to report suspicious behavior

Who’s behind the mysterious DJT coin? Martin Shkreli claims ownership with Barron Trump

NYPD Chief of Patrol: Dealing with Migrant Crime ‘Difficult’ — ‘It’s New for Us’

Rite Aid announces 27 more store closures as total in a year hits 500 - is YOUR local pharmacy affected?

Just Stop Oil break into VIP airfield 'where Taylor Swift's luxury private jet is parked' and throw orange paint over planes

AXIOS: The meme debate: Trump and Biden enter viral battlefield


REPORT: City of Seattle Now Recruiting Illegal Immigrants to Become Police Officers

Jayapal: ‘Fearmongering’ by Reporting Things That Happened Is ‘Part of the Problem’ of Support for Mass Deportations


Alex Jones INFOWARS Movie Marathon 2024


Alex Jones - Behold A Pale Horse

Chicago Police attend special Chaos Training ahead of Democrat National Convention

Dumbest thing I have seen on the internet today, Maxine Waters 

EPIC RANT: Alex Jones Beholds The Pale Horse / The Left Are Giant Piles Of Maggot Covered Flesh INFOWARS

Nearly Half of US Online Job Postings Are Fake

Black women behaving badly has become a national trend

Russian nuclear submarine and missile carrier Kazan floats to the surface near Havana, Cuba earlier this morning.

Off-meds Gunman Hijacks Bus, Kills One in Atlanta Chase

77-Year-Old Oakland Homeowner Arrested for Murder After Shooting Burglar

'YOU'RE A PIECE OF GARBAGE': GOP Rep Unloads on Paul Ryan for Anti-Trump Remarks

The MAGA crew is smart, hard working - 'The Death of Allegory' by Billy Collins

250 Days of War in Israel

Large chunk of Wyoming's Teton Pass road collapses; unclear how quickly it can be rebuilt

Scotland’s Muslim Leader Angrily Discovers Entire Country is White



U.S. wants advance notice if Israel decides to retaliate



Free 'NO POLITICAL CANVASSING' No Soliciting Signs

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