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Immigration Invasion

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Sham Tough-on-Migrants Policies Launch in New York City and Chicago - Officials in New York City and Chicago are feeling the political heat over their policies giving billions of tax dollars to illegal aliens while taking benefits away from their citizens, and now both cities are pushing policies that may lead people to assume they are toughening their stance on illegals. But a close look at the policies shows what a sham these ballyhooed policies really are.







Illegal immigration affects the low-skilled low-wage workforce ensuring that wages will be kept low. Legal immigration through H-1B visas ensure the same in other industries. The replacement. Families are now prioritized over military aged men while neither group is seeking asylum whether it be from economic or other conflict.

Military aged men - why is that the description of those individuals? Are we looking to continue to build a larger or diverse military? After what just happened in Afghanistan? Are we bringing all of these people over here to join our military and fight their home countries with our weapons?

Old Republican white men in Congress do not defend their own people. The people who look like them. The people they say they represent. All of the other groups do. Obama did and Nikki Haley will. She is already going against the party.

It seems the best way to ensure the border remains wide open is to re-elect the guy that promised to close it 8 years ago. This politcal theater is all for show in an election year while the same people promising to the close the border now stopped that from happening 8 years ago while they are trying to prosecute the guy who was elected on the promise that he would close the border 8 years ago.

Border patrol is just doing what they are told. What makes you think a Senator Kari Lake wil be able to do anything about this? She won't. The governor that she lost the election to is still going to allow this to happen, just like Greg Abbott in Texas has been doing.

Is Kari Lake trying to say that only presidential and gubernatorial elections are rigged?

9/30/23 - 260,000 migrants cross the border this month - Fox News

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