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Free 'NO POLITICAL CANVASSING' No Soliciting Signs

Updated: Mar 15

Make sure this election year you let them know how you feel with your vote. Political opinion polls are designed to shape the opinion of voters rather than represent it. These free downloadable 'NO POLITICAL CANVASSING' No Soliciting Signs specify to canvassers that they are not welcome to invade your space and a clear indication that you do not want to participate. They will most likely ring your doorbell anyway if you have a typical 'no soliciting' sign on your door. When you answer the door and ask if they saw the no soliciting sign, they will say, "but I am not selling anything."

Sometimes it is unclear even to the canvasser what information those canvassing apps installed on their phones are collecting ABOUT YOU as they approach the boundaries of the WiFi signal broadcast from your home.

In addition, the canvasser, no matter how seemingly genuine, may not be working for the party they think they are working for. Sometimes, one political party will hire members of the opposing political party to unknowingly do opposition research on members of their own party without the canvasser even knowing.

No Political Canvassing No Soliciting Sign ODS1
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