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Vivek Ramaswamy's campaign feels like a bogus crypto shill

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The unholy alliance between tech and media. He is a political social media influencer and in a good position to do opposition research for the Democrat party from within the circles of the GOP. Right-wing associates: have your cybersecurity teams check your networks after Vivek leaves your studios.

Vivek has managed to control the perception of the perception that he is a favorable candidate. That is his main accomplishment so far in the 'presidential race'. He mined data, figured out what people 'like,' gave it back to them packaged within his 'beliefs'. So if his message seems disjointed, it is. He simply collected talking points highlighting the disconnect between the party and the electorate. Nobody believes that this guy is for real.

Then, he goes on stage and moves around like one of those promotional blow up dancing air men you might see in a used car parking lot and has his donor groupies from the audience respond like he is one of The Beatles every time he opens his mouth. Then, he knows which tech levers he needs to pull to 'trend' on social media, and again, the left-center msm print more articles about him the following day. Illusionist.

Vivek uses left-wing tactics and mixes in GOP talking points. His campaign is like a real-time social experiment conducted by the tech industry to see how far they can take the narrative that this guy's background would suggest the opposite of what he says he is now. Pay attention. This is the tech industry, left-wing media and right-wing media all playing along for what purpose? To stay relevant now that the tech industry has demonstrated they they control the conversation, the information and the distribution of that information and if you don't do what they say...

You cannot monetize content if there is no traffic. Tech controls the flow of traffic. As far as right-wing politics are concerned, it is currently being directed at Vivek. He is a candidate created by selective distribution and coverage. 'In kind' cooperation.

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