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Robert Card - not in custody - fills the 'chatter' void

This is a sad event to be sure. Why are they holding a press conference? There is no information other than what has been covered by the MSM. This is an ad to put a face on the domestic 'threat' and make this guy is the poster boy for violent rhetoric that has been allowed to brew on our streets across America in response to the conflict overseas.

Discussion of this sad event which will remain a trending topic until the campaign has served its purpose will be the 'chatter' they speak of while previously not defining the 'threat' to Muslim and Jewish communities for the past couple weeks.

They have the resources to get this guy now. This is the response to the 'heightened threats' the government has been referring to for the past couple weeks? No. If this press conference this morning concluded that the suspect had been apprehended and is in custody, the story would no longer be in the headlines. They need this guy's picture to be in the headlines.

The flow of information out of the MSM over the past few weeks has never been worse with regard to accurate information and timeline. Conflicting reports and questionable sources and unverified reports. News media is in the propaganda business and social media is in the misinformation business.

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