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On this day in 2023 - 3/15/2023


3/15/2023 - On this day in 2023

A rogue version of ChatGPT is predicting the stock market will crash this week. Here's why the AI chatbot is dead wrong_MARKETSINSIDER

‘Nobody is Safe’: In Wild Hacking Spree, Hackers Accessed Federal Law Enforcement Database_VICE

Who Is Still Inside the Metaverse?

Here Are All the Companies Using ChatGPT…So Far_GIZMODO


China has launched hundreds of satellites to target US: Space Force chief says Beijing is developing anti-satellite missiles, electronic jammers, lasers and technology that can MOVE rival orbiting platforms_DAILYMAIL

As Wealth Managers Move To Diversify Customers’ Idle Cash, SVB’s Own Advisors Head For Exits_FORBES

Biden Administration Threatens To Ban TikTok Unless Chinese Owners Sell Platform_FORBES

Credit Suisse Will Borrow Up to 50 Billion Swiss Francs_WSJ

Credit Suisse shares tank after Saudi backer rules out further assistance_CNBC

Swiss National Bank says it will provide Credit Suisse with liquidity if necessary_CNBC

Credit Suisse shares tumble to new record low as European banking sector reels_MARKETWATCH

Net worth of median household is basically nothing,’ says Carl Icahn. ‘We have some major problems in our economy_MARKETWATCH

The Silicon Valley Bank crisis' parallels to the 1980s_AXIOS

Bank Runs, Crypto Concerns and Takeovers: A Timeline of the Panic_DNYUZ

Why (almost) everyone in Washington is ticked at the Fed_SEMAFOR

Market Stress Snarls Trading in U.S. Treasurys_WSJ

Norman Rockwell Art Stolen and Hidden in White House for Decades, Lawsuit Claims_WSJ

Inside the Controversial Claim Rocking the Weather World

100,000 Californians still have no power as storms whip hurricane-force winds, flood homes and threaten 25 million people in other states_CNN

FBI investigating fire at Upper East Side hotel where Chinese billionaire arrested_ABC7

The Brilliant Inventor Who Made Two of History’s Biggest Mistakes_DNYUZ

The Librarians Are Not Okay

‘Watershed’ $1 trillion defense budget on the horizon

Your Car Could Be Spying on You. Good!_WIRED

LinkedIn expands its generative AI assistant to recruitment ads and writing profiles_TECHCRUNCH

The AI revolution has outgrown the Turing Test: Introducing a new framework_TECHCRUNCH

Dish customers kept in the dark as ransomware fallout continues_TECHCRUNCH

Stripe now valued at $50B following $6.5B raise_TECHCRUNCH

Klaviyo conducts companywide layoffs

Mark Zuckerberg hints he could end work from home ENTIRELY for Meta staffers after revealing those who came into the office worked more efficiently_DAILYMAIL

As a tsunami of stomach bugs strikes schools across the US, here's how to tell the difference between the two main culprits — shigella and norovirus_DAILYMAIL

George Santos brokered sale of $19 million 141-foot superyacht between two wealthy New York and Florida donors - possibly earning him a $400,000 referral fee_DAILYMAIL

NEWS 3/15/2023 - On this day

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