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Israel - The news media is in the propaganda business

And the tech industry controls the flow of information and the traffic that is directed to that information to shape the perception of reality and divide the nation.

Ferguson, MO. 2015. Bernie Sanders. Patrice Cullors, South Africa.

2023 - BLM hits the streets in Chicago. Netanyahu "necklacing'

Students across America who are barely literate promote foreign policy issues they could not possibly understand and political leaders who pretend to be barely literate encourage them. Those political leaders are elected by way of funding from Jewish philanthropist George Soros.

BLM raised $10.6 billion dollars with no accounting for where the money went. BLM ran an advertising campaign for free, through the news media 24/7 through the entire year of 2020 and paid no taxes. Not $1 of this money went to benefit the black community other than through the privilege to keep what you loot and the promise that they would be bailed if they were arrested for their effort in the propaganda war.

The messaging dictated by the advertising campaign for BLM has permeated the younger generation in the classroom and they now imitate the BLM movement with regard to pro-Palestine demonstrations. They were taught that it is their duty to support BLM and now that BLM is supporting Palestine, these students follow. They have been taught to follow because they have been told that their leaders are oppressors and that to 'resist' this oppression is a pathway to power. However, those who are illiterate cannot read the history that describes how history eventually repeats itself. Tytler.

Fox News is hosting a pledge drive for the Jewish community and promoting it with pro-Palestine rhetoric.

Propaganda is effective in times of war because individuals are manipulated by the ideology they were conditioned with.

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