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I can prove that X Twitter is manipulating metrics for certain accounts

Run the numbers on the metrics of your accounts and if the overall results, as a percentage, are similar (1% - .25% reach) they (X) are manipulating outcomes.

Twitter complaints by large Conservative accounts: Remember, we are looking for percentages here, not overall metrics, or what X Twitter calls 'analytics.'

I can gauge the 'reach' of an account based on the metrics generated by a retweet of one of my posts.


(and THAT is a feature of equity...)

Alright. So Travis is 'the man' and he kept good on his promise and reposted one of my tweets and the metrics represented exactly 1% of his following that was reached based on/compared to my metrics.

The point is that if you run your own metrics and they are reduced by a certain percentage, you can prove collectively that your specific accounts were 'throttled' (targeted) or more precisely that 'outcomes of performance' were determined for your account that were beyond your control.

NOTE: There will be slight discrepancies because 'bots' can devalue the monetization of your account by reducing the percentage of organic verified users who see your tweets. X does not allow you to see those numbers and obviously the metric and numbers that correlate to monetization are not revealed.

To be continued...

Have you been properly showing your loyalty to Vivek Ramasway Lately?

Compare your metrics and your complaints to the accounts that have.

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