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Hostages in Israel are not a priority for Netanyahu or Biden

The hostage crisis in Israel is a sad and difficult situation. Overlapping and conflicting news reports make it impossible to know who they are and where they are from, but we know where they were at the time of their kidnapping - Israel. Biden does not expect Netanyahu to come over here and fight anti-Semitic crimes in the U.S.

The U.S. is funding both sides of the war, paying for this entire production and treating the hostages like props for the news media.

Hamas terrorists beheaded Shani Louk after the gunmen kidnapped the German tattoo artist from the Nova electronic festival and paraded her on the back of a truck, it has emerged.

Ms Louk, 22, was abducted from Israel to Gaza by the Hamas terrorists on October 7 from the festival near Kibbutz Reim. Hamas gunmen took at least 239 hostages and killed about 1,400 people during the dawn raid.

For more than three weeks, Ms Louk's family prayed that the German-Israeli could be saved from the terrorists. But Israeli President Yitzchak Herzog revealed today that the young festivalgoer was murdered by the 'sadistic animals' and decapitated.

The harrowing details of how Ms Louk was killed by the barbaric terrorists comes just hours after it emerged that Israeli officials had found the base of her skull.

OPINION - Such a disgusting act calls for an explanation that convinces people that Israel was not simply just waiting for something like this to happen. 3 weeks. Israel's inaction caused this death.

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