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Domain brokers do a terrible job of connecting buyers with sellers

Charging a potential buyer a fee to find out how much you are selling a .com domain name for is the first part of the problem. Domain brokers layer themselves between you and the buyer and the offer is 'negotiated' by a 3rd party who charges you both a fee and is ultimately going to profit as the middle man by keeping the buyer and seller from communicating with each other so they can profit from the transaction in addition to charging outrageous fees.

Example: Seller wants $5000 for a domain. Potential buyer may pay $10,000. The broker tries to find out how much the buyer is willing to pay ($10,000) and also tries to get the seller to accept a lower offer. In this example, the seller could settle for $3000 and the broker could sell it for $10,000 and the seller would never know. The broker will then charge the seller a ridiculously high fee on top of the reduced sale price.

Direct sale is the only way to properly negotiate a deal between the actual seller and buyer without layering a broker in between. Brokers collect fees, do no marketing whatsoever and when an interested buyer appears they will try to make a sale using the method above.

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