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Blacklisted pro-Palestine protesters - Employers and Schools making the list

Watch the video here:

BLM kicked off the pro-Palestine protests in Chicago. Many of the attendees seen in the purported video of that protest did not appear to be black. Many current news streams have featured supplemental video that may not necessarily be from the event being reported. The image shared by Ilhan Omar that claimed to show dead children in Palestine turned out to be false. Whether intentional or not, this was used to fuel the fire of the pro-Palestine protesters.

Misinformation spreads quickly. The coordinated pro-Palestine protests were planned and organized quickly. The doxxers have become the doxxed and the people who organized these events seem to have manipulated many of these protesters into taking up a cause for their own reasons. It will be interesting to see if they get to keep their jobs as some of them are handing over lists of names of the protesters they organized.

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