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Art movements and styles

academic art, action painting, art Brut, art deco, art Nouveau, ashcan school, Australian tonalism, baroque, bauhaus, brutalism, concept art, concrete art, cubism, cubist, detailed painting, expressionism, fauvism, film noir, filmic, fluxus, folk art, futurism, geometric abstract art, gothic art, graffiti, Harlem renaissance, Heidelberg school, hudson river school, hypermodernism, hyperrealism, impressionism, kinetic pointillism, lyrical abstraction, mannerism, matte painting, maximalism, maximalist, minimalism, minimalist, modern art, modern European ink painting, movie poster, naïve art, neo-primitivism, photorealism, pointillism, pop art, post-impressionism, poster art, pre-raphaelitism, precisionism, primitivism, psychedelic art, qajar art, renaissance painting, retrofuturism, romanesque, romanticism, shin hanga, splash art, storybook illustration, street art, surrealismsynthetism, Ukiyo-e, underground comix, vorticism

Mediums and techniques


Design tools and communities

Descriptive terms

Culture / genre


#film, 8K 3D, 8k resolution, abstract, acrylic art, airbrush art, ambient occlusion, anime, art deco, artwork, beautiful, Behance HD, bokeh, chalk art, charcoal drawing, colourful, concept art, CryEngine, cubist, detailed painting, deviantart, digital illustration, DSLR, dye-transfer, fauvism, film noir, filmic, flickering light, Flickr, geometric, glowing neon, graffiti, H.R. Giger, HDR, holographic, hyperrealism, impasto, impressionism, ink drawing, iridescent, Jim Burns, Kandinsky, Kodak Ektar, low poly, lowbrow, Marvel Comics, matte background, matte painting, maximalist, minimalist, mixed media, oil on canvas, parallax, pencil sketch, photoillustration, Picasso, pixel art, pixiv, polished, pop art, poster art, psychedelic, quilling, renaissance painting, Sketchfab, steampunk, stipple, stock photo, storybook illustration, sunshine rays, surrealism, Thomas Kinkade, tilt shift, trending on Artstation, Unreal Engine, Van Gogh, volumetric lighting, VRay, watercolor, woodcut

Negative Prompts

amateur, bad anatomy, blurred, blurry, body out of frame, border, cut off, deformed, disfigured, draft, extra limbs, frame, grainy, out of frame, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn hands, signature, tiling, ugly, watermark

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