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When will Sora be available to ChatGPT subscribers?

Prompt: When will Sora be available to ChatGPT subscribers?

Sora OpenAI
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As of now, Sora, OpenAI's advanced AI model capable of generating realistic videos from text prompts, is in an early phase of availability primarily for testing and feedback. It's being made accessible to red teamers for evaluating potential risks and to a select group of visual artists, designers, and filmmakers for feedback on enhancing its utility for creative professionals​​.

Despite significant interest and the buzz it has created, OpenAI has not provided a specific release date for Sora's broader public availability. The organization emphasizes the importance of safety and ethical considerations before making Sora widely available, indicating a cautious approach to its deployment​​.

For those eagerly awaiting the chance to use Sora, it appears that a waitlist might be introduced eventually, offering the first opportunity for broader access. However, as of the latest updates, no clear timeline or details for public sign-up or release have been shared​​. OpenAI encourages staying tuned to their official channels for future updates on Sora's availability.

The development and testing of Sora involve ensuring that the generated videos are safe and free from potential harms, such as misinformation or unethical use. OpenAI is also working on tools like a detection classifier to identify videos generated by Sora, underscoring their commitment to safety and responsible AI use​​.

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