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What is the complete list of an author's work called?

Updated: May 25

The complete list of an author's work is called their "bibliography" or "works". A bibliography is a list of all the books, articles, and other works that an author has published. It is usually organized in chronological order, with the most recent works listed first.

What are synonyms for "collected works"?

Synonyms for "collected works" include:

  1. Complete works

  2. Oeuvre

  3. Corpus

  4. Canon

  5. Compendium

  6. Collected edition

  7. Complete edition

  8. Complete writings

  9. Collected writings

  10. All works

  11. All written works

  12. All published works

  13. All literary works

  14. All creations

  15. All publications

It's worth to note that depending on the context and the field of study, other terms could be used as synonyms as well.


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