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What is a Blue Moon?

Updated: Feb 22

A "blue moon" is a term used to describe the second full moon that occurs in a calendar month. Since the average length of a lunar month (the time between one full moon and the next) is 29.5 days, it is relatively rare for there to be two full moons in the same calendar month. When this does occur, the second full moon is referred to as a "blue moon."

The term "blue moon" is thought to have originated in the 1940s and was popularized by the Maine Farmers' Almanac. It has since become a widely recognized term and is often used to describe a rare or unusual occurrence.

It's worth noting that a blue moon does not actually turn blue in color. The term "blue moon" has no scientific basis and simply refers to the rarity of having two full moons in the same calendar month.

In many cultures, full moons are associated with specific themes and meanings, and blue moons are often thought to bring heightened energy, heightened emotions, and increased manifestation power.

Overall, blue moons are a fascinating aspect of astronomy and astrology, and they offer a unique opportunity to observe and appreciate the beauty of our nearest celestial neighbor.



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