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The trash that walks the streets of America

This is your time. You are proud. You are invigorated by the response to your ‘tap’ that makes you a winner in the race for social justice. You tap away, searching for the right taps that will get you more likes and subscribers from other accounts just like yours until you are elevated into a bigger echo chamber with the same message. If you repeat this exercise enough times, you will win the social media video game of homogenized thought where there is never a discussion, but rather one response to an answer. And after everyone can tap and repeat the sequence to all arrive at the same answer, the quest for whatever you think you were doing will be achieved because there will be no more room for diversity as you eliminated it in the name of promoting it. Does that sound familiar to you? Probably not.

Your actions are a response directed at you from someone you do not know and have never met before on behalf of someone you do not know and have never met before. The ones who put you here ensure that the undertow will eventually drag you out to sea. After they have finished using you to promote their cause, which you do not understand because you do not know them and have never met them before.

You are a slave to the cat you keep because those videos are friendlier and more interesting than you. But your entertainment is now someone else’s entertainment passed through you. So you attend protests, not rallies, because to rally for ‘the cause’ would require that you not only like it, but know something about it beyond the lines you were programmed to recite like a mantra. You attack people THEY tell you are oppressing the people THEY tell you to support. People you know nothing about and have never met before. They turn you on and turn you off because they want to destroy where it is you stand right now by walking you through this exercise and you obediently comply with more ‘taps, on your phone which gains you ‘points’ by resisting or fighting the resistance, you don’t even know anymore.

The next day you wake up in your bed in your American home and all of your friends are taking up all your time on social media so that you can’t do what you are supposed to be doing. If you tried, a lack of resources to information you need to survive would be revealed. And if you did your homework, you would find that most of the time you are spending on a college campus in America is specifically for this purpose because even the most sought after jobs in America are no longer hiring due to technology advancements in AI and because you have rendered yourselves useless of performing any task whatsoever without assigning some sort of ‘hierarchy’ to it because you have been conditioned to think that everything should be handed to you because you do not think for yourself at all and merely react to everything. You are very fragile.

Who is this evil force you speak of? Can you touch it, smell it, taste it? It is driving you insane so you you should be able to provide a comprehensive plan of how your vision of the future will work. Your demonstration is with the substance of whether or not you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream better. Coke or Pepsi. You are one-dimensional morons.

The people teaching you this have been planning for many decades to annihilate you.

One anti-fragility, pro-Palestinian protester compared the size of Gaza to Washington D.C. where supporters of the United States president held a rally to protest election results in 2021 and have been imprisoned and convicted of crimes for doing so. Not one member of YOUR United States Congress is supporting those protesters. Instead you protest for the rights of people who have aligned themselves with terrorists under the protection of a government that imprisons protesters. Have you not aligned yourself with people who support terrorists? They have not shut you down. Where do you think your college tuition that gives you the right to protest on these campuses comes from?

The snake is eating its own tail and you are the tail. You may as well drop out of school now because none of these, as you put it, ‘Jew’ corporations are going to hire you. Bigots. Your addiction to oppression has turned you into a sociopath and you have succeeded as far as the goal of the American educational system is concerned. You are the domestic terrorists disguising your anti-Jewish rhetoric with pro-Palestinian ideology. Show your support for diversity by taking an illegal immigrant into your home or dorm room and get them to like and subscribe to your ‘protest’ channel. Make sure they are all vaccinated, because you had to get vaccinated. Make sure they were masks, because you had to wear masks. Make sure that you tell them that things are GREAT in America in the year 2023 since the current president, that you supported, is in charge. Make sure that you show solidarity with the CRT, DEI, LGBTQ causes that you were trained to support. Speak to the immigrants you invite into your home about BLM, George Floyd and Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO. Make sure they know that YOU have their back because the country they immigrated to is even worse than the country they left, according to you.

It is time to pay your fair share of the privilege you were born with as you support people who are even more oppressed then you, but mysteriously still have cell phones and social media accounts, JUST LIKE YOU.


It is a little ‘circular’ and ironic because half of the population of Gaza is 18-years-old or under. 2 million people and half the population is 18 and under. What do you think is going on there? The same indoctrinated class of American ‘protesters’ have no parental oversight. If you think ‘innocent people in Gaza’ need to be rescued, maybe you need to be rescued. Maybe you put yourself into a place that feels like a prison. Maybe you should do some self-analysis and analyze the things that trigger you to say things that you do. Apparently, while not aware, or fully aware that they are offensive to other people (who allow you to protest) while you promote being mindful and tolerant along with equity, diversity and inclusion. The people who are the cause of your problems are the people who have convinced you that they are the solution to your problems. Good luck getting a job. Now, this is your job. When anti-government sponsored employment becomes your employer - do you not foresee the future?

I think American students participating in pro-Palestinian protests are culturally appropriating other peoples problems like social justice vampires sucking the blood of victimhood.

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