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The Schedule - Day 9

The Schedule - Day 9


The Schedule is a process by which you write down, preferably in a notebook, what you do every day on an hourly basis to preserve a record and keep track of your time for the purposes of observing your own behavior which may cause you to make the decision to write down actions or tasks that are more appealing and more in line with the mindful, purposeful goals you would like to see yourself achieve.

What the mind is capable of perceiving as an experience can be very personalized for some. Some people feel as if they have very little control over anything in their lives. You can control the process of writing down what you do throughout the day and you should. After doing this for awhile you will start to realize why it is important to do this.

The things many people share online that become part of ‘the stream’ - all the time every day without even thinking about it, are part of a process that shapes your simulation. The tasks you keep track of in a notebook are hand-written and accessible by you and cannot be altered or analyzed unless you would like to present it as an offering to the giant all knowing all consuming stream that everyone constantly throws everything else into all the time every day.

This is not necessarily a journal, but it could be and absolutely can become one of you decide to make the choice to use it in that way.

What the mind is capable of rendering may be an experience you create as opposed to the reflection of whatever it is that passes through you on your way to signaling that you agree with whatever it is in an open public forum which is where everything and everyone is judged for their ability to agree with the thing that rewards you or leaves you alone as well as disagree with the thing you are trained to recognize as bad.

These are the types of choices you have as of this writing in the year 2023.

Terms of Service. Terms and Conditions. And none of it matters even if you do or can both read and understand these documents because the only line in those documents that matters is the one that states that the terms of service may be subject to change at any time without notice. So you could be agreeing to (possibly, arguably, unfortunately) the idea that you agree to future terms and conditions that have not even been established yet - by agreeing to the one line in the document that states that by agreeing to the TOS or the TAC that states the terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time without notice.

You may or may not be able to continue to use whatever device it is that you are using by not agreeing. But they do not freeze your phone to this screen and force you to make a selection without telling you what will happen if you say no until you pick up the device to make an important phone call. So what are you going to do?

What the mind is capable of perceiving as an experience may become some of the building blocks for the model of artificial intelligence we will be interacting with in the future. What type of person will this artificial intelligence be modeled after? Hopefully one that learns from you and understands you. This seems to be the idea. Maybe this will be a great thing.

There is definitely a demand for a source of information that can answer a question. This is what Google used to be. At least one source on this topic stated that Google is a contributor to the project Chat GPT project that was launched in November of 2022 and reached 1 million users in just 5 days.

I would really love to explore this technology. However, as I have suggested, I am not sure what the tradeoff is at this point. Meaning, if you begin interacting with technology that learns from you by interacting with you as it analyzes all kinds of data… and given that terms of service thing I mentioned… What exactly is it analyzing when it connects to/with you? Will it begin extracting all kinds of data from whatever device you use to interact with it and then share that information with whomever?

These are crazy times and I am glad to be here and I hope you are as well. For now, I think we should continue writing down what we do in our notebooks and I will continue my daily posts and you can check in as you like and know that you do not have to be alone during this process as it is something that is highly personalized for you, by you, without any outside influence unless you decide to share it.

Suggestion: See what you can come up with on your own without any else’s feedback. When you start to notice what you get out of the process, then you can consider whether or not it worked for you, you got it to work and also consider whether or not you did it right.

I do not know at the time of this writing how long it will take to develop this and I am guessing that it will be different for each individual.

See you tomorrow.

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