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The Schedule - Day 8

The Schedule - Day 8


Streaming, you will own nothing and feeds within simulations -

I also write fiction. This is non-fiction. Discussion of concepts applied within a fictional space is non-fiction.

There is a concept that individuals streaming data are accessing a customized (or customizable) feed of information personalized to the individual. We have known for decades, for example, that major search engine Google customizes internet search results tailored to the individual, apparently whether you are logged in or not, while using the service. The user may consider to what extent THE ELEMENTS of the program material within a streaming data feed has been customized for them as well. Do you see what I see? Or is my version a little different than yours?

‘Streaming’ is the method by which we receive most information. You do not possess a copy of the information source material that is being presented to you while you are streaming data. Consuming a stream of data is a fluid process. In nature, a stream is an open, physically accessible (not contained or protected from outside influence), flowing body of water. A person having access to the stream could pour additional water into the stream changing the composition of the original source material by adding additional elements to the stream.

I have questioned whether or not some of the information I receive from time to time is real. Sometimes I think I am accessing information via a reliable traditional trusted source, but it does not always seem like the information or certain elements of it are true or believable, not that anyone is lying, necessarily, but that the idea that some of the information being presented is even possible. Did I hear that wrong? Is a question I sometimes ask myself. And maybe if I then try to Google what I just heard, maybe it is there and maybe it is not or maybe a search result was put there as a way to determine whether or not I am validating the presentation of the questionable information by searching for it or maybe even clicking on a website claiming to contain that information.

I am aware that similar concerns have been raised by other, what I believe to be, reliable sources having a track record of presenting accurate information. I am not merely referring to NEWS outlets as I believe ALL media outlets currently operating under the assumption of presenting viewers with the news are not in agreement over much of anything, which is a concern categorically.

Information related to technology and how we consume it is a concern.

For example, I am watching a morning news program on television. This is also a feed that is being received via a digital antenna and this is also a data feed, but it is not being broadcasted via the internet, I think. It is being sent ‘over the airwaves’ to my antenna via a digital transmission method that replaced analog antennas.

A news broadcast segment includes a conversation with a woman who its part of the broadcast. She appears to be zooming in from a home office. Her broadcast feed is sparsely less fluid than the main feed of the studio broadcast. So there is a feed with in a feed. Most of us have seen someone zooming in to a larger broadcast of a program have technology issues that makes the feed of the person zooming in look ‘choppy’ for example.

Hypothetical scenario - could the person zooming in from a home office be a deepfake or be deep faking themselves as maybe there is a more visually prepared version with better screen appropriate makeup and hair, for example, of the individual that could be used over the actual image of a person who may not want to spend 20 or 30 minutes visually preparing themselves for a 5 minute segment? Does it matter? If the information being presented is accurate, why should it matter?

There are plenty of people who broadcast in front of green screen or backdrops that are not really there and are just images that compliment the look or theme of the set. But what happens, let’s consider for the sake of imagination, that someone with access to a feed can interject elements personalized to a specific viewer of the material with the feed or stream of the broadcast that is tailored specifically to an individual end user?

There are some interesting concepts and possibilities out there for future application.

I am not criticizing any particular individual, company or technology but rather trying to figure out why THE PROCESS that has been deliberately constructed for many simple transactions has served only to complicate the process of performing simple transactions.

Chatbots like the one mentioned in the previous section can supposedly perform many complex operations including writing code for an application in repose to a verbal command. However, a company chat bot on that company’s website cannot produce an answer to a question regarding an issue related to the company itself.

The possibilities of what technological developments can do are amazing and seemingly limitless. However, the access granted to independent innovators is extremely limited. Societies throughout history have gone through economic and innovation cycles where growth and expansion in development is halted for the purposes of stabilization. A rebalancing, or great reset of sorts. However, this time is different because the technological innovation and expansion that has bypassed the independent individual’s ability to access and use this technology has been made available to those who use it for the purposes of social engineering.

Human are becoming more robotic and robots are becoming more human as AI technology is being integrated with the technological landscape. What kind of person is the technology that is available to you going to be?

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