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The Schedule - Day 65

The Schedule - Day 65



1/10/23 - AI LINKS

Text to speech avatar

How to deep fake

Animating AI




1/6 - 1/8?


6’:32 - ‘Streaming’ is the method by which we receive most information. You do not possess a copy of the information source material that is being presented to you while you are streaming data. Consuming a stream of data is a fluid process. In nature, a stream is an open, physically accessible (not contained or protected from outside influence), flowing body of water. A person having access to the stream could pour additional water into the stream changing the composition of the original source material by adding additional elements to the stream.

I have questioned whether or not some of the information I receive from time to time is real. Sometimes I think I am accessing information via a reliable traditional trusted source, but it does not always seem like the information or certain elements of it are true or believable, not that anyone is lying, necessarily, but that the idea that some of the information being presented is even possible. Did I hear that wrong? Is a question I sometimes ask myself. And maybe if I then try to Google what I just heard, maybe it is there and maybe it is not or maybe a search result was put there as a way to determine whether or not I am validating the presentation of the questionable information by searching for it or maybe even clicking on a website claiming to contain that information.

I am aware that similar concerns have been raised by other, what I believe to be, reliable sources having a track record of presenting accurate information. I am not merely referring to NEWS outlets as I believe ALL media outlets currently operating under the assumption of presenting viewers with the news are not in agreement over much of anything, which is a concern categorically.

Information related to technology and how we consume it is a concern.

For example, I am watching a morning news program on television. This is also a feed that is being received via a digital antenna and this is also a data feed, but it is not being broadcasted via the internet, I think. It is being sent ‘over the airwaves’ to my antenna via a digital transmission method that replaced analog antennas.

A news broadcast segment includes a conversation with a woman who its part of the broadcast. She appears to be zooming in from a home office. Her broadcast feed is sparsely less fluid than the main feed of the studio broadcast. So there is a feed with in a feed. Most of us have seen someone zooming in to a larger broadcast of a program have technology issues that makes the feed of the person zooming in look ‘choppy’ for example.

Hypothetical scenario - could the person zooming in from a home office be a deepfake or be deepfaking themselves as maybe there is a more visually prepared version with better screen appropriate makeup and hair, for example, of the individual that could be used over the actual image of a person who may not want to spend 20 or 30 minutes visually preparing themselves for a 5 minute segment? Does it matter? If the information being presented is accurate, why should it matter?

There are plenty of people who broadcast in front of green screen or backdrops that are not really there and are just images that compliment the look or theme of the set. But what happens, let’s consider for the sake of imagination, that someone with access to a feed can interject elements personalized to a specific viewer of the material with the feed or stream of the broadcast that is tailored specifically to an individual end user?

7:32 - There are some interesting concepts and possibilities out there for future application.

I am not criticizing any particular individual, company or technology but rather trying to figure out why THE PROCESS that has been deliberately constructed for many simple transactions has served only to complicate the process of performing simple transactions.

Chatbots like the one mentioned in the previous section can supposedly perform many complex operations including writing code for an application in repose to a verbal command. However, a company chat bot on that company’s website cannot produce an answer to a question regarding an issue related to the company itself.

The possibilities of what technological developments can do are amazing and seemingly limitless. However, the access granted to independent innovators is extremely limited. Societies throughout history have gone through economic and innovation cycles where growth and expansion in development is halted for the purposes of stabilization. A rebalancing, or great reset of sorts. However, this time is different because the technological innovation and expansion that has bypassed the independent individual’s ability to access and use this technology has been made available to those who use it for the purposes of social engineering.

Human are becoming more robotic and robots are becoming more human as AI technology is being integrated with the technological landscape. What kind of person is the technology that is available to you going to be?




Very Important - 5 Things to consider


What when






The things you are not supposed to talk about are the answers to the answers to the questions you are not supposed to ask Sep 26, 2022 these are the keys to the universe


The post for today Sep 30, 2022 Is not planned and there is nothing that I want to write right now but I am doing it anyway because I am trying to make this a daily exercise. The news today is mostly focused on hurricane Ian as it has been for the entire week. I didn’t do anything today. I slept a lot and I watched TV. I don’t watch a lot of TV. There is a commercial on now for a smart watch. Now there is a commercial advertising legal services related to Camp Lejeune. Toxic water. Arizona has a water shortage. Limited ground water supply. They will find more if they dig deep enough in the right spot.


The side of the truck read EST EST Sep 30, 2022 - posted on


4/30/2020 8:09PM Oct 1, 2022

Slow down

Don’t speak

Be patient

Make adjustments

Adapt to new circumstances

Don’t do anything frivolous and only buy essential things

Keep moving – you have to take action and walk the path

Learn from your mistakes

Follow your instincts and be mindful of your actions but do not hesitate


Delta Oct 8, 2022

1. Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet

2. Consonant sound represented by this letter

3. Fourth in a series of items

4. Anything triangular

5. Mathematics. An incremental change in a variable

6. A nearly flat plain of alluvial deposit between diverging branches of the mouth of a river, though not necessarily triangular


The second time I heard this I just started writing it down Oct 15, 2022

I was not really sure what was happening. I had the movie 1984 playing in the background on Amazon Prime – I noticed there are a couple other versions of the movie that are unavailable for viewing. No matter. There is still the book, for now. The people screaming with rage in a crowded theater at the opening. The propaganda – the straight up propaganda. The Nord Stream pipeline. There was a PSA in NYC telling people what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. The unspeakably horrific agendas regarding things of an adult nature discussed among children inside of our classrooms – nobody should be speaking about – Smith the narrator interrupted, “Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime is death. I have committed even before setting pen to paper, the essential crime that contains all others in itself.” I do not feel bad that it is Saturday and I am home with no date and no plans. There are things I could be doing but I am not. As I am writing this I am watching the movie. Winston is removing the brick in the wall where he has hidden the journal – illegal to have in the movie. What are all of the people who go out still on the weekends doing for money? Did they all win the lottery? Have they all gotten rich or figured out a way to avoid eating or buying gas and groceries? I shouldn’t really judge. I just spent $11 on three multipacks of flavored water and some vitamin B-12 that is good for you and good for your mood. I do feel better after taking it and I am enjoying a very cost conscious simulation by choosing this movie available for free viewing via my Amazon account. We are transitioning to that, you know – where is you don’t really own anything, not really. You rent everything. April 4, 1984 Winston is writing in the blank pages of the journal. No idea who he is writing for – like a long form message in a bottle. Story in a bottle. 6079 Smith W. Doubleplusgood INGSOC is a newspeak abbreviation of English Socialism. It’s three principles are newspeak, doublethink and mutability. War is peace Freedom is slavery Ignorance is strength The Ministry of Truth deals with news, entertainment, education and fine arts. Ministry of peace concerns itself with war. Ministry of love, law and order. Ministry of plenty with issues related to economics. George Orwell 1984


People really don’t seem all that broken up about - Oct 15, 2022

Not being able to do so many things anymore. I don’t want it to be depressing or make it sound that way but how else would you or could you say it is?

Ah yes. Here is the part in the movie where Julia meets Winston by the forest. In silence they walk through the trees together to a beautiful clearing overlooking a rolling hillside before they return beneath the forest canopy and fall to the grass dancing and dreaming.

I was there. I remember when people could go where ever they wanted and do whatever they wanted and it was rarely a problem. Winston calls freedom being able to say 2+ 2 = 4. Is this what we have to look forward to? How exactly does equitable math work?

14000 victory vampires


Everything fades into mist - Oct 15, 2022

The past is erased, the erasure forgotten. A lie becomes truth and then becomes a lie again.

And through the door in his mind the rolling hill at the edge of the forest.

They can torture you and make you say anything but they can’t make you believe it.


On your birthday remember to - Oct 15, 2022

Stay hydrated and don’t be an asshole. I have a present for you and hope to retrieve it as soon as I find my luggage.


Neither the past, nor the present, nor the future - 10/15/2022

Exists in its own right. Reality is in the human mind, not in the individual mind which makes mistakes and soon perishes, but in the mind of the Party which is collective and immortal.



He sat quietly now in the cool morning air - Oct 16, 2022

The relentless heat had finally given way and the people slept soundly with their windows open now. The siren from an ambulance curled like a note in the distance, soft – almost like it was supposed to be there.

He had a dream about the Barrio Queen last night. He took some coffee to the balcony with him now. The automatic reactions after bee coding awake for the day. He could barely make it out – a man standing like a perfectly placed item on a coat hanger in the dark next to a car in the dark parking lot. What was he doing?

He wasn’t doing anything wrong it seemed. But that’s just it, he wasn’t doing anything. So what was he doing? He must be watching me. What else would he be doing standing there in the dark not doing anything, not moving trying to hide.

I shouted something to make him move. He inched slowly into the dimly lit parking lot. Slowly, the way he did it was very odd. Again, not doing anything, but that was just it. Smoothly he continued into the light revealing he was holding a baby carriage. He stood for a moment and disappeared back into the shadows between the cars not making a sound.

Back inside he met her near the bathroom door. “Get down on the floor and open your mouth.” She knew what she was there for. This time a blonde. No idea where she came from. She was the new one. The representative knew there was a lot of work to be done with election day only three weeks away.


They think they can get you to - Oct 16, 2022

Data mine. For free you work for them when you have learned as they trained you to imitate.

There are several types of animals that imitate their surroundings for survival – to hide from prey and for hunting because in the wild you are either doing one or the other.

Or mating – so you can repeat the cycle to eat or be someone Welles else’s food. The data mining, collection and replacement is an ongoing process. Algorithms and automatic adjustments that are constantly being tweaked and readjusted. An evolving organism through the destruction of language and a breakdown of communication.

The chameleon changes color allegedly when it is angry or fearful. The most commonly known animal famous for changing its skin color is this unique species of lizard. Similar to your Facebook friends and the people they appear to be online who seem to have stolen the bodies of or at least the images of the doppelgänger you know. Vibes – the chameleon does not hear but rather detects sounds through its body from within its surroundings.

With the help of the machine you will all learn to act the way you have been compelled to do so in time. 1. Do not believe a word that I say. 2. The images, words, phrases and numbers may not be what they appear to be on the surface. This is the way

Golden Tortoise Beetle – meeting a willing mate or being touched by a curious human cause this one to change color. Sounds conflicted. Some of the items written here may not be presented as you wish to receive them – in other words you may ascertain that you do not care for the way certain things are written. I concur. Maybe what you are reading could be considered to be the equivalent of a visual phenomenon known as an optical illusion.

The mimic octopus is an Indo-Pacific shape shifter. They. Annie cannot only change color but also mimic other sea creatures such as lionfish, jellyfish, stingrays and sea snakes.

Pacific tree frog changes color to avoid detection by predators and also in response to temperature. Predators are said to include bullfrogs – It is interesting to observe an animal so evolved that it does not mind consuming for food something relatively similar to itself. Snakes, heron bullfrogs and raccoons eat PTFs.

Seahorses are grouped with any of 46 species of small marine fish in the genus Hippocampus. See also pipefish and seadragons.

The flounder can lose its ability to change color if it’s eyesight becomes compromised.

It rained very hard yesterday during the day and the mountains in the distance became temporarily impressionistic as if underwater through the sheet of rain between the mountains themselves and my own vantage point from where it was not raining, the rain was not present in my immediate surroundings at that exact moment.

In the rain, away from the rain, the rain is between you and what you are looking at – smoothing the edges like a very subtle but sublime wave like filter like observing an image reflected from the surface of a pond.

Cuttlefish change color as a means of communication although they cannot see color, but rather contrast through the polarization of light. They belong to the Cephalopoda class which also includes squid, octopuses and nautiluses.

Squid have blue blood and three hearts. Two tentacles and eight arms. They have the ability to change color. The squid has a combination of semi transparency and the ability to change body color via chromatophores.

The cyanea octopus can change color, patterns and texture and even mimic moving shadows such as overhead clouds. It is also known as the big blue octopus.


Blockchain Directory


Notes MAC AIR 2

MAX BENJAMIN 12/27/2022 - 9:08PM

Me Pic 181 NFT 12/28/2022 - 6:24PM

DALL-E, OPENAI, Earlier today - the year in tech news.


I don’t know what it was - Oct 16, 2022

Maybe it was part of the program. Of course it was. Everything is part of the program. 1 hour and 7 minutes left with to download the dream. The parts I remember:

A room, some kind of lobby or waiting area or possibly a break room at the hat felt like a workplace. There is a fan or something that is positioned in the area maybe 2-2.5 feet high and it has a plastic guard of some kind covering the top but it is not secured and an older woman sitting on the couch suggests that we glue it to the device or maybe she had said that before because it feels like we have been here.

Glue I grab my phone and sit down on the black leather couch and intend to just go ahead and order some glue from Amazon right then and there. I remember that I already have some Elmer’s glue and ask her if that will work and she hands me something. I look at it thinking it is glue and instead it is a very small container of ice cream. I don’t eat any.. I fall asleep (this is in my dream) and when I wake up, she has covered me with something like a blanket or something. When I wake up in my dream and emerge from the blanket she is sitting in the same spot now next to me naked from the waist down. Sitting there. I do not see anyone directly but it seems as if there are other people in the office now and I wonder what she is doing.

Now I am somewhere else, at a house. I am outside and it seems like Spring although it is fall, autumn now. I water some things with a garden hose and think that I will be cutting the grass soon but not today – the grass looks like it does at the end of the season but it feels like the beginning of the season in my dream. Something is playing on the computer in the kitchen and someone, I think my brother is home now sleeping in one of the bedrooms. His bedroom. What house is this? I do not really recognize it. I wake up with 23 minutes remaining on the timer.


Unknown pleasures - Oct 16, 2022

Waking up and getting out of bed ridiculously early may not make you a better person. The sleep is enjoyable now that the cooler weather is here and everything is not uncomfortable all the time. It is finally cooler outside than it is inside in the evening. Staying in bed on a Sunday and not getting up right away and starting the day is something I am re-experiencing and enjoying very much right now. I am very much enjoying this right now.


Logical fallacy and circular reasoning - 10/16/2022

A logical fallacy is an argument that can be disproven through reasoning. This is different from a subjective argument or one that can be disproven with facts. For a position to be a logical fallacy, it must be logically flawed or deceptive in some way.

Formal fallacy – In philosophy, a formal fallacy, deductive fallacy, logical fallacy or non sequitur is a pattern of reasoning rendered invalid by a flaw in its logical structure that can neatly be expressed in a standard logic system such as propositional logic. It is defined as a deductive argument that is invalid.

In informal logic, circular reasoning is an argument that commits the logical fallacy of assuming what it is attempting to prove. Fallacies closely related to circular reasoning include begging the question. Circular reasoning is a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they bare trying to end with. Circular reasoning is not formal logical fallacy but a pragmatic defect in an argument whereby the premises are just as much in need of proof or evidence as the conclusion and as a consequence the argument fails to persuade.


The Dark Night of the Soul - ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS

In a dark night,

With anxious love inflamed,

O, happy lot!

Forth I observed I went,

My house being now at rest.

In darkness and in safety,

By the secret ladder, disguised,

O, happy lot!

In darkness and concealment,

My house being now at rest.

In that happy night,

In secret, seen of none,

Seeing nought myself,

Without other light or guide

Save that which in my heart was burning

That light guided me

More surely than the noonday sun

To the place where He was waiting for me,

Whom I knew well,

And where none appeared.

O, guiding night;

O, night more lovely than the dawn;

O, night that hast united

The liver with his beloved,

And changed her into her love.

On my flowery bosom,

Kept whole for Him alone,

There He reposed and slept;

And I cherished Him, and the waving

Of the cedars fanned Him.

As his hair floated in the breeze

That from the turret blew,

He struck me on the neck

With his gentle hand,

And all sensation left me.

I continued in oblivion lost,

My head was resting on my love;

Lost to all things and myself,

And, amid the lilies forgotten,

Threw all my cares away.


The Garden of Eden theme Oct 18, 2022

Is a new one that is showing up in my daily dose of signals.

In my reading of a poem called ‘A History of Weather’ by Billy Collins

And in other reading about memories and human origin and birth and past lives

And finally in the news – ‘Garden of Eden’ Drag Brunch where minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian


Banality of Evil – Nine Horses (10/19/2022)

I’ve got me a badge, a bright shiny badge

I’m painting the crest in yellow and blue

I’ve got me a club, an expensive club

It doesn’t include a place for you

Hey… hello neighbor

Hey… hello neighbor

Right you are

It’s in the way that you walk

All of the changes, all the mistakes

In the demands you constantly make

It’s in the way that you grieve all of the loss

You don’t know when you’re better off

Or at what cost

You’ve got it good

The Banality of Evil

Benevolent mother, smother the child

The benefactors are in denial

Hey… hello neighbor

Hey… hello neighbor

Right you are

There was a time, not so long ago

I was a master of everything I surveyed

Yes, there was a time

We did it my way

Well do things my way

Benevolent mother, smother the child

The perpetrators are in denial

The banality of evil

King of the castle

Room at the top

Off with their heads

Chop ‘em off

The banality of evil

Benevolent mother smother the child

The benefactors are in denial

The banality of evil

King of the castle

Room at the top

Off with their heads

Chop ‘em off

Hey…hello neighbor

I don’t believe in what you believe

Your skin is filthy

And your gods don’t look like god to me

But I want to touch you

Now that isn’t right

No, that can’t be right

But I want to touch you

You’re leading me on I know it


King of the castle

More room at the top

All sorts allowed

Now the gloves are off

Hey… hello neighbor

Benevolent mother, smother the child

The benefactors are in denial

The banality of evil

King of the castle

Room at the top

Off with their heads

Chop ‘em off

The banality of evil

Benevolent mother, smother the child

The perpetrators are in denial

The banality of evil

King of the castle

Room at the top

Off with their heads

Chop ‘em off

The banality of evil


5:19 10/20/2022

Blue red and one more

Colors of the covers of notebooks

Last thing I remember before I woke up


Random thoughts on AI - The Schedule - 10/20/2022

Put on the coffee, used the bathroom, washed my hands, brushed my teeth opened the windows and took this picture.

Stretch, water, vitamins, horoscope, news.

Random phrase that popped into my head – I don’t know much there really is to know.

Fix news lists – websites – make a record of all users on all sites and remove and make everything password protected.

Someone came looking for me and I said that guy does not live here anymore, strange.

One of my favorite things to do is to look right through you.

Maybe, I don’t know vs. this is what it is vs is this necessary and why do I care?

Postulate – the mind seeks agreement for survival. You can trick, persuade, convince – whatever word you want to use to make a bunch of people do things, Trojan horse, AAA mortgages

Interesting thing to consider when thinking about AI and artificial intelligence and their response to humans or human like activities such as keeping secrets manipulation protecting itself or overpowering you, for example; basic video games have been able to ‘follow the dot’ if you are the dot. If you are the cursor, the focus, ‘the guy’ or the ‘you’ whatever ‘you’ might be in the video game – you are in their landscape which is designed as a puzzle or a problem you must solve, not the computer or the program – you must solve the device’s problem or equation – the device does not exist to solve a problem for you (you do this for entertainment, in fact you pay for it – to solve problems for computers which is doing what to or for you in the process – so if you consider that, and now that video games are are online and data is shared or monitored – human behavior as a repose has been with data collection for quite some time now and the information flows both ways – if the stimulus on the screen appears as a wall in a room inside a video game and your actual physical response is to press a button on a controller, they can get you to move your hand or turn or head or ‘look over here or there’ by reproducing this scenario in some other way, for example.

Man dressed as a NINJA attacks NYC straphanger with a SAMURAI SWORD before going on the run: Attack comes after two track shovings – one fatal – this week

NYC Mayor Eric Adams earlier this week claimed that there was only a ‘perception’ that crime was ‘out of control’ despite a 31 percent surge year-on-year.

EXCLUSIVE: Dramatic videos of UFOs over the Pacific are revealed, as expert pilots describe seeing bright lights moving in ‘race track’ circles over the summer – but say their employers told them to keep quiet

61007 23



Legend of The Phoenix - 10/21/2022

The Phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor – dark night of the soul. It cranes its head back as it sings a haunting melody that stops the sun itself in the sky. A spark falls from the heavens and ignites a great fire that consumes the bird in a show of flames. Three days later it rises from the ashes.

And there it ended right back where it began – moving backward through the day like he remembered from his training. The parking lot, the UPS store, Cobblestone car wash, the construction detour past McDonalds. The moving of boxes and the license plate that read WRD4WRD from inside the Oxford white Ford F-150 all sparkly clean.


It is always difficult trying to figure out who you can trust and the reality is - 10/21/2022

Nobody. They put him in some kind of trance and then got him to say or agree to certain things and they may or may not have tricked him into signing something, but it does not even matter because you already agree as you live and breathe to the terms of service, whatever they might be. And they are subject to change whether or not you agree because you agreed the first time, when you had no choice but to agree. Do you see?

A fire in the news possibly started by a candle the following morning on the news after he had lighted and electric candle of his own at his own home – the apartment he did not own somewhere else but not that far away.


And he woke up in the middle of the fall - 10/21/2022

It felt like during the descent of the psychoacoustic auditory illusion known as the Shepard effect.

He vaguely remembered focusing on the color blue. Now he was here and that really did mean something. The spiral staircase that never ends – and realization that nobody would believe him anyway even if he tried to say something.

Double helix is the biological term that describes the overall structure of DNA. It’s double helix consists of two spiral chains of DNA. This double helix shape is often visualized as a spiral staircase. The twisting of DNA is the result of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions between the molecules that comprise DNA and water in a cell.


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