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The Schedule - Day 6

Schedule Day 6


Throughout my entire life I have had trouble with moderation and balance. I seem to either be not working hard and fast enough or working too hard and fast and not really mastering the art that I have seen some people seem to take hold of which is to be able to try and enjoy life and live in the moment.

Some of the advice I have received ranges from ‘don’t take yourself so seriously’ to ‘work harder, not smarter’ and these are probably good tidbits of advice.

A brief summary of my experiences over the last few days as I have been writing this and participating in this process I am calling ‘The Schedule.’

My brain has very big ideas. I have always been like this. If I can wrap my arms around even a good portion of this I will be doing something really important to me. I experienced a brain overload and mental stress yesterday which is entirely self-induced. I think it would be better to go through a brief period of exhaustion while actually doing the work instead of being overwhelmed just thinking about it. The excitement and the ambition, for me, starts with an idea I get, that I think is a good one, and that I think I understand enough to pursue.

A lot of the discovery phase of what you are capable of doing is realized throughout the act of doing it. Planning is good and I know that because I have been on the other side that just takes action without any real plan and goes right to the thing only to learn about other considerations later.

The reason I include this here is because The Schedule is a process. You control this process.

Many people feel like they have no control over their lives as the options for processes that used to be available to us have been diminished or eliminated altogether by the man-made constructs driven by technology.

This section is intended to be positive and forward-thinking which is why I merely mentioned and will not entertain the depths of the doom and gloom through further examination of some of these less than positive ideas. However, it is important to acknowledge that they exist.

There is a pattern developing in news, entertainment and professional media around the idea of AI integration with technology. I mentioned the idea of this briefly in the previous section because the idea of this will soon be integrated with a much larger process that affects all of our daily lives. I will mention a few items I recently came across here and you can arrive at your own conclusion as to the overall theme.



Motivation and inspiration

The feeling I get that coincides with a really good idea. Understanding or thinking I understand how it could work is an interesting thing. Brain chemistry? I do not know. If you can get excited about an idea and it makes you feel good, can you produce dopamine with your thoughts? I don’t know. I am drifting off track.

I feel good when I get a really good idea. I feel even better when I think I understand or at least can try to visualize what it is and how it could work. Idea, inspiration, motivation, innovation.

Innovation in industry happens in cycles and we are not excluded from these cyclical occurrences.

Some some the experience of this moment in the circular process goes something like this: you have a great idea and you know how to use the technology to do something because you have done it before. This may be as easy as putting together all of the elements needed to create a platform for your idea and see what you can do with it.

Well, now there are parameters surrounding the access to certain tools and the permission that are granted as part of the process for how things work during what some are referring to as the great reset and the new normal.


I caught an episode of XPLORATION STATION wherein one of the topics discussed was deep fake technology and its potential uses. I turned on the television and an episode of this show just happened to be broadcasting at that time and it looked interesting so I left it on.

As the application and potential uses of deep fake technology are discussed, the downsides seem to far outweigh the upsides of this technology if the application falls into the wrong hands which is why the suggestion is that this technology should only be available to a select few with limited access… in order to, what, protect you?

Who are the people with access? What are they doing with it? What was the original purpose of this technology as the upsides seem minuscule compared tp the potential downsides. Yes, there are many great things one could do with this technology for which limited access is granted to a select few who have your best interests in mind.

As the discussion addresses the items I mentioned above it might be curious to some to consider what the purpose off this technology was intended to do in the first place.


NOW, for individuals in society innovation is reaching a plateau for the moment. But innovation within the technological landscape has transcended into the stratosphere.

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