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The Schedule - Day 47

The Schedule - Day 47


Data Storage Wars - There is a large amount of new data being produced by generative AI. Will the data storage infrastructure be able to keep up with the demand?

These are rhetorical questions. Food for thought.

Generative AI is an amazing and powerful tool. This technology, even in some of its more basic forms, is nothing short of a miracle even in its infancy. Public adoption at such a rapid pace reflects obvious demand for such amazing tools, but what could be the result (consequences) of this open source experiment being conducted in real-time?

What assets were used during the training? What happens when the massive amount of data storage needed to store all of these new assets can’t keep up with the exponential growth of new data?

Whose data stays and whose data goes? Whose data gets overwritten or ‘bumped’ and how much are you willing to pay for cloud storage once you have all of your data in that space, the price goes up and the external hard drive goes the way of the printer?

There are many considerations when it comes to attributing proof of authorship. What about possession of original works in digital format that may or may not have been used to train a generative AI with or without an artist’s knowledge? What happens when new versions of other people’s stuff ends up in the massive collective of new information?

Generation of re-generated material, and so on?

These tools are amazing.

The great global data storage crisis: Scientists warn there is not enough space to handle the 300% increase of information set for 2025


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