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The Schedule - Day 42

The Schedule - Day 42


She was completely unaffected when the top of the ice cream cone fell onto the warm mid-summer pavement. Interesting creature.

There is no jury in the wilderness. There is no judgement when observing nature. The nature of things they argue about in front of a television streaming a beautifully produced piece about a wild animal chasing a herd.

These outcomes are decided before the action even takes place. Nobody knows what that outcome will be except for those who have already planned how it will play out. These are decisions, not trials. Trials are for the audience. They are there to make them believe that there is a system of where the right side of history will prevail.

Maggie knew there was no way she was going down for this. But aside from assuring herself that she was too far removed to be found guilty of any crime, it did not look good for the company. Her bonus was in jeopardy and players at this level were judged more on other things, like her ability to get out of the much tougher perception of the court of public opinion.

She was thoughtful but tried her best display of quiet indifference in front of her husband and son who was laying on the floor in front of the television watching the wild kingdom in action. Her husband looked at her and tried to match her controlled manner front of Atticus. There was no need to let him believe anything other than the correct version of the truth despite the dueling portrays in the media.

Their son attended schools where higher income individuals also enrolled their children, so it was not a problem for him at school. Many of the parents were even investors in the company Maggie worked for and in one way or another, a major company such as hers found its way into many portfolios managed by financial advisors across the board.

There are always angles that are played and there are some who wold love to see a successful woman fail.

The massive security breach ended sharply when the exposed client data affected not the average account of a retirement hopeful, but of some of the richest people who held accounts there. THAT was the problem. Many times exposed data does not result in account client information being used in nefarious ways. This time, the people you are not allowed to piss off were pissed.

“We brought you home a filet. Your favorite,” he said knowing she had probably already eaten during one of many meetings with lawyers lately.

“Thanks,” she said. “Time for bed, Atty,” she said to her son who was aware of tension lately as much as his parents tried to pretend that everything was fine. Atticus gave him mom a hug on the way to his room, pressing his head firm to her torso. Her hands fell around him like one of those statues on display in a church.

She sat down next to her husband in front of the TV. He picked up the remote to change the program and she stopped him and muted the audio instead.

He placed his hand on top of hers, resting it now in her lap. She was quiet, stoic. Her gaze fixed on the nature program. He knew it was better to not say anything and as she was not much of a talker, he figured he would find out what else she wasn’t saying if the time came at the trial.

This sort of calm was not like her. It felt like the eye of a storm. He restitution in or out of the courtroom would not be a typical maneuver. There were other forces at play. Even though it may have been a low level assistant who exposed the risk to the company, it was still under her watch and a security breach like this would have been difficult to go unnoticed. He didn’t like seeing her worried. The thought of him considering that word to describe her state might set her off. The silent tension and the space between them would remain for now.

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