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The Schedule - Day 4

Schedule Day 4


Another beautiful sunrise. Horoscope, coffee and the morning news. Yesterday was a combination of the previous two days before it.

Breathe in and breathe out. Erase your mind of all negative thoughts. Count to ten until they go away. Follow the path to enlightenment and keep your mind free and clear.

Make space for what you want and need to do. Literal, metaphorical - whatever you need to do to act out the things you desire to be and create the person you would like to become.

I like the sound of some of the things I wrote above. I believe that there is a collection of things that have become popular signaling devices that echo thoughts and intentions possibly in an effort to send a signal to others.

This is more of a personal discovery that starts with seeing a reflection of the light within you and visualizing it illuminating the structure where you exist.

I do not wish to include a list of cliches but some of them have found their way in.

Below are two short passages I wrote after feeling inspired.


Everything around you and all the eyes upon you flips back onto the blank pages of your imagination.

What you are, who you want to become and what you seek.


Blank Pages - Empty Sheets

Blank pages

Do they inspire you or terrify you?

Are they blank or empty?


The same

Inspiration or desperation?

I look at this and think wow this is amazing I can do anything with this.


As I try to describe a process that I believe you can only really understand by participating in the experience of the process - by doing; I hesitate to get too specific when it comes to addressing another process in play. The Schedule is a process that seeks to connect the individual with a state of mind that is their own being. The other process in play is driven by technology.

The phrase ‘There is a War for Your Mind’ is only mentioned here to acknowledge that the existence of the phrase exists. Consider that your mind must be very important if there is a war being waged over it.

There is a process we all have to follow that is driven by technology. AI is becoming integrated with the technological landscape. There is a machine learning process that transforms the the use of technology from a static transactional function to a behavioral process.

We are already conditioned to adapt to a process that is driven by technology. The technological process now involves implementing conditional behavior. Humans are becoming more robotic and robots and becoming more human. What kind of people will they become?

When you think about your relationship with technology and how technology is evolving, you start to realize that you are also evolving along with the machines to adapt to a conditional process.

Breaking point or some kind of grand clash?

In a hypothetical showdown with technology, you will lose.

Some people express the notion that something doesn’t seem right but they can’t really explain it or define what it is. No amount of courage can change the truth. There are certain things you just have to accept as the way they are.

It may help to think about this process I call ‘The Schedule’ as an exercise in looking at yourself as the main character within a simulation you refer to as your reality.

The experience of doing this is very powerful if you get out of it what I got out of it and I hope you do.

I include some of these short passages and explanations as a way of offering different explanations for the same thing as one description of a perspective may hit a chord with you in a way that the other descriptions and explanations have not.

Having said that, don’t think too much about it or what it is that you are doing when you first start doing it. I overthink things and sometimes find myself getting in my own way. Participating in this process has allowed me to look at myself and see what it is that I am doing and get a better idea of what is actually happening throughout my day. I started actually doing better things without even thinking about is because I started to write down and incorporate my goals into my daily routine just by thinking about it because I was writing it down. This may sound strange, but try it and see what you get.

When I had the idea to first start doing this, I thought I would come up with a plan for a daily routine to be more productive and goal oriented by ‘cleaning house’ and reviewing what I was doing and what I needed to change. I somehow got the idea into my head that 10 days seemed like a reasonable amount of time for me to do a literal housecleaning and come up with a plan for better lifestyle. The initial plan was to clean, organize and keep track of how I was spending my time throughout the day and to just start doing better and more productive things because every day was just a repeat of the day before and nothing was happening and I could not figure out why or what it was that I was doing or not doing and so I just started by asking myself the question; what am I doing? This is when I started the process of writing things down and really thinking about how much time I spend and on what throughout the day. In some ways I was left with more questions than answers.

At the beginning of this section I mentioned an evolutionary process involving social engineering driven by technology. Whether you agree with it or not, it is happening and you will adjust to it.

‘The Schedule’ is also a process. It is the exercise of learning to observe your own behavior as a human being.

The process I call ‘The Schedule’ involves the simple task of writing down what you do throughout the day in one hour intervals.

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