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The Schedule - Day 37

The Schedule - Day 37


Throughout the process of documenting how I spend my time, I can say that I am never bored. The Schedule, my process, I believe can be described as a method of incorporating the pursuit of goals into a lifestyle.

This is a solo project. ‘Game changer’ is the new buzzword. In some ways it it.

I am not going to beg for a job I do not even want and cannot afford to take. I believe people are starting to get an idea of what that means with ChatGPT. There were a lot of things I was afraid to say about this topic, but I just read an article in a major publication citing some of the concerns I thought were off limits, so maybe it is OK to have an opinion on the matter as long as you are not criticizing.

The capabilities of AI technology are amazing. People have been trained over the last two decades to be stupid. ChatGPT is a technology that answers a question when asked. That is exactly what Google did 20 years ago. Actually, you had to type keywords into Google properly to produce a desired result, NOT ask it a question. I believe that is the trick when it comes to harnessing the power of ChetGPT. But I digress.

I agree with Andy Wadsworth, director at IT recruitment firm The Bridge, who said, “there will be winners and losers and, no doubt, some jobs will be replaced by AI, but it will be those companies and individuals who learn to use generative AI and adapt to this brave new world that will be the winners.”

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