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The Schedule - Day 35

The Schedule - Day 35


Blessed with magic. The converse and the observer.

When every decision is critical. The curse of over contemplation. Thinking about how if I would have opted for the notebook first instead of the laptop, I would have started writing at 4:23 instead of 4:24 and now that has made its way onto these pages.

It is an amazing thing indeed, where the day can take you. I took a break on this lovely Saturday afternoon to take a walk and I happened upon an unexpected festival in the streets. I saw barricades and smelled horse manure.

In this simulation I see a lot of good things - beautiful day, art in the streets. A local group of artists were selling admission to maybe a couple dozen tents filled with local talent for $5. I saw some things I really liked from my free spot on the other side of one of the barricades. Small price to pay to keep out the riff raff. They can’t have people like me just walking in there for free, not buying anything.

I saw a good-looking woman standing next to a tent with some pieces I liked from my vantage point. Large canvasses in light pastel colors, maybe 3 x 5 feet.

I thought of something after I returned. I don’t know what made me think of it. I just remembered what made me think of it.

I saw a famous musician at the golf course a couple years ago. I did not know it was him at the time. He asked me a question and I answered him rudely because I was mad about something at the time. You are where you are from.

I walked into a local gift shop. I thought I remember they used to have a lot of really cool pieces for sale. Items with purpose. Stuff that looked like pieces people would want to buy. Everything in there looked like it belonged to someone and it would look great in there place. Not any more.

I walked into the greatest art gallery I have ever seen. They did not charge a $5 admission. They had a rope at the entrance though and yea, they should have and I was not surprised that they had a bunch of people walking around making sure nobody was touching anything. Pleasant people though.

No Bored Ape NFTs though. Just physical art created by artists. Upon entering they ask that everyone keep their phones in their pockets. But on the way out they asked that you leave a review on an iPad. I said ‘5 Stars’ but I didn’t leave a review and collecting reviews for such an amazing gallery, I mean TRULY amazing with priceless works of art seems trivial. What is somebody going to say? “I don’t like the work of these great artists.” All the big names. Could that be possible? And what would someone say if there were a negative review and who would care? These are one-of-a-kind works. It is not like there are any more of them. Yea, they are not on the blockchain. What is the blockchain again?

A couple of the people working there asked me which pieces I liked. Nothing had a price tag and I could not afford any of it. The people working there seemed nice enough. I felt really bad, but I meant what I said that ‘these two things don’t go together’ meaning the ‘tap, tap, tap’ nonsense and truly great art.

It was the musician who I saw at the golf course who lives in the area who found that he had a Warhol and maybe some other pieces and donated them to this place. And maybe, again, it was me who was rude to a guy just asking for a review. But this time the things were related. I wasn’t a customer, but they didn’t ask for $5 either and I could have just given them a review along with my e-mail address. I contemplate too much and I was much happier being unknowingly ignorant and self-confident with whatever flowed from my mouth like steam on a cold winter day.

And the moon is a full and pretty one. Framed above the tree and between those two clouds.

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