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The Schedule - Day 33

The Schedule - Day 33


I will introduce a couple new things.

I do not know if there is anything behind this, but the last couple times I found myself in a very foul mood I took a nap until that feeling of sleep was able to bathe my brain if only for a little while and I felt much better. It is almost as if it reset or rebalanced me.

I have written about framing the day upon waking. I believe this is very important. Waking up in a bad mood I will consider to be the result of an inability to solve a problem during sleep. I had heard it described that we sometimes try to solve problems in our sleep.

Framing the day - thinking about the four corners of a literal frame and measuring gratitude and mood relative to what you have and what you think you ‘deserve.’

I have to do a better job of gaining perspective. My world view is terrible lately. I write fiction and even though this seems like non-fiction because it fits in with the relatable perception of ‘reality’ for most people, I do believe in the customized feeds of information that we are privy to. We have known for decades that our primary go to source for information, Google, customizes search results tailored to the user. This is accepted as a helpful ‘feature’ that is also very generous in the way of - it must not have been easy to create such a helpful super secret algorithm instead of people learning which keywords to use to generate a response that granted every user equal access to the same information.

The assets that current modern technology has been trained on for decades are you.


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