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The Schedule - Day 30

The Schedule - Day 30


Quiet Quitting, Big Tech Layoffs and The Great Resignation

What does it all mean?

'The Alternate Reality Phenomenon - Career Opportunities in anything not affected by AI'

All we know for sure is that there is massive unemployment that is necessary to deal with inflation. This must be what they were talking about when they said 'this' needs to happen in order for... now you are here.

What's next? Is AI doing the jobs that Americans don't want to do? Or will they just start doing the jobs that Americans are not currently doing?

If I were a customer service person I would be terrified right now. Whether or not you are just following the process as you are told to do is as irrelevant. This thing can answer a question directly when asked a direct question. Maybe, just maybe, the very f'd up process by which your company operates - MAY be the only thing currently saving you. The elimination of several of the process steps designed to inflate and pad the infrastructure are now no longer needed, along with your lack of personal engagement and liability, of course.

I recently caught a local news piece about the increasing number of first time homeless people in their 50s. Then I caught another one about the Great Resignation and still another about companies who cannot find good workers. For the last group, maybe look at who is establishing the guidelines for hiring demographics. We all know where the stop gaps are and they are put there by design. You are not offering to pay people enough who are worth employing.

If you are wondering what 'we' are going to do about this, the answer is 'nothing.' Nobody asked us and nobody cares. And I am speaking to EACH group affected by all of this. I am dying to have a discussion about this with other people who see where this is headed, but I have also been writing a lot about my concerns that there are an increasing number of things we are not allowed to talk about. That makes it kind of difficult.

People are quitting their jobs and doing what, exactly?

Many tech people just lost their jobs. You know, the tech people who laughed and told people in other industries where the workforce collapsed to 'learn how to code.'

What do you tell the people who did spend the time and money learning how to code who are just too far behind to ever catch up in an industry that is now over-saturated?

A recent article in Forbes cited the median level of experience of the 150,000 recently laid off tech workers is 11.5 years. These are not junior employees. Maybe you newbies can hang around a little longer, but don't expect long-term wage compensation to follow.

The process of exponential growth in this amazing new frontier of AI technology will continue into the stratosphere as the need for human population growth in the workforce will disappear and there will be a lot of people left in abeyance.

When a technology can produce the output of 10 people and it is good enough most of the time, that is the business model we have become accustomed to as people who have tolerated intolerable levels of service and product performance for years. Now you are here.

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