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The Schedule - Day 3

The Schedule - Day Three


Review Day 1 and Day 2

My goal is to examine how I spend my time and create a schedule that allows me to be more productive and spend more time working toward my goals. This process involves creating an outline of my day by simply writing down what I already do at the end of every hour.

I am not changing anything at this time. I am just documenting the things I already do each and every day.

On day 1 and day 2 I documented documenting this process.

You will see how the repetition of this process reveals certain things about your behavior and and causes you to make changes along the way without even thinking about it.

My experience of going through this process is going to be different than everyone else’s. My daily routine currently involves writing ‘The Schedule’ as I go through this process. Nobody has to know what it is you are doing when you write down what you did at the end of every hour.

Being honest about what it is you do throughout the day is an interesting exercise that I believe subconsciously gets you to start thinking about how what you are actually doing compares to how you present yourself to everyone else and whether or not all of the tasks involved with your daily routine are necessary.

Think about a schedule and what it is from the perspective of most people. It is a ‘to do’ list - A list of things that you think you have to do, and some of those things you do have to do and some of them may be choices you make instead of things you have to do. Do you ‘have to’ or do you ‘get’ to?

One of several pleasant surprises I experienced while participating in this process, that is a personal exercise in revealing mindful self-awareness, is the act of writing down what it is that you are doing starts to make you want to start to write down better and better things without even knowing it.

Some people talk about ‘manifesting’ things. But the act of manifestation itself is a conscious act. What I am talking about is a positive change in behavior that evolves simply through that act of writing down what you are doing.

There is a theory that goes something like this - the act of observing something changes its behavior. Maybe there is something to that as you are documenting and observing your own behavior while you are following this process of writing down what you did at the end of every hour.

At the end of your next hour, you can write down that you read this and feel free to think about the idea that you can write whatever you want at the end of the next hour, but for now you are here.

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