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The Schedule - Day 29

The Schedule - Day 29


Got up at 6:30 this morning. Slowing down and doing fewer tasks may result in higher quality output.

I woke up to a day beautifully framed. I am making progress. I always want to do more and move faster. That is just not the way things work anymore, if they work at all.

My favorite things to do are read and write and I get to do that every day.

With everything they can do, they can certainly do this.

There is an increasing number of things you are not allowed to talk about. Not concerning the things people do not want you to say about the people for whom there are no rules or laws who walk among us. But about the other things -

The people who have rigged the game are experiencing something they surprisingly did not expect. Not the people ‘way up there.’ They will never fear or care. I am referring to the people who were unaware that the conveyer belt of their continued success empties into the same troughs as those they were deployed to do whatever it is that you call what they do to them. What do you see as your purpose becomes clear?

There was more written today than is here. There always is. This is all for now.

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