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The Schedule - Day 288

The Schedule - Day 288


Maria Bartoromo with HRH Reza Pahlavi, Exile Crown Price of Iran. Keywords: eye of the octopus, either you are with me you are against me.

1.5 Million got aways under Biden.

Marco Rubio wants to cut federal student aid to schools that allow pro-Palestine protests. Federal financial student aid for education has been weaponized as graduates are selected and rejected based on many other qualifiers other than equal opportunity or merit. The debt is used to control and use as a punishment against those who think equal opportunity exists in the workforce after they graduate and this somehow escapes students even though many of these universities now make students sign a DEI pledge upon acceptance.

As for the protests, the school can say, 'we do not condone,' but of course, that does not absolve them of liability as student groups are sanctioned on campus when recruiting using posters or ads. Those materials need to be approved by someone at the school. They can approve it, but not condone it? What about the groups that are denied the right to assemble? They are not approved or condoned.

Anti-semitic protests on college campuses organized through social media emulates the 'chatter' and other markers referred to by security officials when speaking about 'domestic terrorism.' These kids are not thinking and do not understand what they are doing as they recite the carefully crafted semantics that the authors intended to ride right up against that line of offending as many people as possible without 'technically' condoning terrorism, but that is quite a stretch. it is shocking to see how proud they are of themselves and makes the targets of their offenses wonder how these students stand to benefit from this and how they could so emotional specifically about this unfortunate conflict.

Timing - It is safe to say that these kids started showing support for the cause immediately after the attack on Israel and picked up their phones during the response to the attack. See article at link above.

The on again off again toggle switch momentum with which these groups can be manipulated is a little disturbing. They are not very anti-fragile at all it turns out when they are defending themselves from Israel by attacking people who oppose terrorism,. Their attempt to victimize themselves on behalf of people they really do not know is where this is going to fall apart, unfortunately for them.

These kids needs to be educated about this topic on a level a little deeper than the talking points they were trained to recite. Half the population of Gaza is 18 or under. In place with 2 million people, 1 million are children. Ask these students how they think that happened. I think that they should organize a field trip to go to Gaza and see for themselves what it is like so they can report back to the United States in defense of their cause since they are 'schooling' everyone on the rights of the Palestinian people.

You are not really pro-Palestine, you are just anti-opposition whatever. In that way you play into the hands of the people purposely dividing everyone. While these little stunts may make you feel like you won a short-sighted victory of some kind, although it is strange for many people to consider how that can be; this time will be different as it has been widely reported that people who are on terror watchlists have entered this country illegally across the southern border and even more shocking is that while that is 'known' their whereabouts are currently not, or at least as far as the media is reporting. One would think that a 'capture' of one or more of these individuals at a time like this would be a much welcomed event in light of the low confidence in our nation's security apparatus since is has been adapted and 'cored' out, if you will, to accommodate crime in a more equitable manner while focusing resources on 'white nationalists.' "White nationalists' who oppose the terrorists you stand alongside.

The world shut down in 2020, but the Great Reset has been in the making for a long time. The last several elections were probably rigged for this purpose. Now you are here.

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