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The Schedule - Day 286

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

The Schedule - Day 286


Martha McCallum had a guest on The Story from Israel who said they (Israel) is attacking Hamas for you (America) because the terrorists are coming to America next. The optics of this segment was shocking. As Fox News is running a fundraising campaign for Israel, this representative seemed to use the Fox News mouthpiece to inflame pro-Palestine protests in America.


There are three different versions of this story circulating - 1. Civilians in Hamas are being evacuated. 2. Hamas is not allowing civilians to leave. 3. Civilians want to stay.

Blinken speaks about creating 'safe zones' in Israel alongside Qatari PM. Not in America.

How many lone wolf attacks there will be across the world today?

strike zone

If Israel believes what they believe, they would be asking these people to leave. Now is your chance. Why would you want them to leave unless you want to make sure that the attacks against you continue.

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