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The Schedule - Day 28

The Schedule - Day 28


A schedule rebalancing is in order. I woke up at the time the alarm was set for this morning in contrast to what I have been doing which was moving me along. I avoided most of the day. I did get up early and work for a few hours but spent a lot of time not doing.

When I tried to sleep for a little while it did not work at first. Then, I was under. When I started to stir I had that feeling you get when you have slept and that chemical that is released is still swimming around in your brain. Whatever it is that is released when you sleep. That seemed to rebalance me and wash some of those negative feelings I had before resting away.

It does not do any good to wake up at the specified time if it is not going to be productive. Getting up early was actually less productive for me today. Reevaluate.

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