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The Schedule - Day 26

The Schedule - Day 26


For today’s post - I realized I may have to change up the schedule format. New approach - take on fewer tasks throughout the day in order to make more significant progress with each task. Spending a limited amount of time on multiple things per day is not working for me at this time. Maybe I can revisit that when this thing has momentum. I am still going. As I said on another day recently, this is a mammoth project and there are a lot of moving parts. Figuring out how to put into motion a very large machine takes time and planning. Like when you see someone moving very large cargo down a highway. There are people in front and behind and it takes an approach from a few different angles to not only get things going but to keep them moving. Trying to make more significant progress on each individual area may be a better approach for now. Adjust.

I am withholding some of the documentation of today’s process as many of the observations involve considerable negativity. Today’s solutions came more easily for the things I can control once I was able to consider trying to deal with the situation in a new way. I still maintain that there are two separate things now that one need consider when trying to go about the process of accomplishing a task - 1) What is it you are trying to do? 2) Dealing with the process of an overly complicated explanation instead of starting with the simplicity of the straight line being the shortest distance between two points and then maybe observing more of the other stuff after you know how to get where you are going. As opposed to turning everything into a multi-volume, multiple day experience mostly involving things that don’t apply to most people.

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