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The Schedule - Day 25

The Schedule - Day 25


Start writing about what I am doing. All of the trials and tribulations.

To harness the idea of being in love with the process of the relentless and never-ending pursuit.

For every day to be the challenge of being your own character on the screen, framing the day, setting the stage and the relentless pursuit of achieving your goals in the face of adversity.

What is it about my brain that it locks up when faced with certain tasks. The ones it does not understand. Kicking and screaming and incurably boring or unnecessarily complicated. Yes. That is it. Taking the time to figure out something I already know how to do because there is a new process for it. It is important to remember to be mindful and stop complaining while we slow down and redo and repeat things because someone else decided to ‘make it better.’ It is not a bug. It is a feature. An upgrade that comes with less options and flexibility and more steps added unnecessarily to ‘improve' the process.

I am not complaining. I am observing. Isn’t that what one does during the process of trying to understand something? And not pointing out the obvious flaws that are so obvious that they must be intentional. Which would mean that to question them would be some kind of crime suggesting non-compliance.

Seriously, the dumber things get and the more hopeless things may seem, the more some of us are encouraged by the idea that we will be completely justified when we finally lose it. Ha ha.

Frame the day upon waking. Attempt to remember any remnants of dreams. Acknowledge the sunrise. Focus on the reflection of the light emanating from you and watch it illuminate the tree. Take what you get because you love what you do. See who you are and they will see the reflection of you.


A you, B you, C you.

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