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The Schedule - Day 24

  • What if I said I can try to understand what it feels like to be you and be with you?

I do not know what the reason is for the mass exodus from the workforce. All I know about it is what I read. There are several topics that seem to trend in the news that I do not believe the explanations for.

Does the problem really exist or is it just showing up in my feed?

What do they attribute this to? The reasons given have been decided upon by whom? I do not see anyone actually asking people why they are doing this and we all know that polling is not really a reliable thing anymore. Polling is a marketing stunt.

Frame a series of carefully worded questions in a CERTAIN ORDER AND YOU CAN PRODUCE ANY RESULT THAT YOU DESIRE BEFORE THE POLLING EVEN TAKES PLACE. The information actually gathered is an afterthought because the ‘loaded survey’ was designed to produce the desired response in advance through the use of cleverly structured language.

We could do great things together said the frog to the scorpion. But it is just not to be because it is not in their nature. People more than ever resemble animals and it will get worse before it gets better.

Write down what you do at the end of every hour. If it is the only thing you can do to know that you lived and did something on that day within your simulation, do it. It may resemble a list of tings that do not work for some reason or another and it may resemble a series of steps in a process that you have absolutely no control over… and if I have to remember one more password

…one password away from being able to go about the day. I cannot do anything else without checking in with the technological gatekeepers who are there in the matrix opening and closing digital doors allowing or preventing you from passing through. You give the one with the lowest value one thing to do after you have taken everything else away from that person and they will press that button like an addict attached to a morphine drip as if their life depended on it. Access denied? Why? Because it is their job to deny you access. And THAT is their next hit. They have been reduced to this and this is the only purpose that they have. Feel sorry are them? I think there is a word for that somewhere when the hostage starts to identify with their kidnappers.

I used to incorrectly think that these people are stupid and they are not. They are the ones seeming to live normal lives even though they are not happy because their existence is to be a slave. They can still pretend. And when they say you should not be angry with the individual it is the same as saying that you should not be angry with the soldier who is just doing his job. No. The path of corruption is lined with people who were just doing what they were told. By the way, why is there a person in this position at anyway? A machine can certainly do this. They collect and verify your persona information, but a machine can do that as well. One thing is for sure, they are certainly not there to help you.

I do well in isolation for long periods of time. Many do not.

Beautiful sunrise this morning 7:30AM

Every condition I have will be met since I am receiving nothing from any of the concessions.

I do not know what people are doing. I don’t know what they are going to do. Is doing what you are told ‘slow walking’ it or facilitating the inevitable at the expense of someone else who would not fall into lock step with the system?

Does not matter. There is a whole new wave, supposed, of new Americans who have just arrived with nothing. They will be housed and fed and apparently appear to be voluntary slaves willing to do exactly whatever they are told. They board busses and airplanes and are distributed throughout the country and then… And then what happens next? That is where the story seems to end, but isn’t that really just the beginning?


The more I learn the less I agree to concede to anything because everything becomes exponentially more ridiculous.

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