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The Schedule - Day 20

The Schedule - Day 20


Cycles -

Everything I was told is a lie and everything I learned is wrong. It may have been true at the time, but somewhere along the way someone decided we are not doing things that way anymore. If you live long enough, you may experience that cycle. People used to be able to agree that 2 + 2 = 4 and that is no longer the case. Generally travelled paths in life used to occur more naturally and we did not have all kinds of problems with many of the difficulties in society that we face today. If you are unfortunate enough to review news headlines with any regular frequency you will see that something is very wrong.

FURTHER EXAGGERATED IN THE POLITICAL THEATER SPACE ORIGINATING FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE - The news will have you believe that half the country not only wants you dead, but is actively trying to kill you (according to political advertising) and it is simply not true. Most people do not experience death threats from ever other person they come into contact with while going about their daily routines. However, there are a lot of people relocating to places citing economic as well as safety concerns in addition to other educational/environmental considerations.

Young people going through the educational system are having the experience of being taught one thing that is in direct conflict with natural perceptions of reality. A healthy functioning mind is being required to hold two contradictory thoughts simultaneously - one that the system teaches and one that is in response to their natural perceptions of reality. The educational system and learned behavioral reinforcement taught therein as part of the ‘training’ has recently produced phenomenon such as suppression of merit recognition that could be beneficial to students seeking higher education in professional fields of study. The way things work does not make sense. If you follow the directions and don’t think about what it is that you are doing (which is probably the best way to go about it) you might be able to participate. To hold two contradictory thoughts simultaneously is also the condition of a sociopath.

When people say the system is cultivating a generation of dysfunctional sociopaths, they are not far off. It is very difficult for a person to feel good about themselves knowing that what they are doing is wrong. If you agree that 2 + 2 = 3 as a young person and it grants you access to be able to do the thing you need to do to get that grade, job or whatever it is you need to do to survive, even though you know it is not true, you will do it because that is the answer required to get to the desired result. This may be ok with you at first, but refer back to the first paragraph of this section and realize that is where you will be by the time you are old enough to no longer be relevant, but still within the demographic of prime working age and a long way off from retirement.

For some of us who are two decades in and have two decades to go and have already had to reinvent ourselves a couple or a few times, this is getting to be a little bit ridiculous. But it is not going away and these cycles have gotten shorter. As a young person you have that to look forward to.

You are your own brand. Some people have feelings about that statement. Those who are critical of that idea are content in the generic section and there is nothing wrong with that. Feeling nothing and being able to coast along having found that sweet spot of a conveyer belt style experience through life is an enviable position to be in for a lot of people. You are probably not one of those people if you are reading this. Although you could be and that is why you are reading this. Either way, welcome to the club.

The process of considering your place in the universe can be a surreal exercise that is inspiring for some and terrifying for others. How much control do you really have over what you do or are required to do throughout the day? This is why you have been taking notes and writing these things down.

Do not despair. In the next section we will get into more detail; about cycles. As I stated above the frequency of cycles is changing and they are sometimes in opposition to our natural individual cycles and that is by design as we expand and adapt to some of those new requirements incrementally sometimes without even thinking about it.

Things driving your responses are speeding up while responses to actions you initiate are slowing down.

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