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The Schedule - Day 2

Schedule Day 2 - 1/2/2023

Set a timer for one hour and start the timer when you wake up in the morning.

When the timer goes off, restart it for the next hour and write down what you did during the previous hour.

NEXT - I start the coffeemaker, brush my teeth, take a shower and eat breakfast.

I wrote this on a notecard and put it next to my bed last night: You get to do this. I woke up to that phrase this this morning. You don't have to do anything. You get to do it. Morning gifts: sunrise and coffee is a good start.

At some point I stopped resetting the timer at the end of every hour yesterday afternoon. It is not a good sign when the easiest thing to do was abandoned at some point. I got off to a good start, but I got distracted and carried away by that distraction because I do not have a schedule to follow.

I distracted myself with cleaning and reorganizing - things that need to be done only because I did not deal with them properly in the first place. This is an example of how documenting what you do throughout the day reveals items for you to address as you develop a schedule for a routine that becomes a path toward achieving your personal goals. See the current routine for what it is. Follow the process of simply writing down what you already do throughout the day.

I believe that staying in the present as much as possible at this stage will help me to focus and allow me to do this exercise in real time which it what is most important - to act it out and do it instead of just reading about it and understanding the concept.

See the path, clear the path, follow the path or create a new path now that you have practiced the process of simply writing down what it is that you do throughout the day at the end of every hour.

Yesterday I woke up and started (the process of writing down the things I do throughout the day so I can create a schedule that will allow me to focus on the things that matter and make room and time for the things that are really important.

I believe the correct amount of time for doing this exercise is 10 days. We will find out.

Some of this may seem unusual, but you can always go back to your usual routine if you prefer. I believe the important part of this process is to follow the process that involves writing down what you are already doing and then briefly reviewing a summary of what you did the previous day on the following day.

7:20AM - The timer just went off. During the last hour I wrote down what I believe are important parts of this process and how to see a path, clear a path and create a new path if necessary by writing down what you do every day in one hour intervals.

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