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The Schedule - Day 19

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The Schedule - Day 19


It is amazing - the amount of steps you have to take and the processes of ensuring that all of these amazing tools supposedly designed to help you don’t screw you over. There are some people who are fully integrated with their devices. Good for them. They may have already achieved their own state of Singularity and who knows, with the ‘Health’ app on some devices and what they can do as far as the level of interaction they have with the user, maybe they can actually incorporate some good vibes into whatever it is those individuals are doing. Since you are cooperating, maybe they can deploy a soothing or numbing sensation that can level you out throughout the day allowing you to transition from one thing to the next with ease as a reward for behaving a manner consistent with surrendering all autonomy and and allowing the device to have complete control over you.

Remember, generally internet/wifi connections work in a way that is interactive in the sense that, you are not merely reaching a broadcast stream of something, there is also an upload channel component to the same feed. Information is flowing both ways in whatever pipeline you are attached to when it comes to your ‘connection.’ If they can take stuff out, they can put stuff in. Think about that with all of those things running in the background like, for example. The Health app - that you cannot remove or delete from your device.

The outline I have come up with for my schedule process appears similar to moving large quantities of snow, to use a metaphor. When there is a lot of snow and you are plowing it to clear a space, there are rows of what is left behind from the big piles you are pushing that you will return to clean up later. I have moved large amounts of snow in the direction of keeping to my daily task of documenting this process while going through it. This was my singular most important goal and I have been able to maintain it. This is a good thing because this is the focal point of the entire purpose and process by which I will examine and take control of my life and create a Schedule that will allow me to achieve my goals. The process of continuously doing it ensures that you are working toward it. If it does not seem that way at first, keep doing it. Whatever you do, keep doing it even if you cannot see it right away. Think of this as all you have. All you have is what you are doing every day which becomes what you are by creating a memory of some experience. When you finally experience your being what you are, you have arrived. You are and have become what you set out to achieve by practicing the process of becoming you.

This is so much more than a schedule, but it starts with the schedule. This is a movement and a state of mind. This is the thing that people kept talking about when they discussed the next ‘spiritual’ awakening of society. THIS is what they meant. SPIRITUAL may be the word some people use, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But it is THIS. This is the thing that you cannot describe in a way to someone who has not had the experience of doing it and going through it.

A good student can ‘learn’ or imitate key words and phrases and definitions that describe concepts demonstrating a regurgitation of information well enough to receive a passing score indicating they are familiar enough of the material presented as to reflect it back upon the instructor. White lab coat or not, you either do this or you don’t and you either practice it until you get it or you don’t.

This is it.

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