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The Schedule - Day 17

The Schedule - Day 17


To Repair or Replace? - that is the question.

Or maybe, just get rid of it completely.

Everything is ‘do it yourself.’ For some people this is easier than others. This depends on whatever parameters were used when establishing the criteria for your custom feed of information from the stream.

There are amazing DIY videos on many topics available for free at many online forums.

There are many ‘watch me do this’ demonstration videos that may or may not serve purposes related to ‘instruction.’

There are many resources claiming to be instruction videos that require you to sit through a 10 minute video hoping for 2 minutes of useful instruction that may or may not exist. I have seen several videos that claim to be nothing at all related to the title that ‘rank’ at least within certain feeds. Just kind of keep this in the back of your mind throughout this process, the technological process I discussed previously pertaining to the evolution of technology with chat GPT and returning to what Google used to be 20 years ago.

Where does all the time go and how can I find more of it?

Great question. The time you are spending and what you are spending it on throughout the day has been documented for about two and a half weeks now. You can conveniently refer to that for what makes up your individual customized feed and your role within that feed.

I was in a hardware store once years ago and I asked an employee working there a question and he replied with snarky condescending attitude and said something along the lines of ‘well I don’t know, let me Google it’ and picked up his phone and mocked me for asking a question. Leave this here for a minute. Everything you do is DYI. This guy was clearly not a customer service representative and I do not know what it is that people with the title label customer service representatives actually do other than collect and verify your data and input it into a machine.

I have also seen people do this: They pick up their phone, type keywords describing a problem into a search engine and the first search result is a video and or article with an exact match of what to to, where to go to buy the parts, how to replace or install them and recommendations for how long this should take, the cost involved and other troubleshooting advice related to the topic at hand. This is a good feed.

Other people do not have this experience. For other people, those videos are not the first results or may not be among any of the results in the options presented to you or within your purview for whatever reason. Is it a matter of keywords? I don’t know. I do not think so. Let me clarify, I do not think that it is solely a matter of keywords.

Think about this and think about the amazing powers of new advancements in AI technology and how they are being integrated with personal user interfaces like ChatGPT, GPT-3 is the current version. YOU SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU USE THIS THING AND HOW YOU INTERACT WITH IT is my suggested recommendation not as someone who is offering advice telling you what to do or someone who has any inside knowledge of the inner workings of this technology, but rather as someone who has observed the historical circumstances surrounding the interaction with services like Google and now OpenAI.

The Laundry Dryer

What is the best way to respond to a broken laundry dryer?

Addressing that topic is a more micro stylized process I will consider for demonstration purposes.

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