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The Schedule - Day 16

The Schedule - Day 16


I know that your brain is on fire right now. However, if you calm down, take a deep breath and take the time to come up with an actual plan, everything will work out tremendously well.


Frequency and Cycles

I am going to add charts/diagrams later.

The ideas I have about sticking to a strict rigid schedule and the idea that it will maximize productivity, help me to achieve my goals/become more goal oriented and live up to my absolute highest potential depends on constantly being able to make better choices and consider how those choices affect everything else.

It is not then a matter of I will rise and shine at a specific time or early to bed and early to rise and healthy diet and exercise and all of the other building blocks that put you think of when it comes to being mentally and physically prepared to work toward a goal - once - it has been clearly identified and becomes a worthy pursuit of a destination.

It is to become that thing you desire to see yourself become. Activating or initiating actions with purpose is a fulfilling gesture and a willful act when far too often we are programmed to respond.

I desire to begin with the simplest most meaningful actions first. The idea.

I realized just recently, and I wrote it down as part of my process, so I can tell you that it was at 9:15AM on 1/15/2023, that I wrote: ‘I do my best work when I am not thinking about it, - Is this acting or reacting? Maybe just being.’

It is a luxury and a pleasure to be able to have one thing, even if you have nothing else, that one thing being the ability to write down in a notebook what you did throughout the day as recognizing the baseline for what and where you are.


In order to travel to any new destination, you must first recognize where you are. Now, you are here. The process of The Schedule may be for some like trying to locate yourself without the use of Google Earth.

For any navigation directions, using technology, you need to begin by establishing a starting point. This usually requires you to be connected, which is precisely the point at which you have merged onto the information superhighway that is loaded with virtual potholes.

Form here to there first requires figuring out where you are and what you are doing before you can prepare to go on this journey. You are doing this when you are following the process of The Schedule.

By preparing to d this, you were starting the process without even realizing it. Kind of like going through the steps of preparing to not be in your home as you would while leaving for a vacation.

Think about all the people on the way to their chosen destinations over the holidays during which what used to be normal as far as holiday travel is concerned, is now almost certainly disrupted due to ‘reasons’ not having to do with weather, but rather often times having something to do with technology.

Throughout the process of The Schedule you establish a baseline by figuring out where you are and what you are doing by writing down what you do every day at the end of every hour in a notebook. Once that has been established, you should have a better understanding of what should take the place of lost opportunity for time to work toward your goals and now the process of continuing to do this reveals what it is you really want to do as you are now writing that down - your goals.


When I think of what I mentioned above about not only choices but the effects that choices have on others things, several visuals come to mind. You may conceptualize your own. I think of shapes and lines as well as the perspective of visualizing a connection between myself and the thing I desire to achieve.

This is not a trick. The idea of positive visualization is not new and it is best not to overthink it.

The process of The Schedule is in direct conflict with the process by which we are controlled by technology. That parallel, between you the protagonist and technology the antagonist, is a necessary evil in the pursuit of most goals.

Even if your goals are those of a spiritual nature or some objective that does not require the direct use of technology, it is very difficult to do most things without a computer or a cell phone. These are amazing tools that allowed for and inspired personal innovation years ago. It has not been that way for quite some time.

You are becoming integrated with an artificially intelligent technology process.

Innovations in technology are expanding as individual autonomy and the ability to use technology to one’s personal advantage are becoming limited. You have access to it as an end user. They have access to it as an administrator. There are wonderful advancements in technology that look very similar to the offerings of the technology of 20 years ago. We are nearly two decades in to re-imagining the advancements of 20 years ago as a new and interactive experience we are reliving, this time, with supplemental integration of artificial intelligence.

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