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The Schedule - Day 127

The Schedule - Day 127


The moon seemed full, bright and orange last night during the moonrise behind the barn. It turned from orange to white during its rise into the night sky.

Reports say social media is causing young people to attempt suicide but nobody is doing anything about it. It must not be true.

I have purchased electronics from Amazon that appear to be interacting with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth without my request or permission. When these devices, that were not even advertised as Wi-Fi / Bluetooth capable, are powered on, the Alexa login screen loads when I go to on my laptop instead of the standard default Amazon homepage. Again, these items do not advertise they are Wi-Fi / Bluetooth capable. This has even occurred with items that were not purchased from Amazon. Link to Wi-Fi protocol.

In Rome there is an arena outside the colosseum.

coliseum -

Colosseum -

Xerox -


Contactless credit & debit cards and how they work


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