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The Schedule - Day 11

The Schedule - Day 11


7:47AM - I went to bed around 1:00AM and got up about 7:30AM. I was up late trying out the Open AI program Chat GPT.

8:48AM - I am posting ChatGPT articles to website.

9:11AM - Posted 17 articles written by ChatGPT to website.

Vitamins because I am finished drinking the coffee.

9:29AM - In conclusion, ChatGPT is a very interesting program, tool, application.

I considered the idea that asking ChatGPT a question about a topic that someone spent a lot of time researching and analyzing and having it produce a somewhat customized or paraphrased version of the content that can then be used for individual purposes, we think, possibly; may create a giant homogenized collective environment of slightly different versions of many other people’s work that may no longer be attributed to an original source. A giant collective.

This is an interesting concept. I considered the idea that originality verification software used in education, for example, would prevent students from cheating, but after many years of people writing many different stylized versions of the same assignment that similarities may eventually overlap and comparison data may simply be a coincidence at some point.

9:48 - Citing source references with ChatGPT OpenAI technology is an interesting consideration given the evolution of how Wikipedia has come to be viewed in the world of what we refer to as academia.

The end user is not really producing anything other than a series of questions or directives that generate a response.

When asked certain questions, or when asking questions in a certain way, ChatGPT responds that it cannot be respond with content that it perceives to be negative or unethical.

One theory of the evolution of this technology is that it could bury the idea of unique and original content and the attribution of that material to a specific source.

Some believe this is already happening and this is related to what I described when I wrote about the stream - the giant pipeline of data that is a customized feed of information coming in and going out.

Data mining.

One idea is that the ‘training’ process of this technology may include just looking at what most people are looking at and developing a baseline around that and then closing off access to things that they would rather not have you address or discuss.

They scan the internet for the trillions of words that the language model is trained on?

Do they scan the cloud?

You need a certain type of account to create an account an login to OpenAI and ChatGPT. Like a gmail account for example.

Words and images. Shutterstock. DeepFake video and anthropomorphic image creation and vocal characteristic altering capability to create… new and idealized improved versions of oneself or many different copies of the unique characteristics of other more desirable individuals?

Only recently I became interested in technology related to AI and the impact artificially intelligent modeling programs designed by humans, the personality traits of whom must have been the reference material for the model, are having and will have on society and individuals.

How do artists and consumers (customers, clients) of their work feel about AI being integrated within their industry? ‘Consumers’ - their work and their ideas and their existence is being consumed by the adoption of and implementation with AI technology.

Is the AI component now a consultant as well as a service provider and or content producer all in one? And how will the AI utility examine how it is being used and potentially take over the entire operation?

Example: You use it for your business to… then it is capable of analyzing how it is bering used within a larger or expanded context and then creates a modeling application to model the environment in which it is being used and then is capable of, I don’t know, writing and producing code of its own to create an artificially intelligent version of whatever it is you are doing and offer that as an option to others who simply type in a question or a list of commands?


I would like to offer a comparison analogy to the idea that what we are being told about what is happening and how people feel about it is something that we have limited access to when it comes to what they will allow you to see with regard to statements that have been approved for consumption by the audience.

There are certain things you are not supposed to talk about and possibly even certain questions you are not supposed to ask. The authority that decides what will be allowed to be asked and approves the statements that will represent the both the questions asked and the collectively decided opinions you are allowed to have or be represented by is decided ahead of time. It is not then a ‘Q & A’ but rather a statement of these are the questions and these are the answers.

And while I did not approach the real world example of the articles representing the implementation of Ai Technology with Shutterstock as addressed by the press releases and articles available at the Shutterstock website directly, I examined who the both the questions and answers are constructed therein. The actual language used as well as the clarification of and definitions of ‘forward thinking’ language defined in the press releases is available there to review.

Whether you like it or not, it is happening. Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant. Now you are here.


You may ask yourself, what am I going to do?

You may ask yourself, what am I going to do with this wonderful technology?

You may ask yourself, what is it going to do to me?

What happens when a certain perception of the idea of a collective begins to realize that the idea is, that in order to contribute to and maintain the collective that it must ultimately at some point begin to consume itself?


10:49AM Check In - Amazing Simulations. Writing this (above).

Don’t ‘feel like’ - ‘Why should I do anything?’ That is exactly what they want you to do. But now you are here. You ignored it, thought it was ok or didn’t really care when it was happening to someone else or in another industry and what will you think and how will you feel when the industry in which you may have been working as a technology professional may have developed technology, possibly even with your help, that now seeks to replace or eliminate you? In theory.

The people who laughed and may have even been condescending to individuals whose livelihoods depended on employment in an industry that was disrupted by something or other possibly pertaining or related to technology, possibly not; but when you laughed and told them that they needed to learn how to code and then someone who knew how to code maybe a little better than you may have developed something that coded you right out of a job or at least relevancy because, well maybe, STEM, but really?

You know or you knew how to follow some kind of process and speak some kind of language that other people could or would not understand but now there is this interface that may be able to learn from and interact with people who communicate using another type of language that you may or may not understand.

An end user who may not know how to code may wonder why a machine can give them better responses or possibly even be more helpful than a human, but the same human who does speak the language that was used to program the technology and whose personality the technology may have been modeled after…

What exactly is this thing? Does anybody really know? And are ‘humans’ even capable of understanding the concept of how this thing which seems to be an amazingly powerful tool is going to be used as it pertains to you, the individuals who design and use this technology?

There will be a ‘singularity’ all right. Singular in the idea that there may no longer be any options other than to take it or leave it. Take what you get and if you do not like it, you can check out any time, but you can never leave.

Now you are here.

11:58AM - Finished The Schedule - Day 11

Stretched and took a shower.

Headed for a walk.

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