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The Schedule - Day 10

The Schedule - Day 10


7:25 - Where are we? We have a book and we have a character and the character is trying to create a schedule and the character is planning his next move as he looking for a new job.

7:36 I am doing something now that is part of my process and I have to stop and write something down because it is important. Dreams, recollections and writing things down and remembering things or events that may or may not be related - tying them all together. OK - in my daily life there are things that are connected and heavy and I often do not know what I should or should not do or say because I do not know if it is good or bad or if someone is going to try and use something against me or do something to me. You cannot live like this and to provide my thoughts, my recent examples - you have to do what you are going to do regardless of what others think, say or do.

Some people think that everyone has a purpose and their purpose may be determined from the outset and the the course of intended purpose may change based on where you are during a particular crossroad in your life. This is my opinion/observation/theory, whatever you want to call it. People can start planting the seeds for something they want to do WAY in advance. Decades or more and they become very distraught when you can break out of or break away from the the maze in which they have inserted you to control you and carry out their agenda.

I am just going to say it - I was in a relationship and I was not a very good person and things were difficult for me - the choices I made and the things I could not control and in this relationship I knew that this person wanted me to be that way. I don’t don’t know why - maybe because they liked it for some reason, I don’t know.

I remember I said or thought once that if I get up and do well it is going to really piss this person off for some reason.

7:45 - the roles and purposes that people have assigned to you. Now back to my book, my reading.

7:59 - 10 pages. One half hour. Ten pages every day for 30 days is one book - one half hour per day.

8:00 - Reset the timer


I am going to go over some physical activities that should be incorporated into your process to remind your self that the physicality of your actions connects you to the process of observing your behavior. The mind body connection.

Stretching breathing and exercising.

Before that, the process of following a process includes actions in a certain order.

Task lists and To Do lists.

Wake up and set the timer

Start the coffee

Use the bathroom

Wash hands

Brush teeth

Check out morning news headlines

Check e-mail

NOW look at TO DO list which could be posted at the beginning of your notebook with the date marked for today at the end of the previous day. This way you just wake up, look at it and start doing it.

I added the visual of a bock diagram flow chart - block flow chart to the process that is a visual representation of how all of these things connect the timeline of my schedule throughout the day through a series of physical actions, some of which seem routine and automatic like the ones most people do without thinking right after waking up in the morning.

When I finish my coffee it is time to take my daily vitamin supplements with water. This followed by stretching and then a shower. For me this happens from 3:30AM to 9:30AM ideally. This may vary but however long it takes the process may go faster or become more fluid with practice. This is first quarter of my day. 24 hours in a day - this is 6 of them right here.

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