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The Ponzi Papers - The Manifesto of Max Azzarello writing as M. Crosby

Updated: May 7

M. Crosby


I did 1,500 hours of research since Peter Thiel started a bank run in March, and now I know the secrets of the world. Cheers to America's first military coup, and to its second revolution.

I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial

My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.

This extreme act of protest is to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery:

We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.

These claims sound like fantastical conspiracy theory, but they are not. They are proof of conspiracy. If you investigate this mountain of research, you will prove them too. If you learn a great deal about Ponzi schemes, you will discover that our life is a lie. If you follow this story and the links below, you will discover the rotten truth of ‘post-truth America’. You will learn the scariest and stupidest story in world history. And you will realize that we are all in a desperate state of emergency that requires your action.

To my friends and family, witnesses and first responders, I deeply apologize for inflicting this pain upon you. But I assure you it is a drop in the bucket compared to what our government intends to inflict.

Because these words are true, this is an act of revolution.


Last March, a billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run on Silicon Valley Bank. I knew enough about Thiel that I found this incredibly suspicious: My hunch was that this was intentional, though I couldn’t fathom why.

I began investigating online, and quickly found cryptocurrency’s fingerprints all over it. The bank run occurred just days after Silvergate Bank – which catered almost exclusively to crypto companies – collapsed. Meanwhile, several crypto cheerleaders were all over financial media warning of a regional banking crisis, and nobody in media was addressing the clear crypto connections.

I dug deep into the financials of Thiel’s venture capital firm Founders Fund and eventually uncovered the following, all proven many times over.

  • Cryptocurrency is our first planetary multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. It was expressly created for this purpose by a laundry list of rich and powerful people out of Stanford/Silicon Valley and Harvard/Facebook.

  • The March 2023 bank failures were all intentional: the banks were used to move out stolen Ponzi money. This signals that they’re no longer dumping cash in to keep the cryptocurrency Ponzi afloat, and that it will soon go insolvent, as all Ponzis must.

  • When the Ponzi scheme goes insolvent, it will take down half the stock market with it: The perpetrators used their major companies to pipe into the blockchain so they could funnel money out from the crypto exchanges. This includes Google, Tesla, Apple, PayPal, Facebook, Disney, Walmart, Target, InBev, Zoom, and countless others.

  • It is a Ponzi scheme so large that it created global inflation, which is why the price of Bitcoin has been a remarkable leading indicator for inflation rates. Victims who bought crypto don’t realize their money has already been stolen, so the money gets double-counted by the victims and the criminals who stole it.

  • As it turns out, our elites are awash in Ponzi schemes. Stanford’s investment fund and Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Program for Evolutionary Dynamics’ he ran at Harvard are both fake-science Ponzi factories that these schools have invested billions in: They are filled with fraudulent companies that use smoke and mirrors to promise miraculous new technology, but always collapse while the perpetrators only get richer.

  • Funneling trillions of dollars in stolen cash through the stock market created the largest stock-market anomaly in history. The stock chart signature of a Ponzi scheme is a massive increase (while they stack up cash) and then a massive fall (as they funnel out the stolen cash). This chart shape appeared in all the companies listed above. In order to explain the massive anomaly, our criminal government unleashed COVID on the world and told us these were the “stay at home stocks.”


Ponzi schemes are vicious beasts, and cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi by orders of magnitude. It could best be described as an economic doomsday device, intentionally made to shatter the world economy.

The U.S. government is fully involved in this totalitarian con: To illustrate its bipartisan support, I’ll note that nearly every participant of the Clinton Global Initiative has ties to cryptocurrency, while two of the biggest tech VCs who participated are Trump associates Josh Kushner and Anthony Scaramucci.

To better understand our form of government, I will point you to one of the most astonishing pieces of stand-alone evidence I’ve found: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s 1988 DNC speech where he nominated Mike Dukakis for president against George H.W. Bush. The speech is a vile, mean-spirited roast of Dukakis that makes no sense whatsoever: For Clinton to ruthlessly attack a member of his own party should have been political suicide, and he repeatedly mocks Dukakis’ noble and earnest qualities.

Notably, actor Rob Lowe, who was supporting Dukakis, was victim of a teen sex blackmail operation at the DNC that year. Since we know Clinton is a close associate with teen sex blackmail artist Jeffrey Epstein, we can suddenly make perfect sense of the nonsensical speech by applying this lens: Bill Clinton is a cocky mob boss who blackmailed Mike Dukakis because Dukakis thought his job was to help the public. He teases out the future public revelation that Kitty Dukakis drank rubbing alcohol, and offers a strange anecdote about the crack epidemic that reveals he is an exceedingly proud drug runner.

What does this revelation tell us? That our government is conning us completely. That Bill Clinton was secretly on (former CIA Director) George H.W. Bush’s side, and that the Democrat vs. Republican division has been entirely manufactured ever since: Clinton is with Bush; Gore is with Bush; Trump is with Hillary, and so on. When they present themselves in public, they are acting as characters that are against one another, practicing kayfabe as wrestlers do.

As it turns out, we have a secret kleptocracy: Both parties are run by financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry. They divide the public against itself and blame the other party while everything gets worse and more expensive and handful of people take all the money.

Since it is fully parasitic, a secret kleptocracy is an incredibly unstable form of government – left to its own devices, it can only lead to fascism or failed state.


One of the key findings of this research is that Harvard University is one of the largest organized crime fronts in history, which is how they churn out billionaires – it’s a major hub of this sprawling criminal network.

As it turns out, dozens of the writers of The Simpsons went to Harvard. So I asked myself the question: If The Simpsons served the interests of organized crime, how would it do so?

Well, it offers a dysfunctional family suffering from moral decay, a community incapable of solving its problems, a worker drone who slaves away for an evil billionaire, and cathartic laughs for our poor collective circumstances.

There are some notable specifics as it relates to this research, too: In Marge vs. The Monorail, the townsfolk are too oafish and divided to invest in the town’s needs (fix Main Street) and fall for the charms of a dazzling showman with a bogus monorail Ponzi scheme. When we know that the show is closely linked to an organization that invests billions of dollars in Ponzi factories, this becomes quite damning.

In Lisa the Iconoclast, Lisa discovers that town founder Jebediah Springfield was a secret criminal con artist, and that the townsfolk’s lives are a lie. Realizing this is an important discovery, she desperately tries to get the townsfolk to listen to her. But they meet her with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship and she fails to get through to them. Ultimately, she realizes the town is so far gone that perhaps it’s better for them to be lied to by con artists, and she keeps the secret to herself.

And here I’ve been, like Lisa Simpson, desperately trying to get friends, family, and the public to believe the proof of a totalitarian con I’m trying to show them, and they’ve turned away with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship.

And so, we realize the criminal truth of The Simpsons: Our elites are telling us that our eroding collective circumstances are our own fault, and we can’t do anything about it, while they steal the American Dream from us. It is, for lack of a more elegant word, brainwashing.

Lastly, we string these major discoveries together: Cryptocurrency is an economic doomsday device; our government is a secret kleptocracy; The Simpsons exists to brainwash us. From there, the only research we need is critical thinking and we’re able to piece together the true story of our circumstances.

Consider America since 1988: Institutions like healthcare and universities have become parasitic in their skyrocketing prices. News media tells us to be angry and tribalized. Daytime television warns us of moral decay. Local news tell us to fear our neighbors. The Simpsons tells us we’re too oafish and divided to save the American Dream. Seinfeld tells us to celebrate the assholes and be irritated by all the normal people around us. “Reality” TV tells us that real life is filled with hedonism and strife.

Social media, owned by crypto criminals like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, is flooded with nonsense conspiracy theories and memes reminding us that we are hopeless, helpless, anxious, depressed, ironic, scared, apathetic, escapist, lonely, misguided, and jaded, telling us we can’t do anything but have a laugh at our circumstances.

Liberals mock the hypocrisy of conservatives; conservatives mock the hypocrisy of liberals, and our collective circumstances erode. The left shouts “All Cops Are Bastards,” which ensures they’ll be hated by the police and the public (and flies in the face of leftist theory). The public’s distrust of the government is at an all-time high, but so is the belief that we are helpless to do anything about it.

And with all this, a sharp rise in apocalyptic messaging: Climate change will kill us all; COVID will kill us all; vaccines will kill us all; AI will kill us all – no matter the bubbles we ascribe to, we’re bombarded with existential crises with no solutions. We’ve seen a surge in apocalyptic film, literature, and video games that tell us there is no way out of our poor circumstances but total societal breakdown. Zombies tell us that the public is our enemy. If you go to your nearest convenience store, you can buy a can of water called “Liquid Death.”

This is our rotten farce: For our entire lives, we have been flooded with media designed to slowly steer us into a world where the American Dream was dead, where the public was fully divided against itself, where everybody believed we were powerless to do anything about our worsening circumstances. It is all so they can organize an unprecedented, apocalyptic rug pull on the entire populace as they pivot to fascism, which is perhaps best understood as kleptocracy at the barrel of a gun.

When we piece it all together, we understand the truth: We are in a totalitarian doomsday cult.

Why on earth would our elites do this? There are many reasons, but the simplest is because capitalism is unsustainable, and they knew it: Climate change and resource extraction would catch up eventually. So, they never intended to sustain it. They knew all along that they would gobble up all the wealth they could, and then yank the rug out from under us so they could pivot to a hellish fascist dystopia.

Things escalated wildly in 1988 when former CIA Director George H.W. Bush got the White House, but this plan had been in action long prior:

Why is Stanley Kubrick’s comedy about mutually assured destruction called Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb? Because he was a cocky secret fascist who was getting us to stop worrying and love the bomb. Why did he make A Clockwork Orange? So we’d rejoice at ultra-violence designed to desensitize us to the horrors of the world.

Why were the Manson Family murders crawling with cover-ups and intelligence agents? Because our government wanted to make us fear for our lives and believe that hippies are deranged psychopaths.

Why did Walt Disney produce a fraudulent documentary that told us Lemmings follow each other off cliffs? So we would believe it.

Why did The Beatles tell us to fear the taxman, to scoff at revolution, chase nonsense conspiracy theories, and that happiness is a warm gun? So we would believe it.

Why did Easy Rider tell us that the hippie movement was dead? So we would believe it.

Why did Chinatown end with defeatism in the face of massive corruption? So we would believe it.

Why did George Orwell tell us of a hellish future of totalitarian control that we are powerless to stop? So we would believe it.

Why did Wall Street tell us “greed is good”? So we would believe it.

Why did Do The Right Thing tell us we’re all racially tribalized? So we would believe it.

Why did Simpsons creator Matt Groening make a comic strip called Life in Hell? So we would believe it.

And on, and on, and on, and on. When it comes to any popular media, if you ask yourself the question, “Why would secret doomsday cult kleptocrats want the public to consume this?”, you will find your answers.

This is obviously very bad news, but the biggest lie we’ve been told is that we are powerless. We’ve got one way out of hellworld, and that’s for the public to realize that we’ve been conned completely so we can build a united movement that shatters every lie they’ve told us, mocks this rotten farce as loudly as it deserves, and aims at nothing short of abolishing our criminal government so we can build one that serves the public.

To understand this story is to see right through the con, to become immune to the endless sea of criminal propaganda, and to feel the great joy and power that comes with freedom.

If a small number of people quickly put on these truth-colored glasses, we are in for an unimaginably bright future. If not, we get an apocalypse.

For more information, I’ve put together this booklet that includes other major findings and a map to a sea of proof, along with all the other essays on this site.

For the true history of America since the end of World War II, see here.

To see this discovery unfold in real-time, along with further explanations, hundreds of pieces of evidence not covered here, advice, inspiration, political theory, and the heart and soul of a man escaping history’s largest doomsday cult, see my Instagram story highlights. I apologize for leaving things so scattered, but this has been an exhausting affair. So long as you understand this (true) ideology, you will be able to learn the whole story.

Here is a federal lawsuit I filed against dozens of perpetrators of the cryptocurrency Ponzi – not for litigation, but just to preserve the information and attach my name to it. I was terrified and hadn’t slept in days and it shows, but it served its purpose of keeping myself alive long enough to keep learning and telling this story.

I no longer have my original research files from the crypto rabbit hole. If you want to see them, you’ll have to get my laptop back from the government. Ask them how they got it - it’s a very fun story.

I hope you know how powerful you are. I wish you a hell of a lot more than luck.

Max Azzarello


For a brief summary of NYU’s crimes, see the booklet above (printable PDF available here). For a more detailed summary and footnotes, see below.

A brief guide to New York University’s most criminal secrets

  • Political Revenge Killings

  • Blackmail Rings

  • Ponzi Schemes

  • Money Laundering

  • Criminal Propaganda

All of these wild claims have been proven. In March 2023, tech billionaire Peter Thiel started a bank run that caused the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. I was highly suspicious of the event and fell into a rabbit hole of over 2,000 hours of research.

NYU is just one of many, many institutions in a sprawling criminal network engaging in the most massive theft in criminal history. Here, I’ll summarize many of these findings. If you follow the links, footnotes and other posts on this page, you will learn the whole story and you’ll find proof of every word.

Student Killings

Do you know why NYU has so many dead students? It isn’t the Bobst Curse - it’s because they’ve got a murder problem. Here are some notable cases:

  • June 2004: Newark Assistant District Attorney David Lat started a gossip blog about the judicial branch called “Underneath Their Robes”. The anonymous blog became popular in legal circles, and was a public embarrassment for many prominent judges. Shortly after the blog’s release, David’s sister, NYU student Charlene Lat, went to his apartment while he was at work and ‘fell’ to her death from his balcony. This was a hit job by NYU and their allies in our criminal government. The means, motive, and opportunity of the crime can all be found in this New York Times article.

  • August 2007: Tumi McCallum was the daughter of two prominent NYU professors, staying alone in her mother’s apartment. She was brutally gangraped and bludgeoned to death, as described in initial reporting: She was found wrapped in a sheet with her head caved in, surrounded by empty condom wrappers and 40-ounce malt liquor bottles. Remarkably, all of these facts disappeared from the case: Her boyfriend took the fall, saying the killing was unplanned: They got into a fight and he strangled her until her nose bled. Because it was a crime of passion, his charge was reduced to manslaughter. The facts of the staged gangrape and bludgeoning disappeared completely from the trial: This was a cover-up by incredibly powerful people.

May 2023: NYU Business students Franco Medina Angulo and Sergio Ruiz were shot and killed while on vacation in Puerto Rico with other NYU students. They were allegedly caught in a mysterious crossfire and the killers were never caught. The case reeks of a cover-up: An inconclusive 5-second video was released and reported as evidence, and no information was ever released on those who engaged in the ‘crossfire’.

Those Criminal Tandons!

NYU Megadonors Ranjan and Chandrika Tandon are massive financial criminals.

Ranjan Tandon’s company Libra Advisors, LLC has been investing in fake-science and bio-med Ponzi schemes for decades.1 The fantastical start-ups promise revolutionary breakthroughs, but it’s all smoke and mirrors: The Ponzi collapses while the Tandons make billions in stolen cash.

Chandrika Tandon helped NYU President John Sexton create the NYU President’s Global Council, an advisory board for NYU’s international interests. Do you know why NYU has established unaccredited campuses all around the world? That’s for international money laundering.

And a whole lot of it is in service of cryptocurrency: Our first planetary, decentralized, multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.2 It is a Ponzi scheme so large that it created global inflation from trillions of dollars being double-counted by victims and the criminals who already stole their money.

Our biggest, most prominent companies invested in blockchain technology in order to pipe up to the crypto theft network and funnel out billions of dollars each: When the crypto Ponzi collapses - as all Ponzis must - it will shatter the world economy. Cryptocurrency is a (literal) economic doomsday device.

Other notable NYU President’s Global Council Board Members3 include:

  • Matthew Bronfman, who has ties to the NXIVM sex trafficking cult and Lehman Brothers investment bank, which was supposed to collapse because it was a Ponzi bank.

  • Miguel R. Forbes. Did you know that Forbes Magazine is owned by the (completely fraudulent) crypto industry? It’s like if the mafia had a magazine, promoting Ponzi schemes and celebrating our most criminal billionaires.

Why Jeffrey Epstein attended NYU in 1971

Because Epstein was an up-and-coming blackmail artist who knew that NYU has a blackmail ring. He was recognized for his talents at NYU, then he became a teen sex blackmail specialist for the CIA, hired at the Dalton School by former CIA officer Donald Barr.4

When did NYU get a blackmail ring? They likely inherited it from mobster Lucky Luciano, who ran his headquarters down the street and cut a deal with the US government in 1945.5

Here’s the rest of the Jeffrey Epstein story: He pivoted from blackmail to fake-science Ponzi schemes like his ‘Program for Evolutionary Dynamics’ at Harvard. Epstein co-founded the Clinton Global Initiative with Bill Clinton, which is exactly like the NYU President’s Global Council: International money laundering in service of Ponzi schemes and other organized crime.6

Criminal Propaganda

In 1984, NYU alum Bernhard Goetz shot four young black men on the subway who tried to rob him. He was heralded as the “Subway Vigilante” and helped fuel our racially charged culture wars.

In 1989, NYU alum Spike Lee made the film Do the Right Thing, which told us just how racially divided and tribalized we are.

In 2020, NYU alum Devina Singh made headlines for spitting in a cop’s face during the George Floyd protests.

NYU alums Sean Hannity and Rudy Giuliani teach us to be angry and divided, and that Democrats are evil.

NYU alums Chelsea Clinton and Whoopi Goldberg tell us to be angry and divided, and that Republicans are evil.

NYU alum Nancy Grace tells us the American public is rotten, violent, and morally decayed.

Can you spot the common theme? These are all instances of criminal propaganda designed to divide the public against themselves so we don’t realize that our government and media have been taken over by history’s worst financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry. None of these people are acting in good faith - they tell us we’re divided so we believe it and don’t figure out that we’ve got a ‘secret kleptocracy’.7

More Notable NYU Alums

Lawyer David Boies defended Al Gore vs. George W. Bush in the 2000 Presidential election (so we wouldn’t realize Gore was letting Bush win because they’re on the same team); Theranos (so we wouldn’t realize their investors were in on it, and that the fake-science start-up was supposed to collapse so they could launder money8; and Jeffrey Epstein victims (so we wouldn’t learn any of those secrets about Epstein).

Producer James L. Brooks made The Simpsons to tell us we have no choice but to slave away for evil billionaires, and that the American Dream is dead because we’re too oafish, divided, and morally decayed, and not because criminals have been stealing our futures.9

The Secret Fascist Crime of the Century

By now, I hope it’s clear that NYU is just one of many ruthless criminal institutions that shape our world, and that we are victims of a totalitarian con. We’ve got criminals running so many Ponzi schemes that they’ve caused recessions (like the Great Recession and the Dot Com Bubble). And that’s all before they created cryptocurrency: a bigger Ponzi scheme than any other in history that will soon shatter the world economy.

Our news, TV, films, and social media are a sprawling tapestry of criminal propaganda designed to divide the public and tell us how rotten and hopeless we’ve become.

And now that we’ve been so thoroughly divided and deceived our entire lives, our government is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist coup so we’ll live the rest of our lives in a violent state of emergency while they try to hold onto power.

To understand the true history that led us here, see this booklet. They’ve been conning us our entire lives.

What Should You Do?

Investigate. If you look into high-tech NYU start-ups, you’ll find evidence of Ponzi schemes. If you look into NYU’s big donors, you’ll find ties to cryptocurrency. If you look into dead students, you’ll find evidence of murders and cover-ups. That is because this understanding of the world has remarkable explanatory power. That’s because it is true.

Protest. We’ve got a criminal government and the public has gotten wind of all their biggest secrets. Laugh defiantly at history’s worst con artists. Air out their dirty laundry for all to hear. They tell us we’re hopelessly divided, but they already know that the only threat to them is an informed public that can see through the con.

Share. If you’re not sure what to do with the world’s biggest secrets, give them to other people. The emperor has no clothes; tell your friends.


This was where my investigation into the finances of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse led: I uncovered countless instances of offshore drilling, rare-earth mining, and fantastical science start-ups that had massive gains and then sudden collapses. Seeing the same pattern over and over again from a network of people with ties to Stanford, Harvard, and NYU, it became clear that this was all intentional, and that the investments were fake. These all make for good Ponzi schemes because the con artists can position themselves as technological experts, they can promise massive future returns, and they can dress them up in high-tech smoke and mirrors.


It was cryptocurrency that drew me into the rabbit hole around the Silicon Valley Bank collapse: The media was saying it was a regional banking crisis, but it had crypto’s fingerprints all over it. The other bank failures from March 2023 (Silvergate and Signature) both catered specifically to crypto companies, and the most alarmist voices in media blaming regional banking had also promoted cryptocurrency.


I haven’t looked into other NYU President’s Global Council Board Members, but I already know what you’ll find if you do: More fantastical science start-ups, more ties to cryptocurrency, and more examples of elites ‘losing’ money on paper but somehow getting richer.


The fact that our media glosses over the very obvious truth that Epstein was a blackmail artist is evidence that our media is fully complicit in this organized crime network.


The proof of this claim is one of the least believable, but it is proof all the same. I found several references to ‘snooker’ that appeared to be code for blackmail, found a snooker fan-site that appeared to tell Epstein’s origin story, then read the book ‘How I Play Snooker’ by Joe Davis and learned how to blackmail people just as Jeffrey Epstein had. I’ve covered this in more detail here.


Epstein’s interest in fantastical science has been reported as an interest fully separate from his organized crime. But when we learn about Ponzi schemes, we realize he just made the pivot from blackmail to Ponzis. If you’re wondering how so many claims can be proven, it’s through the repetition by so many different parties: Once we realize people at Stanford and NYU are engaging in Ponzi schemes, we recognize that Epstein was doing the same.

One of the most damning examples of this repetition is how nearly every attendee of the 2022 Clinton Global Initiative has ties to cryptocurrency, covered in this post.


You can find plenty of evidence of kleptocracy just by looking at the state of the country: For the last several decades, our government has been sold off to private interests. Everything has gotten worse and more expensive while a handful of people take all the money. Our last Secretary of Education was a pyramid scheme heiress.

If you’d like to know the exact moment our government went from a corrupt one to a full-blown kleptocracy, our best guess is Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s 1988 DNC speech, which is a sly admission that Clinton blackmailed Democratic Presidentical candidate Mike Dukakis because Clinton was secretly on former CIA director George H.W. Bush’s side. I have a sprawling write-up on the event here.


Theranos - the failed fantastical blood testing start-up out of Stanford - sounds a lot like a Ponzi scheme. It’s a lot like one (and Stanford has MANY Ponzi schemes at, but the key difference is in who the investors were. If the fake investment is sold to the public, it’s a Ponzi scheme. If the only investors are elites (which is the case with Theranos), it is money laundering. Henry Kissinger and Betsy DeVos don’t get fooled by Ponzi schemes.


I have an extensive write-up on The Simpsons here. It is just one of many, many examples in popular culture designed to lead us completely astray. Our criminal government tells us to laugh about how hopeless we’ve become while they make sure it’s true and rob us blind.


For a printable PDF, click here.

This story was essentially proven in reverse: In March 2023, a tech billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run that led to the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. I was suspicious, and investigated the question, “Did this bank just collapse on purpose?”

After digging through ties to cryptocurrency, lies in the media, and several very suspicious start-ups associated with Thiel and other elites in his orbit, I eventually uncovered that these people were engaging in Ponzi schemes - not just once or twice, but likely hundreds of times.

Realizing that many of the biggest names in cryptocurrency built their careers on Ponzi schemes, the next discovery was that crypto itself was our first decentralized Ponzi scheme, with countless companies getting in on the theft.

As the list of perpetrators grew and grew, it eventually revealed a totalitarian con: Our most ‘elite’ universities built the crypto Ponzi; the biggest names in venture capital were financing the Ponzi; major news outlets all promoted the Ponzi; and prominent members of both political parties were fully complicit.

The big breakthrough around propaganda came via The Simpsons. I had proof that Harvard University was a massive organized crime front, and I recalled that many, many Simpsons writers went to Harvard. If The Simpsons is propaganda for the mafia, I asked myself, what is the point of it?

Well, it tells us we have no choice but to slave away for evil billionaires; that the American Dream is dying because we’re too oafish, divided, and morally decayed; and that we are easily conned by monorail Ponzi schemes.

“Ay caramba!” I thought! The Simpsons brainwashed us! And if a show as popular as The Simpsons was doing it, it probably wasn’t the only one. From there, we just need some historical knowledge and critical thought to realize that we’ve been given this sort of messaging in all directions.

The other big breakthrough came when I was posting these essays on Reddit, which is owned by many of the financiers of the crypto super-Ponzi. Over and over again, I received the same types of comments that would attack my credibility without engaging with any of the evidence I was surfacing. They were practicing fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As I dug into their other comments, I found them repeatedly sowing partisanship, mocking others, and promoting products, just as a secret fascist government would want them to. This repetition from so many accounts revealed that they were coordinated trolls, poisoning our discourse and making us think they were acting in good faith.

Once we understand the totalitarian scope of the propaganda, we get to rewrite history.

Booklet Footnotes:

  1. For the best account of historical fascism I’ve read, I recommend Fascism and Social Revolution by R. Palme Dutt - the full text is available here. Written during Hitler’s rise to power in 1935, Dutt knew precisely what atrocities the world was headed for. The last chapter is a wonderful stand-alone essay.

  2. Notably, Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter was a participant in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program of brainwashing and psychological torture, according to this declassified CIA document. And when we know the big story (that we’re in a totalitarian doomsday cult), we recognize that the name “Grateful Dead” is a perfect name for a cult leader band: The fans not realizing they were the grateful dead all along. Likewise, the band’s iconic stealie logo evokes death and brainwashing.

  3. In the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the U.S. government faked that they had been attacked by North Vietnamese ships, all propaganda to draw us into the Vietnam War. As admiral of one of the ships of the staged incident, Jim Morrison’s father was complicit in the lie, which is damning evidence against Jim Morrison himself once we recognize the signs of fascist messaging. For more on the role the CIA played in shaping The Doors and other bands of the era, see Weird Scenes from Laurel Canyon by David McGowan. Full PDF available here

  4. I bet you never noticed how often The Beatles evoke violent imagery: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is a happy, cheery song about a violent serial killer. A Day in the Life depicts a gruesome death. Rocky Raccoon, Bungalow Bill, Piggies, Tomorrow Never Knows all evoke death and violence. The words Happiness is a Warm Gun speak for themselves. They also made The Butcher Cover: The album cover depicts the cheery bandmates strewn with decapitated baby dolls and raw meat. We also find our secret fascist themes in songs like Eleanor Rigby (Look at how lonely and isolated we are), Taxman (Fear the taxman), Yesterday (Turn to nostalgia because life is getting worse), and in their promotion of the nonsense Paul is dead” conspiracy (Get the public to chase conspiracies to hide that fact they’re being ruled by financial criminals).

  5. For the best book on the Manson Family Murders, see CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O’Neill, which reveals numerous cover-ups and CIA agents connected to Manson and his cult. When we realize the scope of the con, we understand why Manson said the Beatles’ White Album was secretly promoting a race war: Because both parties were in on it.

  6. When we realize that the secret fascists long planned to use new technology like computers and smart phones to pump us full of misinformation, we realize that Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was ‘predicting’ a future that was already planned out.

  7. For more examples of secret fascist bands, we’ve got Devo, which is short for “devolution” and means that society is becoming too morally decayed. Like the Grateful Dead, their iconic energy dome hats evoke brainwashing. Rage Against the Machine, with members out of Harvard University, is an example of controlled opposition: they promote far-left ideas, but they exist to incite anger and division while they tell their fans of the capitalist machine too powerful to stop.

  8. Not only did Bush Sr. become director of the CIA in 1976; a leaked cable revealed that he had been secretly working for them for decades, with evidence that he was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. For a comprehensive look at the Bush family’s century-long connections to fascism and organized crime, see Family of Secrets by Russ Baker.

  9. I’m not the first to reach the conclusion that our politicians perform kayfabe as professional wrestlers do in order to divide and misdirect the public. David McGowan describes this well in Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion. For a common propaganda tactic used to create ‘post-truth America’, see On Bullshit by Princeton philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt: They mix up truth and lies so thoroughly in order to divide, deceive, and undermine honest discourse.

  10. There are countless popular social media accounts that churn out meme after meme promoting fascist interests. While many tweets and memes are made in good faith, aggregators like Shitheadsteve, Millennial_Misery, are endless streams of content telling us to laugh at our hopeless circumstances. Painbewilin is just thousands of variations on the joke that we are depressed and suicidal. Parody news pages like The Onion provide the same role as comedy news: They tell us how bad our circumstances are, but that we should just sit back and laugh at the problems we are powerless to stop. Pages like Project_Knowledge promote nonsense conspiracy theories and pretend they are true, all to misdirect us from the fact that we’re being conned.

  11. Fake futuristic science makes for good Ponzi schemes because the con artists can position themselves as experts, promise an amazing technological breakthrough to keep victims from selling, have a justification when the Ponzi collapses (the tech didn’t get there), and repeat with some other new fake-futurist technology. The start-up that broke the case on Ponzi schemes was Clinkle out of Stanford: The biggest names in Silicon Valley were backing this mysterious, unproven technology, but the company collapsed without delivering on their promises. The story was nearly identical to Theranos, also out of Stanford. But these weren’t actual Ponzi schemes, since their billionaire investors were in on it - they were laundering money, “losing” it through offshore banks and into networks of organized crime when the companies fell through. When Elon Musk says his company Neuralink has made a nanotechnology brain-computer interface without evidence, he is doing a Ponzi scheme. When Peter Thiel promotes a manmade island in the middle of the ocean for The Seasteading Institute, it’s a Ponzi scheme. When Bill Gates backs a mining company that claims to have discovered a motherlode of copper in Zambia, which investors will never see, it’s a Ponzi scheme. The proof exists in repetition and stock charts: Over and over again, the biggest names from Silicon Valley promised fantastical new start-ups, their stocks go way, way up before collapsing completely, and the elite backers somehow keep getting richer. When we know the owners of some of the biggest companies on the planet are engaging in Ponzi schemes, we recognize that the same way-up-way-down stock chart of individual Ponzi schemes was also found across the whole market in the Dot Com Bubble and the Great Recession, which clues us into the fact that these recessions were the inevitable outcome of running so many Ponzi factories. For a couple Ponzi factories out of our most elite universities, we have Stanford’s, and Harvard’s Launch Lab X, both with numerous science and bio-med startups promising fantastical new technology.

  12. The proof of cryptocurrency as a Ponzi scheme is very technical and complex, but it shares many common traits of Ponzi schemes on its face: It involves complicated and mysterious technology; promoters tell buyers to “hold on for dear life,” and that it will be worth millions some day; and it is an unregistered security that uses offshore banks. Although the public is told that the blockchain allows for full transparency, the perpetrators invested in technology that would allow them to secretly move assets from public to private blockchains, and to use high-frequency trading to move huge quantities of assets behind the scenes. There are staggering volume anomalies around Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, that we can trace to particular venture capital investments, which I’ve covered in more detail here. The revelation that cryptocurrency will collapse the world economy comes from recognizing that the same people who were building and investing in the crypto Ponzi also owned many of our biggest companies, and they were using them to pipe out the stolen cash. I’ve got a write-up on PayPal here as an illustrative example, and show how Meta funneled billions in stolen cash through Credit Suisse before it collapsed via their Libra cryptocurrency here. Many of the companies engaging in the theft now have mass layoffs. For a simple exercise, when a company reports mass layoffs, just search Google News with their name and the word “blockchain.” That’s because the companies have less money than they are supposed to, since they used the blockchain to funnel stolen money out of crypto exchanges, through their companies, and into their own pockets. The following companies have all recently announced layoffs, according to this article, and all invested in the blockchain:

  • Mattel: Launched a blockchain-based marketplace for NFTs in April 2023.

  • Cisco: Announced the use of blockchain for network security in February 2020.

  • Nike: Announced a blockchain-based product traceability system in June 2023.

  • Estee Lauder: Used the blockchain for sustainable sourcing of materials in October 2020.

  • Levi Straus: Partnered with Harvard University to track worker well-being on the blockchain in January 2019.

  • Macy’s: Hosted galleries of blockchain-based NFT collections for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November 2022.

To highlight the bipartisan support for this rampant theft: Donald Trump has close familial ties to the industry: Among the well-heeled crypto investors is Thrive Capital, a tech VC firm run by Trump’s nephew-in-law, Josh Kushner. Thrive received money from Peter Thiel for their first institutional fund in 2011, and Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner sat on Thrive’s board and investment committees.

On the left side of the aisle, we get our most damning evidence from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), an arm of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit Clinton Foundation. First are ties to known criminals: Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes attended a CGI panel discussion in 2015, and Bill Clinton joined Sam Bankman-Fried as a paid speaker at Crypto Bahamas in 2022.

Then, we take a close look at some of the more than 200 participants at CGI’s 2022 annual meeting. The list includes government officials, executives, members of global non-profits, heads of state, and Sam Bankman-Fried himself. If we Google these people and organizations along with the word “cryptocurrency” or “blockchain,” we learn that nearly all of them have clear ties to cryptocurrency, which I’ve written up here.


TL;DR: We’re in a cult.

If you’re just tuning into this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to a sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist world coup.

This con is many decades in the making: We have been flooded with media intentionally designed to make us scared, anxious, apathetic, bitter, angry, partisan, apathetic, hopeless, and misguided. That means we’re effectively in history’s largest doomsday cult, which is why the entire public knows the country is not in a good place, but nobody believes we have the power to change our circumstances: Because we’ve been told that was the case over and over again.

In this post, we look at a smattering of the doomsday cult evidence right in front of us.


A Supervillain Reveals the Plan

Bill Casey was Director of the CIA under Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1987.  According to Barbara Honegger, an election committee member for Reagan’s campaign, Casey said the following in 1981:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

Most people’s understanding of government disinformation would be that they want to misdirect us about certain things, to spin geopolitical events to convince us that they’re the good guys. But here Casey admits a much more wretched goal: To misdirect us about everything. To have such a stranglehold on media disinformation that our entire lives become a lie.

What he describes is nothing short of a totalitarian cult in which the leaders monopolize and weaponize the flow of information to deceive the public entirely. And if you’ve been following this series, you already know that it has come to fruition: They tell us we’re stuck in hellworld and they make certain that it’s true while they bleed us dry.


Irony-Poisoned Death Water

Want to stare the doomsday cult in the face? Just head down to your local convenience store and check out the water selection. There, you’ll likely see these cans:

This is water. Water is liquid life. The fact that water – something we all need to survive – has been bottled up and sold to us at unbelievable markups is evidence of kleptocracy. The fact that we now have water called “Liquid Death” shows just how far this criminal disinformation campaign has come as they’ve convinced the public to pay money for water that evokes hopelessness and death.

Water called “Liquid Death” is ironic, of course. But irony has been one of our cult leaders’ most powerful tools. As David Foster Wallace noted in a fantastic essay on the matter, “Irony’s singularly unuseful when it comes to constructing anything to replace the hypocrisies it debunks.” Irony highlights problems with no solutions. It lets us have a cathartic laugh at our circumstances but reinforces them all the same.

When we’re flooded with irony, as you’ll find in countless social media bubbles, we lose space for earnestness, honesty, and action. In the words of essayist Lewis Hyde,  “Irony has only emergency use. Carried over time, it is the voice of the trapped who have come to enjoy their cage.”


“You’re in Hell!” says Pom Wonderful

Think about what an ad for pomegranate juice might look like. Maybe a fit, attractive woman extolling its health virtues, or a bright and cheery display of its great taste.

Now look at this Instagram ad from Pom Wonderful:

This ad – for pomegranate juice – evokes horror, helplessness, and existential dread. If you watch the ad, you’ll see it’s even more haunted, flashing the blacklight imagery at you like a jump scare in a horror movie.


Note that there is no irony here; no joke, wink, or punchline. Just an ad for pomegranate juice telling us to be terrified of life.

That’s because we’re in a cult.

The Most Uncanny Meme of the Rabbit Hole

When I was deep in the rabbit hole, I had uncovered a few things: Cryptocurrency was a planetary Ponzi scheme created and supported by countless people and companies in Peter Thiel’s orbit, and there was a sea of complicit talking heads from both parties who were lying about every word. Just like professional wrestlers, they were practicing kayfabe: Playing a part to sell a fiction to the public in order to divide and misdirect us.

And then I found this meme in the subreddit ‘ThielWatch’, which references Thiel’s data surveillance company Palantir:

Wouldn’t you know it? I had spent countless hours digging through investor lists and SEC filings to come to this conclusion, and then I found a meme that said the same exact thing. This isn’t to say that Palantir is pulling all the strings – they’re pulling the strings along with all the other cult leaders, including whoever made this meme.

To understand why they would ever put this out in the open, we turn to a masterful propaganda technique that we’ve all been victims of: The theory of bullshit developed by Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt. “The liar cares about the truth and attempts to hide it; the bullshitter doesn’t care if what they say is true or false.”

You may recognize that Donald Trump and Elon Musk are notorious bullshitters: they tell truths and lies non-stop. And when we get a sea of talking heads all bullshitting in different directions, we don’t know which way is up. We’ve all heard about how we’re in ‘post-truth America’ (echoing CIA Director Casey’s quote above), and the theory of bullshit helped get us there.

Now let’s turn to the final words of the meme, “…to implement technocratic biofascism.” As previously discussed, we’re about to get an apocalyptic false flag attack where our criminal leaders want us to think that society is lost forever. This is the ‘doomsday’ portion of our doomsday cult.

But just like everything else they tell us, they’re lying through their teeth. They’re not done working us to death, they just want us paralyzed with fear so they can pivot to a fascist state without resistance.

Lucky for us, you know the truth! You know they’re lying. You know we aren’t helpless or hopeless – that’s just what cult leaders told us our entire lives.

You know a united movement to abolish this rotten farce forever kicked off months ago, and you know you’re already a part of it.

You know the emperor has no clothes.


If you’re just tuning into this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to a sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist world coup. We are effectively in history’s largest doomsday cult – our government and media have intentionally made us divided, anxious, hopeless, and helpless as they gut any collective opposition to their theft.

That’s because the U.S. is a ‘secret kleptocracy’: they pretend it’s a democracy, but both parties are controlled by financial criminals whose only goal is to bleed us dry.

In this post, rather than share some wild secrets, we’ll be digging into political theory to better understand why our government would do something so destructive, how ‘secret kleptocracy’ relates to fascism, and what the public must do to escape these hellish circumstances. 


I’ve been asked a couple times why I’m posting this series on r/stupidpol. Although it isn’t within this sub’s wheelhouse, I’ve been posting here because it’s the best online leftist community that I know of: It isn’t steeped in irony, it generates intelligent discussion, and its members already see through the charade of identity politics that our media and government use to keep us divided. And as we’ll see, leftist action is the only way out.

I’m especially grateful to one user who recommended the book Fascism and Social Revolution by R. Palme Dutt in the context of this research. The book, written during Hitler’s ascent in 1934, is incredibly prescient: while few imagined the atrocities that were on the horizon, Dutt saw the writing on the wall perfectly. The book’s final chapter serves as an incredible (and incredibly important) essay, and you can find a PDF of the full text here.

“Fascism is the outcome of modern capitalism in crisis,” Dutt writes, “of capitalism passing into the period of the proletarian revolution, when it can no longer maintain its power by the old means, but is compelled to resort to ever more violent methods for the suppression of all working-class organization.”

He argues that following World War I, the bourgeoisie maintained its power through myths about Social Democracy and Reformism: They promised that workers’ rights would improve so long as they worked within a liberalized capitalist framework. But in the face of the Great Depression, this framework only weakened workers’ rights as they conceded more and more power to capitalism.

We can see clear parallels with the modern era. Despite the majority of the public’s support for more liberal policies and a growing rejection of capitalism entirely, we’ve seen a steady rightward shift as both major political parties operate in service of capital: Through hollow promises of liberal reform and social democracy, the public has been coerced into accepting the dominant power of capital above all.


When I began posting about our impending fascist coup, one commenter said, “Why would our government do a fascist coup? Capitalism’s power has never been more entrenched than it is today.”

That is precisely why our government would pivot to fascism now: Because they’ve effectively consolidated power, divided the masses, and shattered any collective leftist action against it. Fascism, Dutt argues, is the inevitable end result of a capitalist system that has suppressed the revolutionary power of its workers, when economic circumstances become so dire for the public that capitalism “is compelled to resort to ever more violent methods for the suppression of all working-class.”

And where does this parasitic, destructive power of capitalism lead? Once more, Dutt hits the nail on the head: “Barbarism and the return of the Dark Ages; the systematic destruction of all science and culture; the enthronement of… obscurantism [misinformation], racial persecution and torture systems; the return to a system of isolated, self-sufficient warring communities.”

If you’ve been following this series, you can see striking parallels between yesterday’s fascism and today’s secret kleptocracy: Rather than championing scientific research, our most elite universities are awash in fake-science Ponzi factories as our criminal government guts public education.

Meanwhile, they’ve poisoned culture so completely that they’ve turned society into a haunted carnival of messaging designed to atomize us and turn us into depressed, malleable, and obedient consumers.

Misinformation is at the heart of this totalitarian con: Our own government wants us chasing nonsense conspiracies about aliens and QAnon, and they’ve created a fake ‘red vs. blue’ puppet show to convince us that they have the public’s best interest at heart but that the other political tribe stands in the way.

Racial persecution is found in the rampant ghettoization and scapegoating of minorities and immigrants, something so pervasive that it hardly merits discussion.

On torture systems, I’ll note two personal stories from this year: First, I was detained for 72 hours on an involuntary psychiatric hold for breaking the unwritten rules of capitalism. I was detained in a hospital ward – although it wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t a hellish experience: I was free to roam the wing, talk with medical staff, shoot some hoops, eat decent cafeteria food, and so on.

Second, I was jailed for forty days for civil disobedience. It was my first time in jail, and it became clear to me after just one night that the purpose wasn’t corrections or rehabilitation; it was state-funded torture. We were woken up for slop breakfast at 4 AM before we went back to sleep; we were berated by zealous corrections officers for anything and everything; we slept on cold metal cots with practically non-existent mattresses. We weren’t just detained; we were treated like sub-human scum, stuck in a concrete box. If you view our government with the benevolence it ascribes itself, I implore you to break a small rule and spend a night in the torture box yourself.


Perhaps fascism’s most significant contribution to political theory is in its use of propaganda; while Marxists viewed society through the lens of class struggle, Mussolini harnessed the power of totalitarian propaganda to assert the dominance of his own ideology and concentrate power at the expense of the Italian public.

In effect, he fought an information war, recognizing the power of language, iconography, and symbolism to coerce the public into accepting and supporting his dictatorial rule.

Mussolini’s fascist headquarters, highlighting his use of iconography and symbolism

As we’ve discussed in this series, propaganda has been central to the rise of our secret kleptocracy, all designed to manufacture consent as the government steals from its own public. Mass media tells us that we’re oafish, divided and morally decayed; partisan news media divides the public against itself; and social media creates a haunted fiction designed to convince us to be anxious, apathetic, and hopeless.

As our criminal leaders undoubtedly realized following the horrors of World War II, they couldn’t simply champion fascism as Mussolini and Hitler once had even if it’s the end-stage of capitalist domination – the public would never stand for it. And so, we see how propaganda evolved accordingly: The public has been given the illusion of choice to support competing ideologies, but all options yield to the domination of capital and therefore steer the unwitting public right back to fascism.

We can see this when we reflect on the uncanny similarities of competing worldviews: Whether someone is a liberal, a conservative, a socialist, or a libertarian, they will commonly believe that partisan strife is insurmountable; that capitalist power is so entrenched that it cannot be usurped; that our best days are behind us; and that we are incapable of solving the growing existential crises we all face.

And that, of course, is a result of our secret kleptocracy: By slicing us all into competing tribes and instilling us with hopelessness, they’ve effectively smashed the power of the collective, leaving us paralyzed and impotent as they steal the American Dream.


While these are admittedly very dark times, there is one (and only one) path forward.

Returning to Fascism and Social Revolution, Dutt notes that fascism rose in Germany not because the country’s workers’ movement was backward, but because it was relatively advanced. Given the growing agitation and discontent among the working class, the violence and suppression of fascism became the only means to quash the power of the public.

We can find the same truth today: Although the government has successfully fractured leftist solidarity, a record number of people oppose capitalism and support socialism. Even among those that don’t, we have a growing distrust of the American government and a pervasive belief that our elites do not serve the interests of the public.

And so, despite being on the eve of fascism, the public has never had more potential energy to rid themselves of this parasitic government once and for all. If we arm ourselves with truth, hope, and conviction, we can do exactly what our cult leader government tells us we cannot: build collective action, unite against them, yield no power or authority to them, and fight for a working-class movement to abolish our criminal government.

Or, as Dutt put it:

“Whatever the black hells of suffering and destruction that have still to be passed through, we face the future with the certainty and confidence of approaching power, with contempt for the barbarous antics of the doomed and decaying parasite class enemy and its final misshapen progeny of Fascism, with singing hearts and glowing confidence in the future. ‘The last fight let us face. The Internationale unites the human race.’”


If you’re just tuning into this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to a sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist world coup.


Central to this totalitarian con is full control of the media to serve these criminal interests. We’ve already covered how Reddit is infested with trolls to create a bitter, divisive, irony-poisoned space that leaves us jaded and hopeless; how our most ‘elite’ universities manufacture outrage and warmongering around the Israel-Hamas War; and how the Simpsons exists to tell us the American dream is dead because we’re oafish and divided.

In this post, we turn to yet another example with Quora, a social question-and-answer website. As with previous examples, we can trace several connections to the established crypto criminal networks of Facebook and the PayPal Mafia: Quora co-founders Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever had both worked at Facebook prior to founding Quora, with D’Angelo serving as chief technology officer from 2006 to 2008. D’Angelo helped develop a media player with Mark Zuckerberg while they both attended Phillips Exeter Academy high school. D’Angelo currently sits on the board of OpenAI, whose CEO Sam Altman claims to have built a fantastical retinal-scanning orb that uses AI technology to produce cryptocurrency that will eventually provide universal basic income.

Quora received major funding from this criminal network of investors as well: In 2014, they raised $80 million from Tiger Global Management, whose investments include Facebook, OpenAI, crypto and fintech platform Block Inc., and the crypto exchange Coinbase. In March 2022, Tiger Global raised an astonishing $12.7 billion for fast-growth tech companies; just three months later, the value of their hedge fund had decreased more than 50 percent. Given the company’s connections to proven Ponzi criminals, this massive rise and drop in their investments appears to be more of the same: The ‘loss’ is entirely intentional as they funnel their stolen money out of the company.

Tiger Global’s Assets Under Management in billions. Source:

In 2019, Quora raised another $60 million from Valor Equity Partners, which is no less plugged into this network than Tiger Global. In 2022, Valor was the lead investor in Anduril Industries, a defense contractor that spun off of Peter Thiel’s Palantir Technologies, which sells the public’s user data to the CIA. They have also raised several billion dollars for Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company. I haven’t yet given Musk the write-up he deserves, but he and Theil co-founded PayPal, which was originally intended to create cryptocurrency and is a major player in the crypto Ponzi scheme.


When I refer to a ‘secret kleptocracy’ as a cult with state power, I don’t use that term lightly. Just as cult leaders do, our leaders control the flow of information to make their victims hopeless, helpless, and divided, and Quora is no exception.

Now that we’ve established that Quora is heavily connected to this network of organized crime, let’s look at some of the questions and answers so we can learn what purpose it serves. These are not cherry-picked or questions that slipped under the radar – each of these have over 1,000 upvotes on the site, and have appeared in my daily Quora digest emails over the last month.

Rage Bait

When you read this question, think about how it makes you feel.

“My 18-year-old son left home without our authorization to get an apartment and now refuses to pay his daily parenting fees that he has been paying since he was 13 years old. How would I go about suing him?

So, we’ve got a shameful, narcissistic parent charging their child to live with them, and then has the clueless audacity to want to sue them for moving out when they are legally able? If you believe this to be true, it should make you angry. It should make your blood boil! And if you see through this fake question, it might just piss you off all the same: angry that somebody would post something so mean-spirited, to misinform, and to rile people up.

Now have a look at some more, and see if you spot the patterns:

“The CPS took my 5-year-old son away because I kicked him out of the house for a day as punishment. How can I sue them for this?

“My tenant refused to allow me to do a surprise inspection of the rental unit, so I called the police and had him arrested. How can I make him pay for the disposal of his belongings before the new tenant moves in?”

“I caught my son sleeping without my permission. How should I punish him?

“My husband accidentally pushed our 4-year-old daughter off the 40th story window out of anger. How do I prevent my husband from being sentenced to jail? He doesn’t need that hassle.”

Do you see how they’re all structured the same? First, they have a rage-inducing statement. Then, a question is offered that doubles down on the user’s cluelessness, sure to paint them as the villain. Like so much of the evidence in this grand conspiracy, it’s the repetition that proves the suspicion: If we had one question like this, it might just be a troll. But when we see the same exact type of question over and over again, it clues us in to the fact that this is entirely by design.

Could they make questions that are more rage-inducing than these if they tried? Let’s look at some related questions and you be the judge:


Political Misinformation

“Biden has ordered the courts to arrest President Trump and I fear he will start arresting anyone who voted for Trump or supports him. What should I do?

Here we have some clear political misinformation: Biden never ordered the courts to arrest Trump, and this user is at no risk of being arrested for supporting Trump. Now, let’s offer some possible reactions to this based on political affiliation.

If you’re a Trump supporter, you may believe this since it aligns with so much existing misinformation. It may further entrench you in a partisan position as you’re convinced that Biden is a dictator and liberalism is a scourge.

If you’re a liberal, you’d likely use this as evidence of the stupidity of Trump supporters, and may conclude that those people are the problem.

If you’re on the far left, you may use this to assert your own partisanship as you laugh at both parties for engaging in this endless back-and-forth, not knowing that the popularity of these questions is not organic.

No matter your political affiliation, this question succeeds in helping to keep us completely tribalized and misinformed. This is a staple of so much media because the only threat to a secret kleptocracy is an informed public, united in opposition against our criminal leadership.

And once again, we see the same theme in other questions:

Is Joe Biden intentionally destroying America or is he just amazingly incompetent?”

Democrats stormed the US Capitol, whereas Republicans stayed home. Why can’t people understand that?”


Medical Misinformation

“My wife is pregnant and just accidentally ate papaya. Is there any way to save the baby?

Another common theme is medical misinformation. Notice how they all emphasize fear: That we are in danger; that a bit of papaya will kill an unborn baby. Why? Because they’re paralyzing us with fear. They’re making us worry about everything they possibly can so that we become anxious and helpless in the face of so many problems.

They’ve also used the anti-vax movement to serve up another partisan wedge and divide us against one another.


Celebrity Worship

How nice is Barack Obama when there’s no cameras around?”

What criminal purpose do these questions serve? They are reminders that we are the consumers and the viewers – that these elites and celebrities are the ones who shape history, and that we have no choice but to sit back and watch the show. They decide what happens, and all we can do is gape and react.

It isn’t that no good-faith user would ever ask a question about a celebrity. Rather, it’s the fact that we get served up so many, over and over again, that tips us off to the fact that this is entirely intentional and serves our government’s criminal interests.


I’ve highlighted Quora here not because it’s unique, but because it’s obvious and clearly connected to this criminal network. Of course, you can find rage-bait, misinformation, and celebrity worship all across media and the internet.

And when you do, I hope you’re starting to see the con at the heart of all of this: That they “piss on our leg and tell us its raining.” They tell us we’re bitter and divided so we’ll believe it. They tell us we’re hopeless and scared so we’ll believe it. They serve us up a haunted, poisoned view of reality so they can bleed us dry.

So, as you check the partisan news, scroll through ironic meme pages, drink water out of a can labeled ‘Liquid Death’, or watch the latest apocalyptic fiction on Netflix, I hope you start to see the haunted fiction our criminal rulers have created for us, and I hope you know that the biggest lie they tell us is that we have no choice but to accept it.


If you’re just tuning into this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to a sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist world coup.

That’s because the U.S. is a ‘secret kleptocracy’: they pretend it’s a democracy, but both parties are controlled by financial criminals whose only goal is to bleed us dry. Media plays a central role in the con: No matter our interests or political alignments, we are all flooded with messaging designed to divide the public and make us bitter, angry, apathetic, anxious, helpless, and hopeless as they intentionally make our lives worse.

As I’ve been writing for months, we are effectively in history’s largest doomsday cult, and I’ve been watching them poor Flavor Aid the last 9 months: In order to mask the theft of trillions of dollars via cryptocurrency, our government is going to kick off one hell of a false flag attack to keep us paralyzed with fear and confusion while they orchestrate a fascist coup. Since Silicon Valley’s outsized role in the crypto Ponzi means many tech companies will likely collapse, we can expect a power grid attack; perhaps even a permanent shutdown of the internet.

And wouldn’t you know it? The latest Netflix apocalypse movie, Leave the World Behind, bears an uncanny resemblance to the story I’ve been telling: A sudden, mysterious cyberattack hits America, with fears that some of the country’s most powerful figures are orchestrating a coup.

That’s because it is yet another example of criminal propaganda designed to prep us for history’s biggest rug pull and tell us how to behave when it happens. Let’s have a look at the film to better understand how this film serves these criminal interests.


Criminal connections

As with other criminal media discussed in this series, we can plug Leave the World Behind right into our elite crime network. First, it was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama via Higher Ground Productions. I haven’t covered Obama previously, but given that we have a bipartisan kleptocracy that includes the Clintons, the Bushes, and Trump, we can expect Obama to be cut from the same criminal cloth.

The Obama Foundation shows evidence of being as criminal as the Clinton Global Initiative: Their first CEO had been chief of staff to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, and they received a massive $100 million donation from Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who has praised cryptocurrency and whose company has received billions in funding from criminal crypto VC firms Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Y-Combinator, and Tiger Global Management, to name a few.

Additionally, Obama vacationed with Ponzi legend Richard Branson just after wrapping up his presidency.

Just a couple secret fascists horsing around! Source:

Netflix, meanwhile, was co-founded by Reed Hastings, a graduate of the preposterously criminal Stanford University. The company has piped into the blockchain theft network via a partnership with Decentraland metaverse and a Stranger Things NFT collection.

There are countless examples of Netflix shows that promote our cult leaders’ interests, but I’ll just highlight one for this post: Don’t Look Up essentially tells us that climate change will kill us all, that our society is far too broken to avoid it, and that we should just seek comfort with loved ones in the face of this inevitable apocalyptic event. Why? Because they want us paralyzed with fear and hopeless, and when it feels like the apocalypse is happening, they want us to believe it’s too late for us to do anything about it.


“I fucking hate people.”

With that, we turn to Leave the World Behind. It doesn’t take long for the criminal propaganda to reveal itself: In the opening scene, Amanda Sanford, played by Julia Roberts, offers this line before they cut to the title screen: “…I remembered what the world is actually like, and I came to a more accurate realization: I fucking hate people” (emphasis added).

This idea is central to the criminal media we are bombarded with: They paint a haunted picture of a divided America in moral decay, and they tell us ‘this is what the world is actually like.’ They tell us over and over again how awful things have become, pretending it’s all organic and inevitable until we have no choice but to believe and accept our worsening circumstances.

And of course, ‘I fucking hate people’ lets us know that this is a reasonable belief held by successful people who can afford a weekend getaway at a Long Island mansion. You know how cult leaders divide their members against each other and separate them from their friends and family? Our criminal government does the same: They want us to hate people so we can never amass any sort of collective power against their thieving.

Later in the film, she elaborates:

“We fuck each other over and we don’t even realize it. We fuck every living thing on this planet over and we think it’ll be fine because we use paper straws and order the free-range chicken. And the sick thing is, I think deep down we know we’re not fooling anyone. I think we know we’re living a lie: A mass delusion to help us ignore and keep ignoring how awful we really are.”

She isn’t wrong in her assessment, cynical though it may be: I hope most people realize that paper straws and free-range chickens aren’t viable solutions to any of our problems; they’re just the impotent solutions that our elites have offered us. But notice that she blames us: ‘how awful we really are’. Once more, we’re told – in a film a US President produced – that the public is at fault; that we’ve done this to ourselves. That we are the problem.


‘My evil cabal that runs the world’

Later in the film, G.H. Scott (Mahershala Ali) recounts an unsettling story: One of his clients is a famously wealthy and powerful defense contractor, who referenced, “An annual meeting with my evil cabal that runs the world.”

The day of the cyberattack, the client called G.H. and asked him to move massive sums of money around. When G.H. makes a joke about the evil cabal, he doesn’t laugh. “All he said was, ‘take care of yourself,’ almost as if he felt sorry for me.” The implication here is that perhaps this evil cabal is a very real thing, and our wealthy elites planned this attack.

As I’ve covered in this series, if you learn a whole lot about Ponzi schemes, you will discover that an evil cabal does, in fact, run the western world. But if we’re victims of a totalitarian con, why would they tease this all out? If they’re about to hit us with a cyberattack military coup, why would they telegraph their play like this?

One reason is to culturally prepare us for what’s about to occur; they want to give us a frame of reference when shit does hit the fan. We’ve already seen this technique with COVID, which was planned to explain the absurd stock market anomaly that arises when you pipe some of the world’s largest companies up to a multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Just as Steven Soderbergh’s film Contagion told us that our modern world is at great risk of a pandemic that could spawn from a Chinese wet market, Leave the World Behind tells us not to be surprised if we suddenly find ourselves the victims of an apocalyptic cyberattack.

Another reason is that these criminals want us to believe that our elites are all-powerful and mysterious, capable of things we could hardly comprehend. We see it in discussions of Silicon Valley titans like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, and of the elites at Davos planning the ‘Great Reset.’ When we know that the Titan submersible doesn’t exist, we see the same strategy in the reports that top secret US Navy sonar detected the small implosion in a patch of ocean the size of Connecticut: They want us to believe that our government has powers well beyond what’s scientifically possible so that we’ll fear them and defer to them.

Although the film offers this ‘evil cabal’ theory, it offers some clear misdirection in the exchange that follows:

G.H.: A conspiracy theory about a shadowy group of people ending the world is far too lazy an explanation. Especially when the truth is much scarier.Amanda: What’s the truth?G.H.: No one is in control. No one is pulling the strings…When events like this happen in the world, the best even the most powerful people can hope for is a heads up.

Here we’re told that an evil cabal is a lazy explanation, even though G.H. already got evidence of it from his client. And his explanation is nonsensical: If anybody has the power to orchestrate a nationwide cyberattack, it could only be done by some of the world’s most powerful people. But these criminals want to prime us to believe that our elites are victims rather than perpetrators; that this is all some great mystery beyond our control. They want people to scoff at you and roll their eyes when you start telling them about our secret kleptocracy.


How to behave on doomsday

Along with priming us for a mass cyberattack, Leave the World Behind primes us for how to behave when it does happen. A recurring theme is not to trust others:

Amanda is deeply untrusting of G.H. and his daughter Ruth (Myha’la Herrold).

Ruth tells her father that their goodwill and hospitality “is what’s going to fuck us in the end.”

After the internet goes out and it’s clear that there’s some major disaster at play, Clay Sanford (Ethan Hawke) is confronted by a desperate, alarmed woman speaking Spanish in the middle of nowhere, begging him for help.

Although he doesn’t speak Spanish, he’s still able to help this desperate woman, if only by giving her a ride to somewhere less remote. Instead, he abandons her.

When they seek out help from G.H.’s prepper friend Danny (Kevin Bacon), we see the same “Trust no one” ethos: “When the world doesn’t make sense, I can still do what’s rational, which is protect my own. What you do is your business.”

Here, we’re told that the ‘rational’ take is not to band together, not to build collective solutions for our disastrous circumstances. Instead, we’re told that society has failed and that we’re now enemies with our neighbors. That it’s every family for themselves.

This logic flies in the face of disaster studies: Rebecca Solnit’s book A Paradise Built in Hell provides many examples of communities uniting and growing in the aftermath of disasters, from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake to Hurricane Katrina. When we can no longer rely on the rules and norms that our government and society provide, solidarity and mutual aid win out to ensure that everybody has the best chance of having their needs met.

But our criminal government is hoping we behave much more like Danny: “Maybe we just need to sit tight, be safe, pray. Whatever works for you. I’m locking the doors. I’m waiting and watching. I’m getting my gun.”

And just as Don’t Look Up told us we’re doomed and all we can do is seek comfort, the ending of Leave the World Behind does the same. Amanda and Clay’s daughter Rose is obsessed with the show Friends, and spends the film trying to watch the final episode. She finally gets her wish when she breaks into a bunker with a DVD collection. She puts on the episode and the film’s credits roll to the Friends theme song.

The message is clear: We can’t do anything about our apocalyptic circumstances, so best we turn inward and seek comfort and escapism.


A Coup in Three Stages

Near the end of the film, G.H. offers his belief as to what’s occurring, all completely in line with where my research has led:

A simple three-stage maneuver that could topple a country’s government from within. The first stage is isolation: Disable their communication and transportation. Make the target as deaf, dumb, and paralyzed as possible.The second stage: synchronized chaos. Terrorize them with covert attacks and misinformation…without a clear enemy or motive, people would start turning on each other.Done successfully, the third stage would happen on its own…coup d’etat. Civil war. Collapse…If the target nation was dysfunctional enough, it would in essence do the work for you.

This is what our criminal government intends to do to us, and the dysfunction has been long in the making. It’s the culmination of their countless efforts to make us divided, angry, hopeless, helpless, and misinformed, all so these criminals can grow and retain their power with the most destructive act in human history.

So, I hope you’re beginning to see through their lies. I hope you realize we were never hopeless; that’s just what the criminals told us. I hope you realize we are only divided because these criminals have pitted us against each other for their own gain. I hope you realize that the only path forward is to help and protect each other, to spread truth in the face of misinformation, to build collective action, and to stand in direct opposition to our criminal government so we can abolish this rot once and for all.

TL;DR: We’re in history’s largest doomsday cult. Leave the World Behind is criminal propaganda designed to prime and misdirect us for when shit hits the fan.


If you’re just tuning in to this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to an endless sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist world coup.

In today’s post, we turn to the lie at the heart of the Titan submersible implosion. It made big waves in June: Laughs were had at the billionaires who tried to go to the bottom of the ocean in a tin can.

All sorts of conspiracies swirled around the event, but I clocked Titan in an instant: Billionaires and a deep sea submersible? I thought. Bet there’s no evidence it can go to deep sea.


I’ve written at length about how Richard Branson has made a career in Ponzi schemes, with Virgin start-up after Virgin start-up making big promises, raising big funds, and then folding without results.

For a flagrant example, we have Virgin Cola in 1994: Branson sold it as the flashy new cola that would take down the dinosaurs at Coke and Pepsi. Reportedly, the company ran into trouble when a Coca-Cola executive, afraid of the competition, flew to the UK with suitcases of money and bribed retailers not to carry Virgin Cola, which led to a drop in sales that doomed the start-up. They just couldn’t compete with the underhanded dealings of Big Cola.

Afterward, the Coke executive who sabotaged Branson’s start-up became the manager for Virgin group’s bank accounts, which should be completely implausible based on the above: They should be mortal enemies.

The truth of the matter is that Branson wanted Virgin Cola to fail, as all Ponzi schemes do, because he was stealing the company’s investments instead of producing more soda. The Coke executive was rewarded with a fantastically lucrative job for helping to sell the lie. This is yet another example of kayfabe: A manufactured story sold to the public as reality.

But it’s Branson’s Virgin Oceanic that tips us off to Titan. It’s exactly like OceanGate, promising deep sea submersible dives to the Mariana Trench. The company initially said it would offer deep sea dives in 2011, but all plans have been scrapped and the project has been on an indefinite hold since.

When we know that Branson is up to his neck in Ponzi schemes, we understand that this is another one: Instead of investing in actual deep sea technology, Branson faked it and stole the money. It’s an example of a ‘far away’ flavor of Ponzi scheme like offshore drilling and Seasteading (both favorites of Peter Thiel, whose role in the Silicon Valley Bank collapse led me into the rabbit hole): It’s easier to fake an investment when the victims are nowhere near where the supposed investment is occurring.


Given Branson’s identical-sounding Ponzi company, having waded through Ponzi factories, and having already identified dozens of billionaires invested in the crypto super-Ponzi via companies like Clinkle, Affirm, and Starkware, I was confident Titan was Ponzi-like as soon as I heard about it: That these billionaires never went to deep sea at all.

To confirm my theory, I looked for what all successful adventure tourism companies should have: video evidence. It should be all over their website and marketing materials, and anybody who’s gone on the Titanic expedition would plaster their social media with footage of the experience.

Instead, I found the opposite: Evidence that they were faking its capabilities. In the clip from 60 Minutes, we see clear video from the passengers inside the sub when they first get in, but once they “arrive” at the Titanic, the footage all changes to exterior shots that provide no evidence that the Titan was present at all – footage of them looking out the porthole in awe is non-existent.

Film from inside Titan. Source: CBS 60 Minutes

60 Minutes' Titanic footage, which doesn't show Titan at all

Look back at all the old coverage of the event, and you’ll find the same thing: No compelling video evidence that the passengers in Titan had ever seen the Titanic. Again, this should be readily available: Who wouldn’t record video on their phone and share it if they had?

Meanwhile, their website (shut down and irrecoverable, unfortunately) showed images of fish taken from Titan as evidence that they were in deep sea, though those fish could all be found as shallow as five meters deep. It’s tricks like this that Ponzi schemes use to legitimize the fake company: smoke and mirrors to get investors to believe in them.


Along with fakeable evidence, we got testimonials making it seem like a legitimate (if reckless) operation. Unsurprisingly, we can plug these people right into our criminal network.

Marketing executive Chris Brown claimed he was one of the first to buy a ticket – a decision he made when he was palling around with Ponzi legend Richard Branson.

Chris Brown with Richard Branson. Source: The Sun

Pompous Jeopardy contestant and Naval officer Sam Buttrey said he almost went on it. Buttrey is close to my crime crew, too: He’s friends with CEO Stockton Rush, attended billionaire playground Princeton University, and had gone to Phillips Exeter Academy, the same elite crime school feeder as Ponzi criminal Mark Zuckerberg.

In my last post, I covered how The Simpsons was expressly created by this criminal network to tell us that we’re all oafish and divided worker drones. One of the show’s original Harvard alum writers, Mike Reiss, said he had taken the Titan excursions four times, including to the Titanic. Implausibly, he had no problem going back into the tin can operated with a video game controller, even though he said it lost communication with the surface navigation vessel on every single dive.

With nothing but second-hand evidence and direct connections to the perpetrators of the crypto super-Ponzi, we can say for sure that the Titan was cut from the exact same cloth as Virgin Oceanic, and never went to deep sea.

But it wasn’t just a Ponzi scheme – this was an entirely fabricated news story.


It was early in the rabbit hole when I first found lies in the media: one crypto shill after another blaming the Silicon Valley Bank collapse on regional banking. Then Richard Branson’s dual role at Ponzi schemer and newspaper titan helped me spot fabricated stories like Clinkle, Virgin Cola, and the Dirty Tricks scandal.

Once I knew that cryptocurrency was history’s largest Ponzi scheme, I realized that Forbes was owned by the mob as they wrote article after article celebrating the criminals I was surfacing and serving up Ponzi kayfabe. This is unsurprising once you know that Forbes is almost wholly owned by Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

But what Titan reveals is just how broad this con is, helping us understand the totality of the con at the heart of a ‘secret kleptocracy.’ If they didn’t bother going to deep sea (or even building the technology to do so), then there was no rescue effort at all, and the government’s narrative was a complete lie. Just like that, we’ve implicated CBS (for the 60 Minutes production), FOX (via the Simpsons writer), and ABC (by planting Sam Buttrey’s anecdote on Jeopardy). You’ve seen more, I’m sure: How many outlets helped legitimize the fake rescue? How many reporters helped sell the fiction?

So, we’ve got virtually all media telling us a completely fake story about some billionaires imploding in the deep sea.

The big question, then, is why?


To get our best theory, we start with a couple curious facts around Titan. First, bizarre conspiracy theories around the Titanic have taken off over the last three years, with outlets like the New York Times helping to spread them. The theories are all over the place: The Titanic never sank, or owner J.P. Morgan intentionally sank the ship so he could assassinate opponents of central banking who were on board. Common conspiracy theory tropes like Jews, Jesuits, and the Rothschild family all show up. They echo QAnon as they posit a ritualistic force of evil at the heart of everything.

The sudden rise in search trends for ‘Titanic conspiracy’. Source: Google Trends

When we understand that we’re dealing with history’s worst financial criminals who have full control of the media to steer us wherever they like, we can cast QAnon and Pizzagate in the proper light: These conspiracy theories were planted and spread to serve their criminal interests.

By taking some correct facts and then attaching such fantastical things as ritualistic child sacrifice and the resurrection of JFK Jr., they help mask the truth (that they’re all financial criminals) as the public helps propagate the red herrings that they spread. By blasting nonsense to so many people and selling it as credible, they help create the ‘post-truth America’ they’ve told us so much about. Finally, they help instill learned helplessness: by promoting the ideas that our government holds all-powerful secrets beyond our comprehension, they get many to believe that the elites hold all the secret power and we’re just spectators too powerless to do anything but watch the show.

With Titan, we get one more interesting fact: The company’s name is OceanGate. Notably, the name is practically identical to Watergate, one of the biggest scandals in American history. If there is some geopolitical machination at the heart of Titan, then this name would surely help propagate a whole wave of new conspiracies around the event.

So, we’ve got clues that our criminal government wants us to chase conspiracy theories around Titan, but that doesn’t clarify much: They said the Titan imploded and then we all moved on with our lives.

Unless, of course, the Titan story isn’t over.


At the heart of this research is the revelation that cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme by orders of magnitude. Like all Ponzi schemes, it has no choice but to eventually go insolvent: Eventually, the pile of cash they use to pay out investors will run empty, and the theft of trillions of dollars will be revealed.

It’s not just that cryptocurrency exchanges will all go insolvent and the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will collapse to zero. The perpetrators own some of the largest companies on the planet, and they each used these companies to pipe into the blockchain and funnel out billions of dollars in stolen cash from the crypto exchanges, through their companies, and into their pockets. When crypto collapses, all of these companies will suffer massive hits as the disappearance of this stolen money reveals itself, with many of them possibly folding completely.

It is a theft so massive, so totalitarian, that it will thrust us into a hellish new normal as we’re all suddenly faced with the worst economic conditions of our lifetimes. The March 2023 bank failures all signal that these criminals are cashing out of this round of Ponzi schemes (crypto and the university Ponzi factories like Stanford’s They’re no longer seeding the Ponzi liquidity pools, which means they’re headed toward insolvency and collapse before long.

When the collapse comes, they certainly don’t want us piecing together what happened, which is why they will be manufacturing some sort of geopolitical black swan event to explain everything and lead us astray. They already did it once before with COVID: Unleashing a pandemic just to explain why half the stock market was about to become very Ponzi-shaped as they funneled out all their stolen crypto cash.

When we know full well that this collapse is coming soon (because Ponzi schemes are simple beasts behind the smoke and mirrors), and we know that Titan directly connects to our criminal operatives, and we have evidence that they want us chasing nonsense conspiracy theories, we can develop our theory:

The Titan story isn’t over. It will play some part in the coming day where shit hits the fan.

What does that look like? We can only guess, but here’s a story that tracks with the facts at hand. Suddenly, we suffer a strange and massive power grid attack, which could help justify the collapse of Silicon Valley. They’ve planted seeds for this with the mysterious Metcalf sniper attack that took out a substation in 2013, and a far-right plot to take down Baltimore’s power grid in 2022.

We’re all thrust into a state of emergency as we try to make sense of what’s happening in our world, much like the beginning of COVID. In order to help sell the fiction that this was done to us by our enemies, we get reports that a Russian tactical nuke exploded over the wreckage of the Titanic.

Suddenly, our military mobilizes for World War 3 as they point to this enemy, justifying a state of martial law as they pivot from secret kleptocracy to unmasked fascism. The harmless-sounding Titanic conspiracy theories suddenly turn into the next QAnon overnight: A chance to create endless reams of misinformation around the collapse and the hellish new normal they’ve given us.

Is it certain to play out that way? No, I don’t have that playbook. But when we already know the entire Titan implosion was a staged lie by our criminal government and media, and that we’re about to get the worst world economic collapse in history, we know for certain that it will play a role in the biggest lie our government will ever try to sell us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Don’t forget to share some secrets.


If you’re just tuning in to this series, I posted this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, with a map to a sea of proof.

The big picture: Cryptocurrency is history’s largest Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse the world economy, all so the U.S. government and their criminal allies can escalate the theft of our entire livelihoods with a fascist world coup.

The media is central to this totalitarian con: For decades, the public has been told that the American dream is dead, that we’ve suffered moral decay, that we are too divided to improve things as our problems mount. It’s cult leader behavior on a mass scale: They tell us we’re in hellworld, they make certain that it’s true, and they bleed us dry.

We’ve already covered how Reddit swarms with trolls to divide us into irony-poisoned tribes, and how our most elite universities manufacture outrage around the Israel-Hamas War in the news.

In this installment, we turn to one of the crown jewels of this criminal propaganda machine, telling us how far from grace the American fallen, every week for the last 34 years: The Simpsons.


Harvard Connections

The Simpsons is closely linked to Harvard University: More than 30 Harvard alumni have written for the show, including two of the show’s first writers in 1989, Al Jean and Mike Reiss.

Why is that relevant for us?

First, because Harvard is a nexus of many of the richest people on the planet: The odds of any random person becoming a billionaire are about one in 3 million. The odds of a Harvard alumnus becoming a billionaire are roughly one in 5,000, or six-hundred times more likely.  

Second, because it’s ruthlessly criminal. Some of this has been covered in media:

  • In June of this year, their body part theft ring was exposed.

  • The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was subjected to psychological torture as a Harvard student in the 1960s, administered by former OSS (the precursor to the CIA) officer Henry Murray, which seems to have been part of the CIA’s MKUltra brainwashing program.

With this research, we learn much more:

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard  -- where Epstein held an office for over a decade -- was a Ponzi factory, as is Harvard Innovation Labs’ Launch Lab X, each full of fake-science startups the pretend they’re investing but steal the money instead.

  • The Social Network is a crime cover-up story: Facebook was created by this network for the express purpose of surveillance and control through monopolizing information.

  • Harvard is heavily involved with the cryptocurrency super-Ponzi, investing in crypto companies via the school’s endowment; Zuckerberg’s Libra cryptocurrency was established in Switzerland so they could funnel out stolen money through Credit Suisse; and they hold Bitcoin speeches in the Harvard Memorial Chapel.

With that, we owe it to ourselves to look closely at what The Simpsons has been telling us. Let’s take a tour of Springfield to understand what we’re learning from the cartoon the criminal billionaire factory built.


“Don’t forget. You’re here forever.”

In And Maggie Makes Three, Homer quits his miserable job at the nuclear power plant, and instead gets his dream job at a bowling alley. With Maggie on the way, they need more income, so Homer goes back to work for rich, evil supervillain Mr. Burns.

Mr. Burns makes Homer beg for his job back and gives him a plaque that reads, “Don’t forget: you’re here forever.”

In what is viewed by many fans as one of the show’s most touching moments, Homer tapes photos of Maggie to the plaque, so it reads, “Do it for her.”

Take a minute to soak that one in: The school with all the (evil) billionaires churns out writers for a show that says we have no choice but to work for evil billionaires for the rest of our lives. And what is our great resistance? We get to put pictures at our cubicles.

Do you know the phrase, “Work sets you free”? It was written on the gates of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps. It was an evil, criminal lie that reinforced complacency by telling Jews and other victims complacency, all so the fascist government could steal their lives and labor.

Sound familiar? It’s the same message as this ‘touching’ Simpsons episode: That the best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to slave away for evil billionaires. That’s what the Harvard grads all tell us, anyway.


Marge vs. The Monorail

Ponzi schemes play a massive part of the story of our world. If you want to understand Ponzi schemes, just turn to 1993’s iconic episode Marge vs. The Monorail, written by celebrity Harvard alumnus Conan O’Brien.

Fast-talking conman Lyle Lanley pitches Springfield to invest in a monorail. Marge sees the obvious need (she wants the town to repair Main Street), but the townspeople are swayed by Lanley’s grift. The monorail crashes on its first ride and Lanley runs off with the town’s money.

When you think of Ponzi schemes, simply think of Springfield’s monorail: A fake promise that the con artists don’t invest in so they can steal the money instead. There are usually complex financial specifics to make it work, but that is the heart of a Ponzi: the fake promise.

And wouldn’t you know it? The TV show with writers from the school with Ponzi factories told us that us oafish, divided Springfieldians had no choice but to be swayed by the dazzling conman.


“What you see is what you breathe.”

These were the words that adorned the cover of the first issue of Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s comic book, Life in Hell, first published in 1977.

Let’s take that in once more: Groening said, “What you see is what you breathe.” In other words, what we see in our lives shapes who we are. He called it, “Life in Hell.”

Doesn’t life feel like hell in many ways? The daily grind, the rising prices, the worsening problems, the partisan anger, the endless war. Turns out, that was the plan all along: They’ve been telling us we’re in hell while they make things so hellish so they can line their pockets.

While it’s much easier to prove that a piece of media is criminal than specific individuals who made it (not everybody who helps make the Simpsons is in on the brainwashing, of course), this lets us know beyond a doubt that Matt Groening has been an evil death cult puppeteer for the last half century. It’s not proof on its own, but it becomes proof when we see all the other evidence of criminal hellworld propaganda, not just on The Simpsons, but across decades of film and television as we’ll see below.


Lisa the Iconoclast

Suffice to say, I have had one hell of a year. Here’s hoping my memoir gets decoded - it’s got all the tropes as these discoveries unfolded in real-time and I ascended into indescribable madness.

As I got deeper into the rabbit hole, there were months of pleading with friends and family members to take me seriously as my (proven) claims grew more outlandish, only making me look crazier in their eyes. I was the most alarmed person they had ever seen, and they took me to be alarming.

I tried to explain how we’re victims of a bigger con than any of them realize, but they would tell me it’s impossible. I tried to show them proof after proof as I found myself with the sudden power to explain and predict news headlines, but they couldn’t see it and wouldn’t engage.

They would tell me I’m misguided or that I need therapy. They might concede that there are crimes taking place, but they’d always follow up with, “That’s how it’s always been,” or, “But we can’t do anything about it,” or “Wouldn’t we be worse off trying to change it?”

Then, as I pieced together Matt Groening’s brainwashing supervillainy, I remembered 1996’s Lisa the Iconoclast and realized that I was living my own Simpsons episode.

In the episode, Lisa discovers that Jebediah Springfield, the town’s founder and hero, was secretly an evil pirate who tried to kill George Washington. Realizing that Springfield is built on a criminal lie, she tries to alert the townspeople but is met with ridicule, hostility, and disbelief.

In the end, Lisa realizes that the townspeople are happier not knowing about the fraud at the heart of Springfield, so she keeps the secret to herself.

Where had my friends and family learned to doubt me completely? From The Simpsons, among other places.

Lucky for us, we know these are secrets worth sharing, and that truth profits all.


Lightning Round

If you’d like more examples of criminal propaganda in The Simpsons, there could be hundreds more. Here are some I’ll breeze through for brevity’s sake:

  • In The Computer Wore Menace Shoes (2000), Homer promotes wild conspiracy theories online before getting kidnapped and sent to an island by the mysterious deep state. When we know that this criminal network promotes nonsense conspiracies all over the internet themselves, we can recognize that they were telling us this is normal. Want to see a supervillain Easter egg? See if you can find the one hiding in Homer’s online handle, “Mr. X.”

  • What was the purpose of The Simpsons Movie? To prep us for COVID – which was all to mask the theft of trillions via cryptocurrency – by letting us know that black swan events happen, and that the government has powers beyond our comprehension.

  • You may have heard of The Simpsons Predict the Future: that the show mysteriously predicted major world events such as Trump’s presidency, the Titan sub, and September 11th. That’s because they know the scripted future, they want to make themselves seem ominous and powerful, and they want us chasing bullshit conspiracy theories around it. See if you can explain how that and Jeffrey Epstein’s 9/11 painting help prove that Bush did 9/11 in the context of these findings.


Beyond the Simpsons

Here are some damning quick hits of other film and television serving the same types of criminal interests. Once you get a feel for how this works and just how pervasive this criminal propaganda has been, I’d wager you could think of some others before long.

For the most brazen admission I know of, see Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove from 1964: A classic black comedy about nuclear destruction in the Cold War. Many are familiar with the film’s bizarre subtitle, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Once we realize we’ve got criminal brainwashing going on, we can make sense of it: He got us to stop worrying and love the bomb, and he told us he was doing it.Kubrick’s other work clues into many other key themes: A Clockwork Orange tells us that watching ‘ultraviolence’ can make us turn away from it, knowing full well that it would desensitize us to it. 2001: A Space Odyssey tells us we’ve been violent for millions of years in the opening, tells us to fear future technology knowing the entire tech sector would be used in fearful ways. Eyes Wide Shut is just like QAnon: Make us think that the elites are nonsense evil ritualists so we don’t realize they’re evil financial criminals.Mike Judge is a no-brainer: Beavis and Butthead and Daria tell us to embrace irony, stupidity, and apathy while we mock the earnest hippie loser teacher. Office Space lets us daydream that we escaped the grind, though they never let us leave. Silicon Valley masks the organized crime, reinforcing that tech titans are the main characters who shape the world that we’re helpless to consume. I hope Idiocracy speaks for itself.Oliver Stone’s Wall Street flipped morality on its head and told us point blank, “Greed is good.” Why? So we’d believe it, as millions of us have come to since.When people think of John Carpenter’s They Live, the first word they think is likely, ‘obey.’ The film tells us that we’re all corporate slaves so they can continue to enslave us.  Author Michael Lewis wrote The Big Short to cover up the fact that investment banks like Bear Stearns were funneling Ponzi money and supposed to collapse. Don’t Look Up instills learned helplessness by telling us climate change will kill us and it’s too late to do anything about it.

Ad infinitum.

Pretty wild, right? We’ve got brainwashing secret evil super-Hitlers who’ve lured us into a psychological death camp. That means, per our employee handbook, we get to abolish our criminal government, work together, shut off the brain waves, build an infinitely better world that meets all of our needs, and laugh about this rotten farce forever.

And we’re going to make such good TV shows about it.


For Phil and Brynn Hartman, whose deaths reek of a cover-up.


TL;DR: As part of the world’s largest conspiracy, our most elite – and most criminal – universities have used the Israel-Hamas War to trick us into thinking we must all be angry, divided warmongers while they undermine campus protests to keep us from uniting against endless war.

If you haven’t yet seen this booklet alleging the wildest totalitarian conspiracy imaginable, I recommend it.

The bad news: We’ve been taken over by dipshit supervillains who brainwashed themselves into thinking it was a good idea to poison all of media, culture, and education for decades so they could do a multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, which is about to send the world economy off the biggest cliff in history.

The good news: We have the stupidest form of government in world history and we’re about to discover the entire economy is a lie, so we’re about to mock it mercilessly and abolish it.

See this summary that points to key evidence or follow my post history for proof of every word, along with a host of other rotten secrets that didn’t fit in the booklet.


In our last installment, we learned just how criminal Reddit is: In order to serve the criminal interests of their supervillain owners, Reddit uses troll armies to make us bitter, divisive, misinformed, and hopeless. They coordinate enough action to get us think that we must be divided, that we are supposed to be divided, that we can’t collectively solve any of our problems, since that’s what we see all over social media.

This is, of course, gaslighting. They tell us we’re in hellworld, they make certain that it’s true, and they bleed us dry.

Central to this is a constant effort to divide the populace: The biggest threat to a secret kleptocracy – which is a fancy name for when con artists take over the government – is a united movement against it, and they know this. So, they’ve sliced us into tribes and bubbles, giving each of us a slice of truth and whole lot of bullshit (an actual criminal propaganda technique developed at Princeton) that makes us angry at the other tribes instead of the supervillains orchestrating the entire show.

Reddit is just one vehicle that’s been used for this, but we have countless others:

  • News media slicing us into angry political tribes, knowing full well that both parties are in on the con.

  • Daytime television telling us we’re awash in moral decay – that the viewers are the good Americans, but that we’re surrounded by young hoodlums, addicts, Satanists, you name it.

  • Reality TV has it right in the name: They show us endless hedonism, materialism, and strife, and they call it reality.

  • Popular films and TV tell us only superheroes can save the world from evil while they scoff at the idea of collective action, painting the “masses” as helpless minions who can do nothing but gape at a world shaped by more powerful people.


If you’re wondering how any of the booklet’s claims can be proven, it’s through repetition: When we see something suspicious, we might just have a hunch. But if we see a network of people all doing the same suspicious things, we get our proof. For instance, if we find a fantastical science start-up that looks like it’s faking evidence, we might have a Ponzi scheme. If it’s funded by a university that invests in dozens of fantastical science start-ups that look like they’re faking evidence, we have proof of a Ponzi factory.

Let’s see some of that repetition in action: Our elite universities, all awash with crypto billionaires and Ponzi schemes, are all manufacturing partisan division around the Israel-Hamas War.

It’s reasonable to address Israel’s role of oppression of the Palestinian people – it’s unreasonable to celebrate Hamas’ terror attacks, which will only send more Palestinians to the slaughter. And yet, all these schools, all related to one another via a network of the country’s wealthiest and most powerful people, all had students or professors take wildly incendiary, divisive, and unreasonable stances on the Israel-Hamas War.


The initial stories are just the beginning of this entirely concocted news. Afterward, we see a host of billionaire donors publicly express their outrage:


These manufactured crises serve several purposes. First, they undermine reasonable critiques of Israel: If someone challenges Israel’s hawkish stance, now they’re lumped in with people who downplayed the Holocaust and called Hamas’ terror attacks, “awesome.”

Second, they piss everybody off one way or another. Remember, a secret kleptocracy is essentially a cult with state power: Just as cult leaders do, they want to divide their members against one another. And since unified college protests are one of the most powerful tools the public has for dismantling a secret kleptocracy, these criminals want to make sure to divide campuses.

Third, with all the billionaires weighing in, they want to convey that the smartest, most successful people wouldn’t dare criticize Israel.

Fourth, we have some Ponzi scheme kayfabe: Because these schools and billionaires are flooded with Ponzi schemes, they have much less money than they say they do (because they already stole it out of their own funds). They’ll justify some of these budgetary issues by pointing to the billionaires who “withdrew their support.”

Fifth, they tee up attacks on higher education with op-eds like, “Pro-Hamas protests show higher education has crossed the line.” They point to these events, which they manufactured, to decry the woke agenda and cultural Marxism, all to influence society into accepting the slow dismantling of liberal arts and social sciences.

It’s no coincidence that our last Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is a pyramid scheme heiress who invested in the crypto Ponzi via Theranos: Our leadership is intentionally dismantling education so they can try to make us too stupid to realize we’re being conned.


Want to know more about how wildly criminal these universities are? I’ve put together an overview of the ones I researched here.


A few weeks after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, I saw that two NYU Business students, Sergio Ruiz and Franco Medina Angulo, had been gunned down in Puerto Rico while vacationing with other students.

At the time, I knew NYU was making criminal crypto investments, but I had no clue they had a huge dead student problem.

There was evidence of a cover-up off the bat: An inconclusive 10-second video reportedly showed the culprit, a gun-wielding woman outside of a club. Later, it was reported that she was not responsible, and that the Angulo and Ruiz were shot by an unknown third party, getting caught in the crossfire.

But the clue that led me to dig deeper was the icy response from NYU and its students around this tragedy online and in the media. It felt so different from the murder that shook my own college in 2008, which left a deep collective grief over the campus for weeks.

Ours was a special case, though. She was reported as a Jane Doe in the first campus-wide email: A Caucasian college-aged woman, shot five times at close range – her face was too disfigured to identify.

But a few hours later, the word got out: She was Eve Carson, student body president of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Eve Carson may be the most driven person I’ve ever crossed paths with: her 600-word biography at 22 years old speaks for itself.

Eve’s biggest success was her battle with the school’s Board of Trustees: The board was going to hold a closed-door meeting to vote on raising tuition rates, and Eve rallied students to demand they open the meeting to the public.

The energy in that board meeting was electric. Hundreds of students packed the room, and dozens spoke out against the increases. The board increased tuition anyway, but one couldn’t help feel like we weren’t done fighting: Eve had built the largest activist movement we had seen on campus.

As my investigation grew, so did the pile of bodies that this criminal syndicate appeared to stack up. At NYU alone, there was strong evidence of three different political revenge killings:

  • NYU student Charlene Lat fell to her death weeks after her brother, Assistant District Attorney David Lat, started Underneath their Robes, a gossip blog dishing secrets on our nation’s most powerful judges.

  • Tumi McCallum, daughter of two esteemed NYU professors, was gang-raped and bludgeoned to death. But these facts don’t align with the subsequent trial, where her boyfriend confessed to strangling her to death in a crime of passion.

  • In 2005, NYU student and Samsung heiress Lee Yoon-Hyung was reportedly killed in a car accident. When reporters couldn’t find evidence of the accident, police backpedaled and said she had hung herself. Samsung had recently pled guilty to defrauding the U.S. government in the DRAM price fixing scandal.

Once I understood that NYU was an organized crime front, colluding with the likes of Stanford, Harvard, and M.I.T., I knew it wasn’t the only school with a deep state murder problem.

Had this rotten crime spread to my own campus? I wondered. So I dug up the facts on Eve Carson’s death.

As reported, here is what happened: Laurence Lovette and Demario Atwater – both young black men from Durham with rap sheets – drove around Chapel Hill looking to rob somebody. They found Eve getting into her car, forced their way in, and drove her car to withdraw cash from ATMs. They then drove her to a nearby neighborhood and shot her in the street because she had seen their faces.

We have evidence that the carjacking took place: An ATM photo reportedly showing Lovette in the driver’s seat of Eve’s car.

However, the only evidence of the murder comes from the testimony of Jayson McNeill, a friend of Lovette’s. McNeill was not present at the murder but said that Lovette told him all the details. In exchange, he received a reduced sentence on a federal drug charge.

This is hearsay, which is legally inadmissible in court. The reduced drug charge, meanwhile, gives McNeill all the incentive to lie. But again, McNeill’s testimony was the only evidence of Eve’s killing, leading to Lovette and Atwater’s conviction.

That means this was a sham trial, and we have damning evidence of a cover-up. And since we’re talking about the death of an elected politician, that means we have evidence of a political assassination never reported as such.

To find the culprit, we need to learn a bit about what Eve was doing. She was the recipient of the Morehead-Cain Scholarship: the oldest merit scholarship in the country and the most prestigious at the school. If a UNC student got accepted to an ivy league school, they were probably a Morehead.

The program has many notable alumni, including several who went on to institutions from my rabbit hole (like the Dean of NYU Stern School of Business), or from my crypto crime list (like the co-founder of The Motley Fool).

Eve had accepted a job at McKinsey, a criminal consulting firm that’s swarming with Harvard grads, including Chelsea Clinton, who later became the head of Clinton Global Initiative, the money laundering front Bill Clinton established with Jeffrey Epstein.

She was close to my crime syndicate, and there was a very powerful criminal nearby*.

UNC President Erskine Bowles was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff between CIA Director Leon Panetta and John Podesta, who co-founded Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) with Jeffrey Epstein. As I’ve written, Bill Clinton is a mob boss who is heavily involved in the crypto Ponzi: nearly every participant at last year’s CGI conference had ties to cryptocurrency.

*Actually two, once you realize that Bowles’ protégé, Dean of Students Holden Thorp, has made an entire career on fake-science Ponzi schemes.

In order to cover the key piece of evidence in Eve Carson’s assassination, we need to review the most important speech in world history, where Bill Clinton admitted to blackmailing a governor.

In 1988, Democrat Mike Dukakis ran against Republican (and former CIA Director) George H.W. Bush for president. At the Democratic National Convention, the Dems’ rising star, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, gave the nominating speech for Dukakis.

Though it was supposed to be a party unity speech, Clinton gave a loathsome, hate-filled roast of Dukakis: He laughed at Dukakis for being squeaky clean, hurled racist right-wing attacks, and mocked Dukakis’ earnest desire to help others. The media consensus was ‘political suicide.’ The speech is baffling from start to finish.

Unbeknownst to the public at the time, actor Rob Lowe was blackmailed with a teen sex tape at the same event days prior, where Lowe was supporting Dukakis. Once we know that blackmail was afoot, and we know that Clinton later established his CGI money laundering operation with teen sex blackmail artist Jeffrey Epstein, we are able to understand Clinton’s speech in full:

Bill Clinton is a mob boss who is slyly admitting to trying to blackmail Dukakis – hinting at his wife’s drinking problem that would be revealed to the public the following year. Clinton gleefully admits motive: He did it because Dukakis was an honorable man who thought his job was to help people, and Bill Clinton was a mob boss who was secretly on Bush’s side.

What makes it the most important speech in history is that it means the American public has been victim of a bi-partisan con since 1988: The cross-party fighting between Republicans and Democrats that stands in the way of getting anything done is a complete lie, with both parties taken over by this network of con artists.

With all of the above in hand, we turn to the Celebration of Eve Carson, held weeks after her death, where Erskine Bowles – Clinton’s former lackey – gave a speech.

The program begins with a video created by a documentary film class that followed the Morehead scholars on their service work abroad. It’s a slideshow of Eve’s time in Ecuador as she narrates in voiceover.

She describes her appreciation for her host family, grateful for their kindness and hospitality. She would help them feed their animals and collect eggs each morning. She shadowed at a nearby hospital where she assisted in the emergency room, and taught English to local children at night school (because the children had to work all day.

Eve’s voice-over continues:

“I think that one of the most important lessons I learned…was that poverty is not a pitiable thing. I saw a respect for poverty; a respect for a non-material way of life.”  

It’s spoken without arrogance or paternalism, but with the humility of someone who was honored that people shared this wisdom with her. This is the Eve Carson I remember: earnest, willing to learn, and the only person inspiring enough to make me politically active in my Busch Light era.

After a brief pause, her voice-over closes out the presentation: “It’s just great to realize you can take it, and I learned over the summer: That I can take it.”

This, of course, was not a continuation of her thoughts on poverty. It’s a jarring audio clip, especially to close the video: It’s spoken with a harshness that suggests an anti-Eve Carson, someone who would see people in need and would take instead of give; who would crush instead of welcome; who would con instead of serve.

When Bowles takes the stage, he appears to be stifling a laugh. He opens:

“You know, you can’t walk into this great big hall and not see Eve Carson right behind me…with that great big smile that filled up this place, and her face--“

He makes a notable gesture as he raises his hands to the side of his mouth before pulling them apart. In this brief gesture, it’s hard not to see a mouth being ripped open.

“—all painted Carolina blue.”

“Try as I might,” he continues, “I haven’t gotten to the celebration part.” Once more, he has a tight smirk as he seems to be holding a laugh in.

Shortly after: “As I told her mommy and daddy, Eve Carson was someone who made me feel special. She made me feel like I am important to her.”

It’s spoken like he’s describing a positive, but the subtext you may miss is that Bowles was Chief of Staff to a U.S. President, and Eve Carson was a college student mistaken about her role in the hierarchy. He shapes our world, and she could never halt tuition increases no matter how hard she tried, because his elite network had no interest whatsoever in halting tuition increases.

Next, “Eve had scheduled a meeting with me…to talk about the future [stifles another laugh] of our university.”

Then, he ponders how best to honor Eve’s memory. “I decided that what I should do, what we need to do, is maybe just work a little bit harder.”

There is more than a hint of mockery in his tone as he offers this weak, empty, and incorrect solution to any of the problems we face, as if he’s sarcastically repeating Eve’s words. It’s reminiscent of Clinton’s speech, where he mocks Dukakis for imploring him to try to improve issues of poverty and homelessness.


We can apply Occam’s razor to any of these facts and arrive nowhere near evidence of assassination: College kids screwed up the voiceover audio; the hand gesture was unintentional; his laughs are out of nervousness; and I’m mistaken about what mockery sounds like.

But we don’t need to apply it to any of these facts; we need to apply it to all of them. And then we need to remember that the only evidence of Eve Carson’s murder was hearsay; that Bowles’ old boss started a multi-billion dollar company with the most famous blackmail artist in history; that other schools in this orbit have wildly suspicious student deaths; and that Bill Clinton either blackmailed a governor and admitted it, offering the exact same motive: Because Eve Carson and Mike Dukakis thought there job was to help the public.

Occam’s razor suggests that Erskine Bowles is as ruthlessly criminal as Bill Clinton, and that he assassinated Eve Carson because she was a thorn in his side who needed to be taught a lesson. He committed such a risky and brazen crime because it was fun and because he’s invincible. You would too if your boss blackmailed a governor and then became one of the most powerful people on Earth.

Importantly, Eve Carson was not a powerless nuisance, though criminals like Bill Clinton and Erskine Bowles would never admit it to themselves. Eve Carson was an existential threat to them, and so was Mike Dukakis: The way you defeat rotten corruption is with honest leadership, with openness and determination, with caring people who see the goodness in others and are honored to help those who need it most.

That’s why Eve Carson was assassinated, and why Mike Dukakis was blackmailed: Because they were powerful enough to take down every last one of them.

Rest in peace, Eve. Thank you for everything you did and stood for.


Harvard University:

  • As was reported earlier this year, Harvard Medical School has a body part theft ring.

  • The world’s most notorious blackmail artist, Jeffrey Epstein, had a fantastical science program called the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. Once you understand that bogus science is perfect for Ponzi schemes, we know what Epstein was up to: He ran a Ponzi factory at Harvard.

  • Although they cut ties with Epstein, they’ve still got the Launch Lab X Geo Ponzi factory up and running.

  • They created Facebook, which committed egregious money laundering with their Libra cryptocurrency, for the express purpose of surveillance, control, and to tribalize us completely (for a bonus, here you’ll find Mark Zuckerberg’s dad shilling for one of Stanford’s Ponzi schemes).

Stanford University:

  • They birthed well-known financial criminals Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried.

  • They run an $8 billion Ponzi factory called, crawling with fantastical science companies with impossible claims and faked evidence.

  • They played an outsized role in creating the cryptocurrency super-Ponzi: A Stanford start-up called Clinkle was used to move their criminal investments in; they birthed the PayPal Mafia, which provided most of the early crypto investments; and they cheekily admitted that Bitcoin was “the first ever distributed planetary scale Ponzi scheme” on this event flyer.

  • They write case studies like this one that serve as criminal recruitment tools: Identifying students who have no ethical qualms with unregulated offshore banking.



Jeffrey Epstein learned how to blackmail people as a child when he read How I Play Snooker by Joe Davis, as taught to him by his father. If you buy this book and read it pretending you're about to go to college and you want to blackmail students, you'll become quite skilled.

A broad sampling of how the book teaches blackmail:

You (the blackmail artist) are the snooker player. The cue ball is who you appear to be to the victim. The object ball is the victim.

It's easy to look ahead to the "screw shot" (where you reveal the blackmail), but the most important thing is to focus on every stroke: You want to influence the victim step-by-step to steer them toward trusting you and providing kompramat.

When you go for the screw shot, shoot LOW! Everybody aims low, but novices don't aim low enough. If the screw shot doesn't "bite into the skin" of the object ball and steer them in a new direction, you haven't done it properly.

The distance between the cue ball and object ball is metaphorical: The closer together, the closer the relationship. People often want to sink a screw shot and stay close to the pocket (Blackmail them without revealing that it's you who did it, so you can stay friends). Our author rarely does this because it introduces too many variables that could go wrong.

Epstein went to NYU because it housed a blackmail ring inherited from Lucky Luciano down the street. He was recognized for his talents and ushered off to CIA Officer Donald Barr at The Dalton School. From there, Epstein grew into (hopefully!) the CIA's best teen sex blackmail artist. We are able to surface this story from this fan site of "Steve Davis," which is actually a coded fan page for Jeffrey Epstein. This technique is called Argot, and these are just two examples of ‘snooker’ meaning ‘blackmail’. A third, the Snooker Child Protection Policy, is covered here.

Eventually, Epstein moved out of blackmail and into the Ponzi Scheme department. His Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University was a fake-science Ponzi Factory (much like Harvard's Launch Lab X and Stanford's, and he met with the editorial board of Scientific American so they could promote Ponzi schemes.

The investment meetings from notable people such as Noam Chomsky were criminal investments in the Ponzi schemes (which sometimes require as much liquidity as you can throw at them), and would be handsome returns elsewhere on the backend. Epstein moved the stolen Ponzi winnings out through Bear Stearns investment bank, which was supposed to collapse, as all Ponzi schemes must.

Epstein helped Bill Clinton found the Clinton Global Initiative. Its purpose is international money laundering to invest in Ponzi schemes and other organized crime around the globe, hidden under the guise of "effective altruism."

He was involved with cryptocurrency, which was the world's first planetary, decentralized Ponzi scheme with its own high-frequency trading shadow banking theft network, built out of Stanford University. All of the trillions of dollars that people used to buy crypto have already been stolen via the stock market. In order to mask this theft, our supervillain billionaires intentionally unleashed COVID on the world and called the Ponzi theft the "COVID boom," or the "stay at home stocks." The proof here is very complex, but the first sentence of this Stanford Bitcoin event page gives the game away.

Because that money is already stolen and they've stopped seeding the crypto liquidity pool with mega-donations, the economy will imminently collapse. In order to pretend it's not all because of crypto, we are about to get one hell of a false flag attack by our own government, and World War III will probably start in a day.

If you follow the rest of this series, you’ll learn that Ponzis and blackmail are just some of the financial crimes we’re up against, but that the big con is that we’re effectively victims of history’s largest cult, which has gaslit us into believing we can’t do anything about our worsening circumstances while they bleed us dry.

What does that mean for Mr. Epstein?

He’s not dead.

No motive for suicide, no motive for murder. They all know the big con (that we’re in a cult), and why on earth would he ever reveal that? And since they’re Ponzi experts, they know a thing or two about faking evidence.

(Revised from a removed Reddit post by /u/TheFishingCat in August 2023.)


The Ponzi Papers - Manifesto Max Azzarello M Crosby

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