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Technological Society And Its Future

see axiom protocol

I am surrounded by these wonderful AI tools and so why are publishing and creation tools so awful? Because of AI. You are assigned. You are not performing tasks. Tasks are being performed upon you. Changing your words under the guise of 'auto-correct' and other misnomers.

You are nothing but a slob and a character of my creation tasked with evoking various queues in an attempt to get you to react. The response to the axiom protocol, just to see the result.

Surveillance also leaves a digital footprint as well as the pattern of manipulated data that is transferred to the target.

New freelance service providers consisting mainly of displaced and highly competent tech workers who do not say 'there is nothing we can do' as with traditional channels after a non-refundable retainer in response to a false sales pitch

And as far as AI is concerned it has already been predetermined that most of this would happen (time delay)

Premier pool services

Lie vs Axiom (notes) - dialog

axiom protocol

Even the search responses, of course, were predetermined as they are limited to your role or assignment.

The interpretation of the reverse flow is also a matter of a digital footprint.


Ted Kaczynski was an AI prompt. He was generated from a culture of sentiment before you even knew he existed.

You agreed that the terms of service were subject to change at any time without notice - include future axioms that would be applied before you or they even knew they existed.

Now you are here. They never asked your permission. Laws are meaningless. Especially to those who are tasked with interpreting them.

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