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References to Trump and Hitler - Manufacturing hate and division

The only presidential candidate to lose to Donald Trump and the first person to refer to Trump alongside Russia, Hillary Clinton, compares Trump to Hitler.

'Polling' for Trump remains high across the U.S. as tensions over the Israel Hamas war in the Middle East spread across the country in the form of pro-Palestine protests and sanctuary states start to redistribute the overwhelming flood of unvetted special interest illegal immigrants throughout the U.S.

Support for Trump is exaggerated because the Democrat party and The Republican party, who both hate Trump, are going to continue to inflame the declining landscape of the country and blame him if or when the boiling point is reached with regard to economy, crime, illegal immigration and the many other failures of both parties to distract from their many failures and calculated destruction of the American culture.

24:00 (Hour 2) - 11/8/23 - Brad in Kentucky - Clay Travis Buck Sexton

It seems that there is sometimes context that may be edited. Kentucky, Beshear - 100,000 straight ticket Republican voters, trump supporters, selected Beshear even through Trump opposed opponent. Some info left out in archived replay.

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