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Princeton students arrested just minutes after starting their encampment for Gaza

Princeton students launched a "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" on April 25, 2024, to protest against the university's investments in companies associated with Israel, especially in light of the ongoing Israel–Hamas war since October 2023. The encampment was part of a larger movement across U.S. university campuses, with similar protests occurring at institutions such as Columbia University, the University of Minnesota, and Harvard University.

The Princeton encampment faced immediate resistance from the university administration. Within minutes of its establishment, two students were arrested by police. This action by the administration was in line with previous threats to arrest and bar from campus any protesters who refused to disband after a warning. The university's stance has been that such encampments violate campus policies and pose a clear and present danger to its functioning.

Despite the arrests and the administration's opposition, the students involved in the "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" have shown determination and courage. They demand that the university call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, condemn Israel's actions, and divest from companies that profit from the conflict. Additionally, they seek broader transparency on the university's investments and an end to weapons research funded by the Department of Defense.

This incident is part of a broader wave of protests and activism on university campuses across the United States, reflecting students' engagement with global issues and their efforts to influence university policies and investments.

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