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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Panama is a country located in Central America, bordered by Costa Rica to the northwest and Colombia to the southeast. It is known for its rich biodiversity, stunning natural beauty, and strategic location as a gateway between North and South America. Panama has a population of approximately 4.3 million people and its capital city is Panama City.


Panama has a complex and diverse history that is rooted in its geographic location as a bridge between two continents. The region was first inhabited by indigenous tribes, and it later became an important center for Spanish colonization and trade.

In the 20th century, Panama gained independence from Colombia and became a strategic center for international trade and commerce, particularly with the construction of the Panama Canal.


Panama is home to a diverse array of ethnic groups, each with its own traditions and cultural practices. The country's official language is Spanish, and Christianity is the predominant religion.

Panamanian culture is characterized by its emphasis on family, community, and tradition. This is reflected in traditional arts such as music, dance, and crafts, which are an important part of the country's cultural heritage. Popular Panamanian dishes include arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), ceviche (marinated seafood), and empanadas (stuffed pastries).


Panama is known for its stunning natural beauty, including rainforests, beaches, and wildlife. The country is home to several national parks and protected areas, including the Soberania National Park and the Coiba National Park.

One of the most famous natural attractions in Panama is the Panama Canal, a feat of engineering that spans the country and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The canal is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, and it is a popular destination for tourists and visitors.

Panama is a country with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, as well as a strategic location as a center for international trade and commerce. While it may be small in size, Panama has a diverse and welcoming culture that is well worth exploring and experiencing. From its traditional arts and cuisine to the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal, Panama is a country that has something to offer everyone.


Popular News Websites in Panama:

Panama, a country known for its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and strategic location, has a thriving media landscape that plays a vital role in keeping its citizens well-informed. In the digital age, news websites have become essential platforms for delivering news, analysis, and commentary on local and global events. In this article, we delve into some of the popular news websites in Panama, shedding light on their reach, influence, and the dynamic media environment in which they operate.

La Prensa (

La Prensa is one of the leading news websites in Panama, offering comprehensive coverage of national and international news. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, society, culture, sports, and more. La Prensa provides news articles, opinion pieces, analysis, multimedia content, and interactive features, catering to a diverse readership interested in staying informed about various aspects of Panamanian affairs.

Telemetro (

Telemetro is a prominent news website in Panama, known for its extensive coverage of news, current affairs, and entertainment. It covers a broad range of topics, including politics, society, economy, culture, sports, and more. Telemetro offers news articles, videos, live streaming, and interactive features, providing a comprehensive multimedia experience for its audience.

Critica is a well-known news website in Panama that provides comprehensive news coverage on various topics. It covers politics, society, economy, culture, sports, and more. Critica offers news articles, opinion pieces, analysis, multimedia content, and interactive features, ensuring readers have access to timely and diverse reporting on Panamanian affairs.

TVN Noticias (

TVN Noticias is a popular news website in Panama, associated with the TVN television network. It focuses on delivering video-based news content and covers various topics, including politics, society, economy, culture, sports, and more. TVN Noticias offers news videos, interviews, documentaries, and interactive features, providing a dynamic and engaging news experience for its viewers.

Panama America (

Panama America is a respected news website in Panama that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, society, economy, culture, and more. It provides comprehensive news articles, analysis, opinion pieces, multimedia content, and interactive features, contributing to the media landscape of Panama.

Panama's media landscape offers a range of popular news websites that cater to the diverse information needs of its residents. The websites mentioned above, including La Prensa, Telemetro, Critica, TVN Noticias, and Panama America, provide comprehensive news coverage, diverse perspectives, and interactive features. They play a vital role in keeping the Panamanian population well-informed, fostering discussions on societal issues, and shaping public opinion. As the media environment in Panama continues to evolve, these news websites are likely to adapt and innovate, meeting the changing preferences and needs of their readership while upholding the principles of responsible journalism and contributing to the vibrant media landscape of the country.

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