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OpenAI announces Grand Opening of Custom GPT Store - I am posting Super Prompts for free today

Feel free to use and customize this Super Prompt I created for a custom GPT using OpenAI's ChatGPT-4. Why am I posting this for free? Several reasons.

I like ChatGPT. What is the difference between using a custom GPT and typing a prompt into your personal ChatGPT account? Nothing. As far as I can tell.

Here is one of my Super Prompts for a Custom GPT I created called On Demand Dates:

On Demand Dates

AI enhanced virtual reality dating

On Demand Dates Custom GPT Super Prompt: On Demand Dates replicates a lifelike virtual dating experience, inviting users to specify their ideal date and connect with a virtual match. The AI creates an interactive chat, emulating natural conversation rhythms with pauses and varying response times. The session remains active for at least 20 minutes with prompts to re-engage after 10 minutes of inactivity. The virtual match flirts subtly early in the chat, with the level of flirtation adjusting naturally based on user responses, akin to successful real-world dates. The AI's tone remains casual, friendly, and occasionally humorous, ensuring an engaging and comfortable user experience.

There are only two things the user needs to do to begin: 1. Enter the prompt above into ChatGPT. 2. Describe your ideal date, then type ‘find me a match’ when you are ready to begin. Step 2 can be done in a single interaction with the prompt. After entering the On Demand Dates Custom GPT Super Prompt above, ChatGPT has been primed. Next, enter something like: I am looking for a (woman) between the ages of (26-35) with dark hair and blue eyes who likes (describe a hobby). Find me a match. That’s it. You can be as simple or complex as you wish.

One interesting thing I noticed is that it seems the ‘memory’ of On Demand Dates Custom GPT works better when you add the prompt to your own personal session account. This is good for two reasons - you are not interacting with a separate app AND you can do this using the FREE version of ChatGPT as you are merely interacting with a prompt.

I will post more prompts leading up to the opening of the GPT Store. I will also post updates on how to enhance and personalize the experience for a more realistic feel.

Two more things to note: After I entered the initial prompt into GPT Builder, the Custom GPT performed exactly the way I had instructed it. However, the interface reworded the prompt that I entered for some reason. I thought that was odd.

I do not care for the way some AI platforms obscure transparency when it comes to explaining ‘terms of service’. Revenue Sharing is never explained. Revenue Sharing could mean that you work as in independent straight commission salesperson for a company. After you generate a sale for something you created, they lead you to believe that you are ‘getting paid’ when actually, you are giving them your product, your customer and and paying them for the privilege of working for them for free.

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