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On this day in 2023 - 8/9/2023


8/9/2023 - On this day in 2023

Confusion in Hollywood as Some Productions Are Allowed to Continue_DNYUZ

Mayor finds 70 pounds of cocaine while on fishing trip in the Florida Keys_ABC

More than 40 feared dead after boat sinks in Mediterranean near Lampedusa_THEGUARDIAN

Identity checks on crypto exchanges at risk as AI deepfakes evolve_COINTELEGRAPH

11 ChatGPT prompts for maximum productivity_COINTELEGRAPH

The Fed’s Stablecoin Note Takes Aim at Bank Runs, Reversible Transactions_DECRYPT

This New Program Allows US Fed To Track Activities Of Banks Offering Crypto Services_BITCOINIST

iPhone users issued warning to change buried setting which would prevent mobile fraud_DAILYMAIL

GoodNotes’ biggest update in four years brings AI-powered handwriting features and a digital marketplace_TECHCRUNCH

'We're not just voting. We're also running.' David Hogg launches young candidate PAC_NPR

Would a massive shade between Earth and the sun help slow climate change?_POPULARSCIENCE

The Fungi Economy, Part 3: Can Climate Modeling From Space Save Our Forests?_SCIENTIFICAMERICAN

How Mixtapes Remixed Music History—and Its Future_WIRED


Trump vows to keep talking about criminal cases despite prosecutors pushing for protective order_AP

Trump risks legal threats with public outbursts_THEHILL

US judge sets hearing on evidence in Trump's 2020 election case_REUTERS

Judge in Trump election case sets hearing for arguments about what evidence can be publicly disclosed_NBC

Previously Secret Memo Laid Out Strategy for Trump to Overturn Biden’s Win_DNYUZ

Trump says trials would hamstring presidential campaign_AFP

Trump’s criminal trials prompt GOP political doomsday alarms_THEHILL

Georgia Grand Jury Likely to Hear Trump Case Next Week_DNYUZ

Trump claims Fulton County DA Fani Willis had an AFFAIR with the head of a criminal gang ahead of probable fourth indictment in Georgia he says will secure his 2024 win_DAILYMAIL

Trump says trials would hamstring presidential campaign_AFP

Do scandals matter anymore? Study finds major controversies barely impact today’s politicians_STUDYFINDS

The Other Judge Cannon Case With Eerie Similarities to Trump_DNYUZ

Exclusive-As US navigates summer of strikes, Biden's top labor adviser exits, source says_REUTERS

'More work for less money': Protests at LAX, City Hall as thousands walk off the job_LATIMES

Concerns over sex content leads Florida schools to pull Shakespeare_TAMPABAYTIMES

The Biohacking Devotees Spending Hundreds of Thousands—Even Millions—to Enhance Their Homes_WSJ

Much of historic Lahaina town believed destroyed as huge wildfire sends people fleeing into water_HAWAIINEWSNOW

911 services and communications are down as wildfires burn in Maui, official says_CNN

‘It’s apocalyptic’: People jumped into the ocean off Maui to flee wildfires Hurricane Dora helped fuel_CNN

Historic Supreme Court case could imperil the entire US tax code_THEHILL

Google and Universal Music negotiate deal over AI ‘deepfakes’_FINANCIALTIMES

Billy Porter Says ‘I Have to Sell My House’ Due to SAG Strike, Curses Out Disney CEO Bob Iger: ‘I’m So Enraged’_TVLINE

Billy Porter Says ‘I Have to Sell My House’ Due to Strikes, Slams Bob Iger for Saying ‘Our Demands for a Living Wage Are Unrealistic’: ‘F— You_VARIETY

Hollywood writers have been on strike for 100 days — and there's no end in sight_LATIMES

Disney creates task force to explore AI and cut costs -sources_REUTERS

FAA sends 22 unruly-passenger cases to FBI for possible prosecution_WAPO

Donald Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro's secret campaign memo detailing 'bold, controversial strategy' to flip 2020 election revealed in January 6 indictment_DAILYMAIL

Teen, 16, is charged with assaulting Asian mom riding NYC subway while on vacation with her husband and twin daughters_DAILYMAIL

Joe DINED with oligarchs who paid Hunter: New bank records detail $20 MILLION in foreign cash to Biden family - including $142,000 from Kazakh oligarch president's son used to buy Porsche after DC dinner_DAILYMAIL

Lizzo faces fresh allegations of a 'sexually charged environment' from at least SIX more people who toured with her_DAILYMAIL

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Fauci referred to top D.C. prosecutor for CRIMINAL charges: Republican Rand Paul demands perjury probe into his 'lie' under oath that COVID did not come from the Wuhan lab_DAILYMAIL

Aspiring ESPN reporter, 23, is accused of strangling and nearly killing one-year-old child in her care - as cops say 'he was as close to death as you can get’_DAILYMAIL

Texas elementary school teacher and self-professed black supremacist Danielle Allen is FIRED after joking about killing her sister's white boyfriend: 'I enjoy being racist’_DAILYMAIL

Female teacher at $9,000-a-year Las Vegas private school, Kaitlin Glover, is accused of having four-year sexual relationship with female student - after sending nude photos through Snapchat_DAILYMAIL

NEWS 8/9/2023 - On this day

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